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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Reynosa, Tamaulipas: Abducted Father and Son Found Dead

Video translation is as follows:
The bodies of 2 people in a state of decomposition were located southwest of Reynosa, Tamaulipas after an anonymous report was made to the emergency services.

Personnel from the State Police general investigation unit went to a dirt road adjacent with El Campanario and Vamos Tamaulipas Colonias. And there they found 2 corpses with signs of torture.

According to the evidence time periods, their findings matched the characteristics of 2 people who were kidnapped on December 15 in Colonia Villarreal.

The pair, father and son were driving around in a vehicle when they were kidnapped by armed civilians. The truck they were driving in was located this afternoon. The whereabouts of the occupants are unknown at this time.

Father and son Pedro Lerma and Daniel Lerma

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  1. I think it meant the tittle meant to say kidnapped not kidnappers or where they kidnappers ?

  2. Most of the time I’m against the US getting involved in foreign affairs, we have our on problems. being that Mexico is right next door and you have US citizens constantly crossing over to MX they should step up their efforts to make MX safer. Or just not travel there at all, for some ppl it’s inevitable. Just my opinion.

    1. You are already giving a comment, no need to state just my opinion.

    2. 754 why? Does that bother you? Just a question.

    3. Comment is an observation. Opinion is a judgement or belief. They are different things. My two cents

    4. I just want to comment that Peace and Love is not a weapon the US uses to destabilize a country it wants to exploit and rape and murder for profit...
      But that is just my comment.

  3. The 'anonymous report' was probably filed on the 15th of December as well, and they finally decided to investigate three weeks later.

  4. Dr. Sol you guys are fast, title got corrected.

    1. You are welcome....signed Sol's editing assistant


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