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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Torreón, Coahuila: The Grandfather Provided The Cervantes School Gunman The Weapons

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Torreón, Coahuila - The General Prosecutor's Office of Coahuila announced that, through a WhatsApp conversation, the grandfather of the minor who shot at the Cervantes College knew his intentions and provided him with the weapons with which he injured six people, killed a teacher and afterwards killed himself.

According to the investigations, in the cell phone of the man identified as José Ángel ‘N’, conversations were found with his daughter, where the following is read: “Dad why did you give him those weapons, did you see what happened ? When I saw him I wasn’t surprised, I knew it was you who gave it to him. ” To which the grandfather only replied that the boy wanted to do it and couldn’t do anything to stop him.

Given these tests, the governor of the state of Coahuila, Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís, stated that there may be more messages proving the omission of José Ángel "N". And he assured that work will continue on the subject, meanwhile he will seek to regain the public’s confidence and for students to resume their classes in a normal way.

On Sunday, José Ángel's legal process will continue, where he could be linked to the process for qualified homicide.


  1. I bet there was alot more going on than the public knows about. This boy didn't wake up one day with the urge to gun down his school. I guarantee it's the same story, years of abuse at school and an administration that gave a rat ass about the kid. Prayers to all the victims involved.

  2. Okay, so they "solved" one murder case. Now they only have 200,000 to go.

  3. This is a crazy, terrible story all around. The boy's father is a narco and just got out of prison in the USA. Aparently there is a corrido about him somewhere. His grandmother was the lover of a top Juarez cartel hitman... She ended up degollada. There are rumors that his mother was murdered as well. And I THINK I read somewhere that his grandfather is/was a money launderer... Who gave his grandson weapons! Talk about having the cards stacked against you.

  4. 12:35 this poor kid was in a select private school, was allowed to go to the bathroom, was attended to when he called the teacher to wipe his ass, he then killed her and went to kill more before he did himself...where the fack is the abuse?
    Motherfacker could have just killed his own ass and be done with shit.
    Poor little rich boy.

  5. 12:35 Why do you think it was The schools fault ??
    Did you read the other storys about his family life at home ??
    I would want to first Question the Home Life When a Adult cant Say NO to a child or sit him down and talk about problems he may be having in school or in his life in whole
    Schools are not parents
    Home is where it starts love understanding teaching Right from Wrong
    Schools are not for that its for math spelling etc
    Truly blaming the school is silly When the Grandfather was not there for him when he was having problems
    No one was there for him at Home

  6. i call bs on this story. as in the official truth is never true.

  7. The actual picture of the dead boy is harsh he shot his right eye into his head


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