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Friday, February 14, 2020

Justice for Juan Daniel? Warrants for 8 in the murder of young engineer

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat  El Norte

‘Don’t shoot!  I’m innocent! I am not with them!…”

The Attorney General's Office of Tamaulipas issued warrants against eight agents who participated in the murder of engineer Juan Daniel Ortiz, Friday night in the municipality of Rio Bravo.

"The Attorney General's Office of Tamaulipas informs that derived from the work contained in the investigation folder 139/2020, the agent of the Public Ministry obtained from the judicial authority the arrest warrant requested against 8 elements of the Secretariat of Security," reported last night in a statement.

The report indicates that it was possible to establish the probable responsibility of those involved after performing the analysis of the relevant expert evidence, as well as the results of the inquiries carried out by the Investigating Police and experts.

On Sunday, the victim's family buried the young man and contend that state police did not confuse him, but murdered him ignoring  his pleas that he had nothing to do with the gunmen they were chasing.


  1. Justice!
    Will testimonies along with evidence be compromised? Rather, the falsehoods of loyalty misguiding the continuing horrors of Mexico?
    Time will tell.

    Nevertheless, sad situation engulfing our world today.

  2. They lit that kid up. Look at the truck. 100s of bullet holes. If it's true the kid is not involved those cops should go away for a long time.

  3. Amlo's agents did it. Amlo hates our Governor

    1. pendejo fuck your governor thise estatales are corrupted as fuck paid for by caveza de cerdo to train sicarios at their police training camps. Fuck amlo and fuck caveza de cerdo both are corrupted as fuck and should die especially ese pinche goverandor panochon

    2. Truly doubt such an atrocity would have been sanctioned by AMLO.
      His political stance is based on his moral beliefs. This action is far from his ideological agenda.

      Having studied him this past year. Even catching some formal addressing to its citizens. Not all approaches are bad.

      Working for its citizens an inch at a time. Dismantling a system that has enriched many before and neglected its duties.
      No expert but my opinion.


    3. 1:46 your tejas born governor of tamaulipas is a PANISTA PIECE OF SHIT.
      He also hired his own state police to do his bidding and to carry on with squeezing the plaza as they see fit.
      I did not see any AMLO's federal, Military or National Guard got involved on this crap...why do you accuse AMLO?

    4. Maybe it’s the fact that our governor lets them roam around terrorizing communities hunting down cartel members and this is the result


  5. 1:46 AMLO does not command state police of tamaulipas,
    they are the state security forces, the governor's death squads.

  6. Another reason a government should not be the only one with a gun....

    1. 6:31 what are you going to do with your "gun"?
      Confronted with close to 300 shots, frkm could tless machinegun fire, you would probably surrender your whole ass supine

  7. A young man in a late model truck with Texas plates is enough for a death warrant in many areas of Tamps—from both la policia y la maña.

  8. He was with them, the glass didn't shatter, it was bulletproof.


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