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Thursday, February 6, 2020

DOJ 2019 Drug Assessment Report

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

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An overview and highlight of the report will follow tomorrow...
DOJ Drug Assessment Report ... by Chivis Martinez on Scribd


  1. From the executive summary "[in 2019] we will see the frst decrease in drug overdose deaths in 30 years".

    WELL FOLKS THERE YOU GOT IT! 30 years of war on drugs = 30 years of increases in drug overdose deaths.

    Now without evwn mentioning the 1000s of dead as collateral damage it takes someone from the government to consider such a fucked up result a progress!

  2. Data Supressed in Wyoming for meth related deaths. Weird.

  3. Also the defection in cash seizures over the years is sketchy...2011 or 2012 is was close to a billion and fast forward to now and its 200 million...either there getting better a hiding it or its going into some pockets...

  4. Murio POPEYE el sicario de PABLO ESCOBAR segun fuentes noticieros americanos 😄

  5. The War on Drugs was actually declared by Nixon in 1969, so 50 years

  6. The reason for the spike during the last 4 years of Obama Presidency?
    Bet your ass money was needed to finance the opposition,
    same thing happened during the last 4 years of Jimmy Carter's presidency,
    But the product getting pushed was Cocaine, pushed since the assassination of Che Guevara, a deal that got Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution into the partnership with Carlos Lehder and Pablo Escobar for Colombia and henry Kissinger's rat line nazi escapees then living in Bolivia like the "Butcher of Lyons", Klaus Barbie and his accomplices, gorillas in the Bolivian government dictatorship, they had done their home work by toppling or joining president Barrientos and getting their man Rene Barrientos in power...
    For more on the subject:
    --El Pais: la "Conexion Nazi", tan importante para el golpe militar como para el traffic de cocaina.
    Por Monique Leclere | François Fallareau
    --There is of course Mike Levine's books on the subject, even Evo Morales got his own copy, in Spanish...just for you.


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