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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Chihuahua: A 15-year-old among those who attacked Governor's bodyguards

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  material from    El Heraldo Chihuahua

A 15-year-old is one of those arrested as allegedly responsible for the attack against the bodyguards of Governor Javier Corral Jurad. The teen was secured after a chase which ended on  Escorsa Street behind the facilities of Avenida 1,  where another person was also arrested.

An assault was registered against elements of the State Security Commission assigned to the State Governor’s residence.

From this aggression, two elements were shot, who nevertheless managed to repel the aggression by injuring one of the attackers.

After a chase, a patrol of the Road Division managed to stop the stolen vehicle with the aggressors on board, one of them attempted to flee on foot.

The three alleged aggressors report being from Ciudad Juárez.


  1. Should have shot the kid. You live by the sword you die by it. Kid or not.

  2. Ora si van a pagar,
    Eso les pasa por andar ahi de calientes...

  3. ojala que algun dia se quiebren al huevonazo parasito de javier corral

    1. 12:15 el huevonazo parasito PANISTA javier corral still hoping to become his PAN party candidate to the presidency and win after AMLO...
      But he is getting facked up as governor by all sides in Chihuahua, including by himself.

  4. 15 years old, what a shame

    1. 2:05 he is going to the Tutelar de Menores and will be released in a year or two, prolly to an early death.

  5. Yes it is ashame.. Ive noticed for the last 10yrs now, they are getting younger and younger WE are really screwed as a human race Everywhere
    Just imagine 20 yrs from now
    More people, less jobs, more drug addicts, more crime its gonna get worse I hate to say it Unless something really powerfull changes
    In our world

  6. Goes to show the necessity of stiffer penalties for juveniles who participate in serious crimes. Along with proper rehabilitation programs upon their release.
    These cartels are using these teens to fulfill cartels objectives with the knowledge of a light sentence.

  7. They wanted to prove the Cartel, they can handle hits, unfortunately they got caught , great effort.

    1. You sir are a true asshole...Thats whats unfortunate.

    2. Unfortunately or fortunately? If they had not gotten caught the 15 year old would have become more blood thirsty, now maybe he will think about it! But at the same time most likely he wont and when he gets a slap on the wrist which happens all the time specially for the teens, when hes out he will get back at it! The only good thing is the lifes that were saved by locking the 15 yr old cause once you kill at that age it becomes a game for you, and he might of went on a killing spreed

    3. 717 your right, in a gang that's called inication earn being in a gang, 508 stop being a punk.

  8. mexicans get played on a daily basis by there government.
    Its a shame that the kid got instructed paid by el narco but its not a shame to try to kill the crooked mx gov for a better mexico
    Judge a few and allign thousends.
    Massiv corruption and impunity are the problems not el Narco. You can catch all narcos but it doesnt matter when judges and wardens and police and gob is paid to let them go again.

    Thats the point of AMLO.

    And why not paying money to the parents for each kid they send to school???


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