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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Juárez, Chihuahua: Human Remains Found Inside Trash Bags

Video translation is as follows:
Edgar: Fortunately, as of the close of this edition it has been a relatively quiet day. We go now with the only violent event that has been registered at this time here in Ciudad Juarez. Hugo Argumedo has the details. Good evening.

Hugo Argumedo: Edgar, good evening. The dawn of Tuesday in Colonia Felipe Ángeles a man was shot to death. And his remains were located inside a bag.

Let me explain to you. The deceased so far has not been officially identified. His remains were left inside a bag at the intersection of Calle Ignacio Mejias and Calle Arroyo de las Víboras.

3 spent shell casings from a .40 S&W gun was the number among their findings. Although the neighbors from the north west of this urban neighborhood say they heard gunfire. They were unable to identify those responsible because the area lacks sufficient public lighting.

Finally, they dialed 911 to call the police. There was an intense operation by the authorities of the Secretariat of Municipal Public Security. So far not a single person responsible for these violent acts has been arrested.

Edgar: Unfortunately, there is evidence that the victim was subjected to torture. And that those responsible for this crime seek to send a message to their rivals. All this during the holidays, holidays that are meant for reflection. Thank you for your report Hugo.

Hugo Argumedo: Good evening Edgar.

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  1. Send the bags to Obradors conference room, see if he will make a joke of it.

  2. I hope the day comes the us officially announces all these cartels as terrorist groups so they can bomb away at all this scum y'all just saw what happened to those 2 top Iranian generals turned both their asses into memories these cartel capos will end up the same way next

    1. 1016 yes the US does not hesitate to use it's powers when threatened. Iran was inticing peasants to overcome the US Embassy, Iran was warned to stand down, Iran sent General s to continue an uprising. Ignorant Iran choose not to listen, instead of more Americans dying, drone took down the bad generals.

    2. Time for Drones to take out Cartel leaders, and US attorneys to charge corrupt Mexican politicians with crimes if they are involved with aiding cartels.



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