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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Juárez, Chihuahua: Nuevo Cartel de Juarez Activate a Rat Trap

NOTE: No Graphic Images in Video

A dying man with a gun shot wound in his head along with his hands severed was found lying on the ground this morning.

The discovery was made by neighbors in Ignacio Zaragoza and Paraguay streets in the Colonia Romero neighborhood.

The severely beaten man had his hands cut off and had been shot in one eye.

This happened to him for being a thief, explained a manta left next to the individual ..

Manta reads as follows:
"This will happen to all car thieves, vehicle battery thieves and junkyards who buy them," warned the manta signed by the Juarez Cartel.

He was transferred in serious condition to a nearby hospital.

Video translation is as follows:
Gabriela: Welcome Hugo, we’re hearing news of an unfortunate story. How is this man and what exactly happened?

Hugo Argumedo: Yes Gabriela let me first give you specifics of what most people are going to talk about which are unofficial versions. We are also waiting for the Prosecutor's Office to give us an official statement of what happened. What was striking was the discovery of a person who had been shot in the face and also had his hands severed.

They left on him a manta where they wrote some words, or in this case threats. And well this generated the mobilization first of all the municipal police elements. On account of residents from the Colonia Partido Romero who reported to 911 the finding of a man in a pool of blood. It was said this transpired in the vicinity of the streets Zaragoza and Paraguay.

Once they arrived they found this person who had his hands severed and covered with gauze. He also had been shot in the face. On his body a manta was left with a message addressed to those who carjack vehicles, steal auto parts, and those who buy stolen vehicles too. This obviously generated a mobilization from the authorities, paramedics, and first responders who descended onto the crime scene. And they took him to the hospital to receive medical attention.

This is of course serious. And also minutes later the authorities located the severed hands belonging to this subject at another location in the city. They were found in the Coyoacán and Las America’s streets in Colonia Margaritas. Police also placed yellow crime scene tape to delimit the passage of people and to protect evidence.

What we can say is that there are precisely several subdivisions in this city, including the Romero Partido neighborhood, where the number of vehicle thefts and shattered windshields has increased. And that there is talk of devices being employed to know if people left electronic devices such as personal computers or cell phones in their vehicles. 

And with this they go about their crimes with confidence. They know which vehicles they can steal from, they can break the windows and take something worthwhile. But there are obviously the neighbors from this subdivision there who also pointed out that this person was a criminal. But this apparently will have to be corroborated by the authorities.

For now it’s obviously a person who will have the need of an assistant for the rest of his life. This also leaves a savage message for the community. That by taking justice into your own hands, in case you’re a criminal, is the last thing you want to happen in a community. And that we lose sensitivity and confidence in our authorities.

Gabriela: Exactly. And what happens is that we have lost our sanity in so many facts, in the history series that we have lived through there are many people who could justify this. There are people who are going to say it's good that they do it. But then where are those who have to employ justice?

Which are the authorities and the punishments that follow in this country. It’s not about a criminal group who kills or cuts hands. Who like to claim that they generate peace in the city. Which we have seen in other parts of the Mexican Republic. And again, and you pointed it out, I thought it was very valuable that you did it.

We are waiting for the authorities to make an official statement and not believe in what this manta is saying. Or what this message is claiming. And for you to narrate to us as you have been doing. A male had been discovered who had been shot in the face, in the head. With his hands severed.

On one side some are saying he is a thief. But hopefully we won’t live with these kinds of stories. We must see how this man recovers. And hopefully he can contribute on the situation and why it happened. Such a terrible act all around. We appreciate your report. Very concise, very punctual with valuable reservations about such unfortunate events in which it would appear we as a society have lost our minds. Thank you for your report Hugo. Have a good afternoon.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat


  1. Never mind thieves and car thieves which have always been around in Juarez but no matter what happens now the Juarez cartel always had the city protected from extortions and such before it began batteling the Sinaloa cartel.
    Yes they would charge a tax on street level drug dealers as well as charge any cartel like the same Sinaloa cartel a tax also for crossing drugs through it's territory but it was mainly between those same drug dealers and cartels. Civilians were extempt from the most part given that many people from the Juarez cartel had relatives owning bussinesses and such and to extort someone would mean to extort their own which of course is stupid. Now when the cartel war first began it was prison gangs and many local crews that developed that began extorting everyone given that they could and would not be stopped easily by the Juarez cartel since it was busy fighting Sinaloa. Yes some small cartel crews on both sides began extorting also. If not to make money themselves it was to frame the other side which is something Sinaloa is known for.
    Well the point is that after a decade of war new blood is in charge of Juarez cartel and these guys perhaps put of neccesity to improve their own image now want to begin cutting down on crime in the city or state? If its image improves much or not it will most certaintly not hurt it given Juarez people are used to the Juarez cartel being around. They know what I'm talking about extortions and such and feel more confident with them around than Sinaloa because they know it's the truth. If Juarez continues taxing drug dealers which is why Sinaloa hates the Jaurez cartel is not a concern as long as innocents are left alone in the city of Jaurez and most of the state of Chihuahua.

    1. Let's not forget Mexican Federal police extorted bussinesses in Juaex like crazy also.

  2. Finally someone who knows the truth.

  3. What is the difference between CDJ and NCDJ? Are they enemies?

    1. i think the nueva factions are usually allied with cjng but not sure in this case

    2. The only difference is the name Cartel De Juárez and Nuevo Cartel De Juárez. Its the same cartel they just after the Word "Nuevo"

    3. New leaders after Viceroy got captured. IDK if it meant a new younger generation or.....

  4. Hands down, he lost face for being a thief.

  5. Someone needs to render aid and led this guy a hand

  6. Woman found alive, had her legs and arms chopped off,
    but I can't find the report, somebody help?

  7. Yes his hands are chopped off and he has one eye.

    *I couldn’t help notice his shoes.

    Most if not all of you reading this story (me included), have it good.


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