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Friday, January 3, 2020

'Sinaloa Cartel paid Uribe to facilitate drug trafficking route between Colombia and Mexico'

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Bat  TY GUS  Colombia Reports

Former President Alvaro Uribe facilitated drug trafficking between Colombia to Mexico while he was in office, the former security chief of a cargo airliner told an exiled prosecution investigator.

The bombshell allegation by the anonymous former security chief of Colombian airliner Air Cargo Lines were revealed by Richard Maok Riaño, a former prosecution agent who fled to Canada in 2002 after revealing extensive ties between paramilitary group AUC and state officials.

From Antioquia to Sinaloa
El Mono Vides

Mono Vides”According to the former security chief, Uribe played a key role in setting up a drug trafficking route that allowed the late “El Mono Vides” of drug trafficking group “Los Paisas” send 10 metric tons of cocaine from Bogota‘s El Dorado airport to the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico in 2007.

Vides, a former member of paramilitary group AUC, was killed in a police operation in the northwestern Antioquia province in October 2010.
Others who were allegedly involved in the drug and arms trafficking plot were executives of the airliner, top officials of air traffic authority Aerocivil and a top anti-narcotics police commander with the same last name as former National Police chief Jose Roberto Leon.

Uribe received $1 million in bribes for helping to set up the drug trafficking route, according to the source, who surrendered documents allegedly proving inside information of Air Cargo Lines.

How was Uribe allegedly involved?

According to the source, Air Cargo Lines executive Raul Jimenez and politician Enrique Gomez first met with Uribe at the presidential palace in Bogota in 2007.

Following this meeting, the source said he flew to Medellin to surrender the bribe to two alleged messengers of the former president at a 15-minute drive from the Rionegro airport.

The former president subsequently ordered civilian aviation authorities to allow the construction of a hangar outside the permitted area and allegedly intervened to permit the entry of a DC-8 airplane that was not allowed entry to Colombian airspace due to multiple technical failures, according to the source.

Alex with Chapo
The drug trafficking stopped after a metric ton of cocaine went missing after the fifth flight carrying 6.3 metric tons from Bogota had arrived in Mexico.

At the time of the alleged drug trafficking, Colombian drug trafficker Alex Cifuentes was the right-hand man of Sinaloa Cartel boss Joaquin Guzman, a.k.a. “El Chapo.”

Uribe’s late brother Jaime had two children with Cifuentes’ sister Dolly.

The former president is currently tried by the Supreme Court over his alleged attempts to manipulate witnesses who have testified about his family’s allegedly criminal past.


El Chapo and the two Cifuentes siblings are currently serving prison sentences in the United States for drug trafficking.

When “El Chapo” was on trial in the United States last year, Cifuentes accused Colombia’s former National Police chief Oscar Naranjo also taking bribes from the Sinaloa Cartel.

During that same trial, Cifuentes also accused former Mexican President Enrique Peña of having received bribes from the cartel.

The Sinaloa Cartel continues to be active in Colombia, according to the prosecution.


  1. Former president of Colombia. To present president of Mexico. Seems no president is infallible. Once offered the almighty peso.
    El Smarto

    1. No presidente needs pesos, but Alvaro Uribe Velez loves his dollars, that is why he sold out his soul to wars on drugs and led the AUC, PEPES, POLICIA NACIONAL, EJERCITO, ELN, LOS DICSCIPULOS, the paracos and the milicos produced the Falsos Positivos and led the drug trafficking that made uribe a billionaire and has his ass afraid be is going to be in prison one of these days...

  2. I wonder what motivates Richard Maok Riaño to stick out his head and speak. His actions must be putting his family and himself in danger.

    What does he have to gain from this?

  3. Chapo was bigger than the US knew about. He was Mayos boss not the other way around like everyone thinks. Mexicos president recently admitted in an interview that Chapo had more power than the president of Mexico at the times of he reign.

  4. At long last, you are naming former president Uribe el Uberrimo fundador de los AUC del Urabá y el giniral oscar naranjas, guess the colombian police academy catalog of police cadets that were rented out by the hour, day or weeks was not making Naranjas enough money...

  5. SO what's the big deal about this story, When you had Mexican presidents doing the same thing along with their relatives and nothing was done.
    CHAPO at court gave a list of all Presidents & political workers that took money/bribes, Mexico done nothing, they look the other way because their taking money now too.

  6. When is the USA going to charge the expresidente of México peña nieto forthe role he played in the cartel's business.

  7. But yet chapo is the villain...chapo is just the fall guy


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