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Saturday, January 25, 2020

The command of Mx Federal Police faces new charges in U.S. for protecting a little known cartel, which works with multiple groups

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat  Reforma

The most important command of the Sensitive Affairs Unit (UAS) of the Federal Police collaborated with a criminal organization so far little known, called “El Seguimiento 39”.

According to the United States Department of Justice, “39” was a kind of "cartel’s cartel" that worked with multiple criminal groups.

The above, according to the indictment filed yesterday by a federal grand jury in Brooklyn against Iván Reyes Arzate, the former PF command that next Monday was to be released and deported to Mexico, after partially purging a 40-month jail sentence for filter information to the Beltrán Leyva cartel.

The Prosecutor of the Eastern District of New York requested the permanent detention of Reyes Arzate to avoid his return to Mexico, while being prosecuted for the new charges, which focus on the period from September to November 2016.
Federal prosecutors say one of the cartels Arzate assisted, El Seguimiento 39, is associated with the Sinaloa cartel, whose former leader is Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Arzate also allegedly provided sensitive law enforcement information in the mid-2000s to the Beltran Leyva Organization, which was then allied with Guzman's cartel.

Reyes Arzate was directly subordinate to Genaro García Luna and both will be prosecuted by the same Judge. The former Secretary of Public Security ended his administration in December 2012 and Reyes remained until 2017 at the UAS, where he was the main contact of the PF with the DEA. Like García Luna, he was accused of protecting the Beltrans.

El Seguimiento 39 built alliances with the Sinaloa, Jalisco Nueva Generación, del Golfo and Los Zetas cartels.

As a result, El Seguimiento 39 not only moved large amounts of its own cocaine and marijuana to the US, but leaders of other cartels entrusted it sending his drugs, "prosecutor Michael Robotti said in a letter to the Court.

He explained that the group moved South American cocaine from Central America to Mexico, using boats, airplanes and commercial vehicles, and then introduced it to Texas and California.

Robotti said that multiple witnesses confirm that Reyes Arzate protected El Seguimiento 39, "in cooperation with other corrupt Mexican officials," that there are calls and other intercepted communications, and that he admitted in 2017 -when he surrendered in the US- that he had met with the head of El Seguimiento 39.

"For example, in 2016, in his role as commander of the UAS, the defendant learned of a DEA investigation against the Follow-up 39. Shortly after, the defendant met with cartel leaders, he shared information about the investigation and accepted a bribe of 290 thousand dollars, "he said.



  2. The Brooklyn US Attorneys office is doing work never seen before? At least as far as I know,

    The Chapo Guzman case
    Ivan Reyes Azarte, who was going to skate with a 40 month sentence
    Genaro Garcia Luna, this, in itself is major
    Edgar Vetiya the former AG of Nayarit, given 20 years by USAO in Brooklun

    I suspect they end up with Chapo Isidro or someone like that, who no one thought would ever be prosecuted.

  3. If the US gives now 40 days prison sentemce to Genarco, that will be very strange, but be has the millions and millions of dollars, Luis cardenas palomino controls a few, most are pooled with Carlos slim helú, one of GGL's partner in his Florida enterprises, the other were MOSSAD INTELIG3NCE, spies and associated cyber criminals, JJ Rendon and his colombian crews also got his share.

  4. New charges for Arzate so he will flip on Luna.

  5. Damn, Cartel de Los SNITCHES , really out there ratting left and right, these are “hombres valientes” from Sinaloa... hahaha . Someone should make a corrido about the rats that they are.. SMH.. bring on the cheer leaders .. sicario 006 any comments on this??

    1. This guys butt hurt mencho isnt in the news today for cutting people up and leaving them in bags all over Jalisco and Guanajuato.

  6. Cartels Cartel Mex Gov

  7. These is where cartel de sinaloa excels giving info about their partners and enemies aka as SNITCHING jajaja lets all cheer with a chapo beer and let the snitching began

  8. Nadie sabe para quien trabaja


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