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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Cuernavaca, Morelos: Los Maya Criminal Cell Lose a Drug Distributor

The man who last night appeared lying dead in the streets of the neighborhood Satellite in Cuernavaca, is an alleged criminal who worked under the orders of Abel Maya.

The aforementioned was known thanks to a video that circulates on social media networks, where armed subjects interrogate an individual who goes by the name of Jonathan aka "El Coraje", he claimed he is an employee of Maya.

In the interrogation, the young man explains how Abel Maya allegedly gave the order for the execution of 2 elements belonging to the Attorney General's Office (FGR), killed last week in Avenida Subida a Chalma and Rancho Cortés.

After the dissemination of the video, the strangers bound the young man and threw him on Calle Gladiolas, of the neighborhood Satellite, where they shot him to death.

Video translation is as follows:
Sicario: Whats your name?
Jonathan: Jonathan.
Sicario: What’s your nickname?
Jonathan: El Coraje.
Sicario: Who do you work for?
Jonathan: Abel Maya.
Sicario: Whats your job?
Jonathan: I’m a drug distributor.
Sicario: Who killed the federal agents on Avenida Subida a Chalma?
Jonathan: My boss Abel Maya.
Sicario: Why did he kill them?
Jonathan: Because a federal agent from the government gave him the notice that they were coming for him.
Sicario: Who was in the white vehicle when they killed the federal agents?
Jonathan: Larry, Ballena, and Tom...

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  1. Video is safe for everyone to see. Last few seconds of video are still shots of Jonathan lying dead in the street. They shot him in the face and he bled out. It’s all a still shot.

    1. For a moment I thought my hair would stand up all day.


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