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Friday, January 31, 2020

Homero Gómez: Missing Mexican butterfly activist found dead

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY GUS  Source

The body of a renowned environmental activist has been found in a well in central Mexico two weeks after he went missing, officials say.

Homero Gómez, 50, managed a butterfly sanctuary in the town of Ocampo in Michoacán state, a region notorious for its violent criminal gangs.

His body was found with no apparent signs of violence near where he was seen for the last time.

Rights groups had earlier said they feared that Gómez might have been targeted because of his fight against illegal logging, one of the activities that criminal gangs in the area are involved in.

Gómez was last seen in person attending a meeting in the village of El Soldado on the afternoon of 13 January, and his family reported him missing the next day. Relatives told local media the conservationist had received threats from an organised crime gang.

More than 200 volunteers had joined the search for the environmentalist and, last week, the entire police forces of Ocampo and neighboring Angangueo were detained for questioning.


  1. Per CNN "state official said Gomez's body showed signs of asphyxiation" so maybe he strangled himself and fell down the well?

    1. You might as well say you were there. My padrino said he was killed.

  2. That would had been humorous if it wasn't so sad !

  3. Heard there were signs of torture. Either way, it is very tragic and sad

  4. Had a couple of choices to see the Mariposo Biosfera, in Zitacuaro. We decided on a place south of Zitacuaro even though Ocampo seemed interesting. Too bad for this guy. One of the wonders of the world, from Canada to Mexico, the remarkable story of a migration of paper winged insects. They obviously have more fortitude than many of machos that visit this site.

    Not far away, Zapopan, Uruapan, Irautopan, etc. These mafiosos prey on anything that has loose change. Wish they'd just migrate and get a real job

  5. What does it tell you that the ones detained were two entire police forces?

    You really can't make this stuff up.

    I understand why loggers would want to take this guy out but what do you get from torturing him? What does he have to offer? He's going to die, make it as quick as possible

  6. What in the hell did this poor guy do to deserve this? The butterfly fly man doesn't seem to pose any kind of threat to anybody. Why would he become a target? It appears the butterflys lost a good friend over nothing.

  7. 10:51 all of GOD's Big and Small Beasts would be happy of their lack of language skills if they could read all you have to say.
    You are clearly a propagandist with an agenda of hate for Mexico, you do not care that nobody is trying to arrest and imprison "Mexico" for this, one more crime that can be credited to certain mexican criminals, but not to all mexicans,
    It wasn't all that long ago since the nazis blamed a whole group of people for "whatever" and executed them by the millions, it was more recent the way the US demonized the Vietnamese for their Tonkin Incident, others blame the Palestinians for their land grabs, the Yemenis, the Iraqis, the iranians... the afghanis, the chileans, for the ugly results of their interferences and international crimes they call "Foreign Policy" like Operation Condor and 30 trillion dollar wars on Iraq and afghanistan fiasco achieved through weapons of mass destruction inventions...
    Add millions of collateral local casualties to about 10 000 US deaths and thousands more injured...Next stop Mexico ???

  8. Despite the tragic outcome. Volunteers and environmentalists face the possibility of death globally.
    May God bless his soul.


  9. Killing activists seems to be a big problem in Latin America, in Colombia especially but also, Mexico and Brazil. Other countries apparently, have some of this going on as well.

    1. 1:55 Math Genius Professor Ted Kaczinzky was (might still be) for the environment, but did not chose the right victims when he chose to become Unabomber...
      Murderers of friends of the environment need to be gone from the face of the earth, these need to be hung from their avocados after getting shotgun blast to their ass.

  10. 9:15 this crap started with FECAL's War On Drugs, pinche borrachin was financed by the US and it kept going with EPN...
    36 billion dollars were spent by the US in creating this murdering narco-culture started with US inspired Operation Mayan Jaguar to allow US war profiteers some money making opportunities, since Iraq Afghanistan were drying are lucky the US did not spend 30 trillion dollars in their war for mass destruction with US weapons in LatinAmerica, but only because that would create Too Many Millions of War Refugees migrating to the US who would never leave room for white supremacism again...


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