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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Authorities recover $2.5M in fentanyl pills during drug bust in Phoenix

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   source

Another $2.5 million worth of the illegal and deadly fentanyl pills are off the streets of Phoenix.

According to a release, the Phoenix Police Department, working as part of a Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force, seized another 137,000 fentanyl pills Thursday, Jan. 30.

The investigation started earlier this month when authorities learned of a man in Phoenix supplying local drug traffickers with large quantities of fentanyl pills.

Once they developed enough information, the task force, led by a Phoenix police sergeant, other officers, and an air unit, stopped Alexis Meza, 20, in his car near 24th Street and Thomas Road.

Police said they found 122,000 fentanyl pills in the vehicle. When authorities went to his apartment near Indian School Road and 43rd Avenue, they found a large quantity of methamphetamine, fentanyl pills, cocaine, and marijuana. Members of the Gun Squad also responded when officers found numerous guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition inside the home. 

In all, the task force seized:

137,100 Fentanyl Pills

3 kilograms of Fentanyl
38 pounds of Methamphetamine
1 pound of Marijuana
$5,000 cash
7 Handguns
2 Rifles
4 vehicles
Mr. Meza was booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail on various drug charges.

His arrest comes on the heels of one of the largest fentanyl busts in Arizona. Last week, Marcelino Ontiveros Quintero, 24, was pulled over with approximately 165,000 of the blue “M-30" fentanyl pills in his car.

The drug problem is impacting the lives of people in and around the Phoenix area, police stated.  Earlier this week, a report from the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office determined that an Arizona State University student found dead in his dorm room in November died from a mix of drugs, including fentanyl. The day after that report was released, another ASU student was found dead of a possible drug overdose. [overdoses were down in 2019]


  1. I'm from phx az an they are barely seizing shit like this? This is definitely a strong hold for the, "Los Salazars, Gente Nueva, (all which are cells of the Sinaloa Cartel) some rivals as well like The Beltran Leyva Cartel. Its typical to find these crazy amounts of this shit flooding our streets

    1. With all that deserted land available for drug tunnels, drug mules, arizona is another state where criminal associates from the sinaloa cartel operate from, border state it's another narcotics distribution hub for those sons of bxtches.

  2. That dude is looking at some hard time if he doesn't drop names.

  3. It’s not the drug dealers fault no body forces anyone to use drugs.

    1. The option wouldn't exist without drug dealers. So yeah, it is their fault.

    2. 1:29 that is a good one, but the dealers caught will pay their fair share for their dirty deeds, they knew the score way before they came into it, and no addict forced them into this crap.
      I wish the crooks caught a long happy honeymoon when they find their love partners for life in prison

    3. It is against the Law.
      I hope every drug dealer gets caught and is buried under the prison.

      I hope all users get slapped and get help it the ones that dont they also can get buried under the jail with the dealers

      To say its not their fault is childish it shows no morals
      If that dealer can really walk away and fell nothing when looking at the dead children the beaten child the innocents that dealing drugs causes, he the dealer is no better then the devil himself. The user is just as bad. To say its ok just show you dont value any form of Good Law and Order
      I dont like you Sorry but your nothing but a low life thug
      The lack of love in your life and a good moral up bringing
      shows in your words

    4. Feel your veiw on the matter. However, consumption will never cease. The decades of combating drugs has led to more arrests and users. Resulting with no change.
      Communities continue to suffer and families loose loved ones at alarming rates. For some idiotic reasons, people will find a HIGH to get off on.
      Sad but true.

    5. >>It’s not the drug dealers fault no body forces anyone to use drugs.

      Oh, yeah ? Someone gets out of surgery/hospital with a meds habit for severe pain, the doctor's cut them off, and they hit the wall. You too may find yourself there, since you want to make this stuff illegal.

    6. Every dealer that gets locked up it becomes just that much more difficult for a junkie to get drugs, just that much closer to getting clean, maybe just maybe one person changes their life. My theory is more likely in less saturated more rural areas, butbthe cities are beyond hope.

  4. I believe "El Curtis" is the big boss in charge of this operation for CDS.

  5. Phoenix is flooded with fake perc 30s and xanax. All which have fentanyl. Overdoses are like crazy here

  6. Damn...he in some serious trouble- he going for 30 at the LEAST just on the meth and guns alone

  7. Curious how much does a fentanyl tablet cost on the street . I know prices vary from place to place place . Is it cheaper than heroin ? . Also is the it preferred over other opiates , or are cartels just flooding . So end user has no choice . I'm from Australia , we are lucky so far that fentanyl is a rarity . Perish the thought of it becoming otherwise .

    1. It's cheaper to make and easier to transport, mexican cartel criminals like killing the gringos they want to destroy the united states of america that's why.

    2. 5:18 funny how Mexicans are middle men to the Chinese triads.. Where do all the chemicals to make those pills come from? I'm answer your question... CHINA
      Where does the main ingredient to make meth come FROM? China

  8. Those m30 pills are crap
    Some pills works, other dont
    And some pills are full fentanyl
    Ive seen people get O.D with this shit

    1. And addicts flock to it chasing that high. Some spiritual death wish I guess.

      Nice article

  9. Excellent 👍 catch, another one to the pokey.

  10. Those pills are only $10 bucks in arizona,I seen many come from out of state and end up on the streets because they get hooked and can't believe the cheap price.. That drug is no joke, to many deaths because of it


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