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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Chilpancingo, Guerrero: Guerreros Unidos Release a Video Message

hrough a video attributed to Los Guerreros Unidos, where they show two alleged members of the Tlacos, they asked the president to "put order" in Iguala.

The dismembered bodies of a woman and a man were scattered in different parts of the northern part of the entity where the Guerreros Unidos criminal group claimed the crime. Likewise, the criminal group accused Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores and PRI Mayor José Luis Ávila López of supporting the antagonistic gang of Tlacotepec that seeks to seize the Iguala plaza. Through a video broadcast on social networks, the Guerreros Unidos launched a call to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to intervene in the face of what is seen as a new war for Iguala.

The above occurs in the context of the investigation for the Ayotzinapa case, which is leaving a trail of executed, disappeared and once again, the same accusations against authorities of the three levels of government as well as the Army of links with the narcos.

The clashes began after the announcement of the current government's investigation into the Ayotzinapa case.

Official reports indicate that yesterday, at about 9:30 p.m., the discovery of the dismembered bodies of a woman and a man on the Iguala - Huitzuco road was reported, at the height of the town of Atetetla.

Afterwards, the head of the man was located in another area, on the federal highway Mexico - Acapulco at the height of the community of Sabana Grande, municipality of Iguala.

In both events, the hired assassins left narco messages written on mantas. And this morning they released a video showing the two victims submitted to an interrogation before armed subjects.

In the video, the woman says that Huitzuco plaza is controlled by the Tlacotepec group that is directed by Onesimo El Necho Marquina Chapa, who supposedly has the protection of the mayor of that municipality, José Luis Ávila López.

Ávila López is considered a regional chief who has been the mayor of Huitzuco 3 times and twice the local deputy nominated by the PRI.

In addition, it’s noted that the double homicide is the response from the Guerreros Unidos to an armed attack attributed to the Los Tlacos group, registered this weekend at a rodeo show that was performed in the town of Zacacoyuca. It left a balance of two people dead and several injured.

At one time during the recording, a member of Guerreros Unidos warns of the omission of Governor Astudillo before the war that was recorded in the northern zone and calls on President Obrador to intervene in this armed conflict that’s being lived in Guerrero.

These violent facts due to the dispute over the city of Iguala are recorded in the context of the investigation of the Ayotzinapa case that remains unpunished so far.

In addition, evidence the group Guerreros Unidos remains intact and in open confrontation with other criminal gangs operating in the entity.

Videos are safe to view

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: What’s your name?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: Liliana Alonzo Segura.

Sicario: Where are you from?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: Huitzuco (Huitzuco de Los Figueroa), Guerrero.

Sicario: Which cartel do you work for? And who are the bosses?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: I work for Los Tlacos (Tlacotepec locals are known as Tlacos, this is a local gang), El 80 or La Changa and don Necho.

Sicario: Who supports you guys there in Huitzuco?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: We are supported by the mayor José Luis Ávila López. As well as the Municipal Police.

Sicario: What word does Avila have with Los Tlacos?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: He advocates for them in everything.

Sicario: And what all does the Municipal Police support them in?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: They keep an over watch and ensure no government personnel get involved.

Sicario: Who’s in charge there in Huitzuco?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: El R5.

Sicario: Who all fired upon the innocent citizens there in Zacacoyuca (Zacacoyuca,Guerrero)?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: The mob of El Mezcal and Calisalio.

Sicario: And what did you support then in or in what did you guys support them in there?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: As lookouts to ensure that nothing went through Huitzuco or Mezcala (Mezcala,Guerrero).

Sicario: How many trucks did you all have?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: 3 trucks.

Sicario: Who sends you guys to carjack vehicles and extort people there in Huitzuco?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: El R5

Sicario: And where do the stolen vehicles go to?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: They’re are all sent to the Sierra of Tlacotepec.

Sicario: Who were responsible for the armed attack against the federal forces at that hotel in Igual (Iguala de la Independencia,Guerrero)?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: The mob of El R5 sent 2 assassins on motorcycles.

Sicario: Why were the citizens of Zacacoyuca at that rodeo shot at? Are you guys terrorists or what the fuck?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: Because they’re trying to come into Iguala. And with their power they’re trying to intimidate everyone. And in Huitzuco they’re also trying to intimidate everyone. Just as well those who refuse to work for them are being threatened.  And they’re killed off if they don’t join.

Sicario: Give me the nicknames and the names of those who work there in Huitzuco.

Liliana Alonzo Segura: El Serieño, Mala Cara, El Cholo, Pitochas, Verde, R5, and Danny.

Sicario: What vehicles do they move around in?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: They move around in 4 motorcycles.

Sicario: Which motorcycles are they?

Liliana Alonzo Segura: 2 red ones, a maroon, and a blue.

Sicario: Mr President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The following message is for you. Since the governor can’t ensure our peace within our municipalities. These are the scums who are causing their chaos here. Come and place order here. Otherwise, we’re going to fuck them up and destroy what’s needed. This message goes out to you Comandante 80: So, now it turns out that after being a bitch ass monkey you’re now a fucking terrorists you son of bitch? You cheap fuck. You can’t handle us. So you resort to ambushing innocent civilians. By trying to spread terror with women and children without giving a fuck who all was there. This also goes out to: Verde, Huasteco, Caracol, Cholo, R5, Leche, Loco, Mala Cara, Pitocho, Cerreño, Shaggy, Monstruo, Alondra, and Lechita. Be fucking ready and fall into formation sons of bitches. And as for you mayor Avila, keep on supporting these abusive scum shit heads sons of bitches.

Video of armed attack at the Zacacoyuca rodeo

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat  Source   Source   Source   Source


  1. They want peace in iguala meanwhile they are the ones who killed 43 students

  2. Polls show that the people (60%) support Amlo. Amlo says there is no violence, so u other 40% are wrong

    1. actual support is 70%+ highest in mexico's history

    2. actual average is a high 67% since his election when you become specific such as cartels it drops. they give him high marks for being socially innovative.

    3. 5:34 the difference is that there is no official or unofficial support for violence from the federal government.
      IF THERE IS VIOLENCE, (and there is), that is local politics, where the governor can't control his sicarios who keep on killing each other.
      RODEOS where the main attraction is NOT BULLFIGHTING but about horse show make money for some, like palenques, and they are sanctioned by municipal authorities, and their friends are who benefit, not the people, which creates rebellions from the outsiders with not much to lose.
      Blame AMLO all you want, but be aware of the propaganda, Guerrero's unidos are government sicarios playing teachers' pet and rival criminals want to get their beak wet too, this is not federal police or military "sent by AMLO"

  3. On Tuesday CDG vs CDN had a skirmish in Dr.Coss Nuevo Leon. CDN has started to attack CDG routes.

    Dr.Coss is importan because it is between General Bravo (Major CDG enclave) and Comalez Tamaulipas another CDG enclave. Im guessing if CDN disconnects these two, rienforcements or drug routes the disruption will be chaotic for CDG Nuevo Leon. General Bravo will fall leaving China N.L (Another CdG enclave) vulnarable and eventually collapse to CdN if that happens CdG in Monterrey and eastern parts of Nuevo Leon like Teran and Montemorelos and Allende will fall on CdN hands.

    If not mistaken i believe remnants of Z and Cdg operate together in Nuevo Leon to fight back CDN and soon CJNG encroaching from the south (San Luis Potosi) Dr. Arroyo Nuevo leon has presence of CJNG thats the first town reported with their presence in Nuevo Leon.

    I dont see CjNG taking over the state, Nuevo Leon is historically been CdG and branched off organizations like Z and CdN. The poorest colonias that are known to be high in crime all have alligiances to these 3 organizations. It would be hard for CjNg to establish a foot hold. Plus the sense of proudness of the region criminals on having people from Michoacan/Jalisco telling then what to do, will even make it worst for CJNg. Local jails are controlled by CdG and Z/CdN making it worst for CJnG members getting cought and sent to one.

    There has been rumors of CJNG operating in conjunction with CdG renagades from Miguel Aleman, Tamps. But no one has set proof of photos or videos. I dont see CJNG coming with large convoys to rienforce that renegade faction. CdN has networks of Hawks all around the Carretera Monterrey/Miguel Aleman and even Worst Monterrey/Nuevo Laredo. You cant move one mile without getting detected by them. CdG Nuevo Leon is allied with Reynosa and Matamoros factions I doubt they support the Miguel Aleman renegade faction. So the CJNG sicarios operating with Primitos people might of flown in discreetly to Monterrey or Reynosa much harder from the latter because reynosa CdG faction has hawks in their airport aswell.

    Anyways thats just my opinion/analisis of the situation in Nuevo Leon.


    1. So them crime groups have hawks aka spies in all the areas where they move their dope

    2. Good post.Keep it coming

  4. Man this video made me sick The crying children and babies
    Then watching the pricks running away free
    Was that Police car lights ?
    Why didnt the place have sercurity there to protect these people ?

    Its a shame
    I know its called something different then rodeo ? Is Charro a cowboy ?

    Any way I was invited to one in the early 1980s it was safe? enjoyed it
    It was a small town
    It breaks my heart to see this
    Man it would have been great if the cowboys had guns and shot these terrorists dead

    Theres a recent video of a rodeo I think in Las Vegas USA where a bad guy was stealing etc the cowboys surrounded him until cops came
    Yea i know much different Guns Vs no guns
    I just hope the Good people of Mexico can somehow fight back and these little boys would get whats coming to them
    Cant these places ck for guns before being allowed to enter ? Or is that just a stupid question ?
    Honest people of Mexico needs to fight back at least for your little children You cant let these punks steal your happiness and your childrens future
    If you dont do anything You might as well just lie down and die now
    Get a revolution going
    Demand Help Demand it
    Call on all your familys in the States to ask For Help from the Politicians to Talk to your President
    Call on Trump to Make Your President
    Protect you
    Send this video to every news station in USA pleading for help
    Send a powerfull message to Your worthless President

    Instead of fleeing Mexico
    Ask for Help to ""Stay in Mexico"
    Now that twist would get Both Democrats and Republicans attention

    Instead of crossing into USA illegaly
    Go to Border and Ask For Help So you can stay in your home country

    Yes I understand the dangers and many may be killed But this is better then hiding or allowing these punks destory your life and you doing nothing
    Plan it in secrect Have Films cameras
    Get the Worlds Attention
    Youve always said they the cartels dont want heat
    Well what are they going to do when the worlds watching ?
    And thousands of You go together

    No one threathens me and my babys or my horses I am glad those punks didnt shoot one of them
    I am so angry that this happens
    But also Angry that You dont fight back I read where people tried to help but they got killed
    Power is in the numbers in your group
    Now its your turn to get more people to fight the gangs at least Tell them where they can go and not go
    Why let them tell you
    Fight Viva La Mexico
    Fight for your peace If theres a Will in your heart "there is a way"

  5. The media will never cover this in the US. They want "concentration camp" bullshit narrative to gain voting base for a "certain party", and the opposing party sees a similar chance at exploiting immigrants with false promise. Many ever more Socialist Mexicans believe they are gaming the US system and will have demographic control of the US down the line. All they are doing for Mexico is sending remittances to then be extorted. Stop lying to yourself!

    1. I knew you guys were fair minded reasonable people (BBB). Respect, BBB.


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