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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Chihuahua, Chihuahua: Raid in Search of Sicarios Who Attacked Police

Federal Agents, Ministerial Policemen and State Forces searched the Hotel San Carlos on Avenida Carlos Pacheco and Calle Nicolás Bravo in search of mercenaries from Ciudad Juárez.

The search was carried out after the shooting at the Oficina de Vialidad where an agent was shot.

The hotel is located in the Roma Sur neighborhood, which was besieged by dozens of officers.

Governor Javier Corral confirmed that the hitmen who attacked the police are from Ciudad Juarez and are staying there for their murderous activities.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat


  1. They raided the place, no mentioned if they caught any suspects? So now the sicarios are now called mercenaries, not commandos , I prefer to call them armed terrorists.

    1. La polaka paper is not a very trustworthy source of news!

  2. Sol why do they move to raid a hotel a day later, when the criminals are long gone.? In America they act fast to apprehend killers.

    1. It all comes down to $$$. The highest bidder determines what will and won’t happen in Mexico. Granted the police might receive intel on certain individuals that can be apprehended. Many times the intel is coming from some brown nose who wants to move up in the world. Shady shit all around. Politicians could give a fuck about the common folk. But yeah they’ll appear on tv acting all concerned about the populace. Politicians and lawyers are the biggest turds known to man.

    2. Sol what a world it must be to live in Mexico. I won't go, since there's no since of security.

    3. 11:18


  3. Why even have Police ? If All are working for the Cartels ? What really makes them different then the guys that work for the Cartels ? The uniform?
    This is where I just cant wrap my head around all this B.S.
    If in fact all police are bribed
    How can your leader get away with it
    Is Mexico one big Lie ?
    Or are the people so beaten down it they just dont care ?

    How is the world to see Mexico
    In what light or terms ? How can anyone respect Mexico if this is true

    Whos telling the truth ?

    1. Popeye tells the truth Mr. poem man.

  4. Not all police work for cartels. All it takes is to bribe one top cop like in the Godfather Movie and it makes it seem that everyone under his command works for that cartel. Also most cops are not going to risk their lives and more importantly their families lives going against cartels with their standard issue .38 special caliber revolver and making less than American minimum wage in order to please the world to stop the drug consumption of their own citizens. Honest cops there ate but given those circumstances many would rather look the other way when it comes to directly challenging cartels.


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