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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Criminal Explosion in Juarez!

The narco-war against the state government is very serious.

An intense shooting between police and criminals was recorded this afternoon in Los Kilometers to the south-west of the city.

State agents were attacked in the Kilometer 29 neighborhood. Furthermore, the criminals barricaded themselves in a house on Calle Crisóforo Caballero.

Police reinforcements immediately arrived. And the shooting lasted more than half an hour, while neighbors hid scared by the hail of gunfire.

Four criminals died at the crime scene, two more tried to escape through dirt roads towards Cerro del Caballo but were killed.

An agent of the State Security Commission was injured and was taken to a hospital, where he was reported out of danger.

The Casas Grandes road was closed for more than an hour during the fray that ended with more detained criminals.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. Micky Mouse cartel is getting wiped out. Thank you, Mexican military and police.

    1. if it made it to Casa Grandes it's La Linea that were getting down

    2. 9:02 what do you know about Juarez?
      All you know is you nutthugg for one cartel which is probably CDS and can't stand to see Linea stronger than ever now that the government is not favoring CDS in Chihuahua anymore.
      Juarez cartel aka Linea is the 3rd largest cartel in Mexico after Sinaloa and CJNG. It's base is Chihuahua and it will most certaintly take more than CDS to wipe it out of its home turf without government assistance. Every hater get it through your thick heads.

    3. 11:33 I'm from Juarez and El Paso bro. Meet me at Ascarate park anytime you want punk. No weapons and no friends. Bet you need both tough guy.

    4. Joke is a fucker that needs friends and weapons to talk shit. Juarez is what it's all about assholes! La linea lives on.

  2. All's well that ends well.

  3. Great the good cops 👍 won, glad they killed the ones, that were escaping to freedom. This is the way, it should always be done.

    1. You dont got any you realise that most of these cops are working for the highest bidder....this isnt the good guys taking out bad guys. It's bad guys on bad guys...... it amazes me how people can justify violence against other people. By saying that oh it's the good guys. Have you ever look closely at the death and destruction going on in Mexico? You ever stopped to look and see how sad and painful it is to the people who are losing their loved ones. It makes me sick to see how callous people are..

  4. CJNG getting picked off one by one. Couldn't be more happy. Now they just need to gun down mencho like lazcano. 556's to the back.

  5. Why is damn near every video south of the states taken vertically, why?

  6. Unfortunately we may root for cops now but are the state police in some other cartels pocket? This why the opposing cartel is fighting state police?

  7. Its a good start But they must go to these Gangs Hideouts and wipe them out completely
    Now is the time Your President makes New laws that do not Protect these Drug Gangs and if caught dealing or with firearms You will get the gullitine
    Once and for all
    You cant change your country Unless you Want Change for the better
    Hope that Policeman is healing

  8. Its a good start But they must go to these Gangs Hideouts and wipe them out completely
    Now is the time Your President makes New laws that do not Protect these Drug Gangs and if caught dealing or with firearms You will get the gullitine
    Once and for all
    You cant change your country Unless you Want Change for the better
    Hope that Policeman is healing

  9. La Ley Fuga still works, nobody witnessed any surrender options which are part of the government's plans even in Russia.
    Other option for the government is the fabrication of Falsos Positivos, not everything that shines is gold...

    1. What you see here is evidence nobody was given a chance to surrender,
      Must have been trying to clean the governor's record.
      Happens all over the world.

  10. You guys We want to believe the good guys are winning ok
    Its been in brained into us Westerns .robbers etc we all wished the " bad guys get caught Our Hero are the ones who fight for the underdog fights against the evil
    Right or wrong its a moral issue
    And to hope that those cops were the good guys gives us hope that just maybe that they are getting a handle on it
    Now its told in this story here
    The guys in that house had guns shooting at Cops Cops shoot back
    I heard on speaker caps say something in spainish I am sure it was come out hands up ??
    But to tell us they are innocent with guns in that house when guns are ILLEGAL then I dont know what world you live in
    Tell you what; You Go to the next raid where the police know drug gangs illegal weapons are stashed
    You go ask those guys to come out and surrender You Do it Give them a chance to explain to you why they have guns drugs in tjeir house
    Your the bleeding heart that has no clue what life really
    These police had intel that told them about these people. good or bad
    Or if the cops are dirty or not
    The guys in that house 99.9 percent are bad guys ok
    If you really think that all homeless and drug addicts drug dealers are Victims You need a big wake up call baby !!
    Someone is not teaching you the facts of life.
    Not every cop is bad Or bribed
    Not all addicts are innocent
    There are some good people
    And their are many many mean ugly greedy horriable vile lazy humans
    And Laws have to be made and are set and made because People dont always do the right thing and proved that they cant or wont stop stealing or raping
    Or killing people Running a red lite A stop sign is a law its a visual one
    Look what happens when that is disobeyed People get Killed
    So if these guys in that house had guns Shooting at the cops They disobeyed the law and they pay the consequence of disobeying

    Now my guess is your either too young to be on this site by your comment or Your one of those people who are what is termed a spoiled brat and have been sheltered by being homeschooled by radicals Or Your a troll that trys to undercut Law and Order to cause more choas in the world
    No our world is not perfect
    No America nor are Americans are superior then anyone else
    But we do have Laws and as it seems that many many would rather live here then other places No we are not perfect But we do have Freedoms that allow us some safty to work play raise a family and prosper with out being hassled to pay a bribe or be extorted
    We pay taxs to a Gov (not perfect)
    But it gives us certain freedoms that allow us to be here and go to every state in the United States with out being killed because of gangs over controlled territories. Because we have laws Rules for All
    We can have and can carry guns because our Gov set Laws and Rules that we must obey so we can protect ourselves against harmfull people with bad intent or Tyranny

    As we are becoming more and more divided as a country Because some people start crying Unfairness or have been blessed with no Hardships or had never had to give up Freedoms are crying Gimme Me Gimme me or are just jealous of others that have more then them and you think you are owed something for nothing ..
    PS i dont know anything about what gang is here or there All I care about is.. Stopping The harmfull Drugs
    and the people who run them .

  11. ministeriales rolled up to ransack a met with an ambush, obviously because the targets knew they were dead anyways, but someone/something escaped out the backdoor, that's for sure.

    this is an MO that ministeriales have been operating under for quite some time to eliminate competition for the highest bidder, usually you see victims set up on camera with trumped up charges, but they have been robbed completely of belongings at their property....alliances will change soon as PAN gov exits and PRI regains power, so they will be brazos armado for whoever wins, the most loyal will quit and go underground, part of the career's cycle ...but if Mr Cabada actually enters and wins gov race, lol....well we all here in the only true borderland know it was just part of the plan as well...


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