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Monday, January 6, 2020

Security Detail for the 'El Pelón' Hearing, Consisted of 300 Elements and Snipers

An operation never before seen was set up for the 'Pelón' hearing in the federal courts of Villahermosa.

This afternoon Trinidad 'N' aka 'El Pelón de Playas del Rosario' entered one of the oral courtrooms of the federal court located in the Altozano subdivision of this city. The prisoner was transferred from the Social Reintegration Center of the State of Tabasco (CRESET) under a strong security device in which elements of the State Police, Mexican Army, National Guard and even snipers took part.

It is estimated that there are between 250 and 300 elements that make up this security detail, which has never been seen in any hearing held in local courts.

It’s expected that within the hour Trinidad 'N' will have a hearing.

Trinidad 'N', is accused only for the crime of carrying prohibited weapons.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. Cannot believe a federal court in Valle hermosa so funny. Did u see Amlo with flowers on his head, what a joke

  2. Anyone know who these guys are yet?

  3. Exaggerating Mexican government by having that many resources on ground for this knucklehead!

  4. Mexico is lame..unable to provide law an protection

  5. Sicarios weren't so tough now huh

    1. Just to show Sinaloa don’t fuck around. 300 elements is nothing

  6. Someone accused of carrying prohibited weapons, sure is drawing a crowd. It's more than that obviously.

  7. Who is he siding with? Who are his allies and enemies?

  8. Bet charges will be dropped

  9. Looks like these might be extra security measures taken as a result of "El Culiacanaso". It seems like to me, mexicans aren taking back their country. I really hope this is the case.

  10. Now this guy is one ugly dude

  11. Are they trying to show all the cartels, that don't cullude with them, will get put in the slammer.

  12. Bet 006 is leading a few of those teams..

  13. Is he a big drug traficker?


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