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Sunday, January 26, 2020

FBI ALERT: Searching for missing mother and children who vanished near International Bridge in Nuevo Laredo

Chivis Martinez   Borderland Beat

US REPORT Fox7Austin 

LAREDO, Texas - The FBI is asking for the public's help in finding a missing mother and her two children.

Esmeralda Vielma Cisneros, 39, Alexander Vielma, 15, and Naum Zaid Ramos, 11, were last seen on Jan. 19, driving a dark grey SUV, a 2019 Renault Duster with the license plate SCH472A Nuevo Leon near the Lincoln/Juarez International Bridge (Pedestrian Bridge) in Nuevo Laredo.

The FBI says in a release that it is believed they had been going to visit a family member for the three-day weekend. Neither they nor the SUV have been seen since and at this time, the FBI does not have confirmed information that any of them ever crossed the bridge.

Cisneros is a Mexican citizen but the two boys are U.S. citizens. Alexander attends school in Laredo and takes medication for a medical condition but he does not have the needed medication.

The public is urged to call FBI San Antonio Division at 210-225-6741 with any information. Tips can also be submitted online. Individuals who provide information may remain anonymous.

Mexican News Report Reynosa Codigo

The FBI launched an alert to search for three Texan residents, including two minor American citizens and their mother, a Mexican, who disappeared on January 19 in Nuevo Laredo.

In the document, issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, it states that Esmeralda Vielma Cisneros, 39, Alexander Vielma, 15, and Naum Zaid Ramos, 11 went to visit relatives in Nuevo Laredo, but not one has heard from them since then.

The family was traveling in a dark gray Renault Duster off-road vehicle and model 2019, with SCH472A license plates from Nuevo León, there is no news of them or of the unit since last January 19, when they were last seen near the Bridge International Juarez / Lincoln, pedestrian bridge in Nuevo Laredo and there is no report that they cross over to the American side.

“It is believed that they were going to visit a relative during the long weekend. Neither they nor the vehicle have seen each other since then, and at this time the FBI has no confirmation that none of them have crossed the bridge, ”said the US authority.

Esmeralda is 1.5 meters tall, weighs approximately 60 kilos and has short hair, dark brown and brown eyes. Alexander is approximately 1.6 meters tall, weighs approximately 70 kilos and has black hair and brown eyes. Naum is approximately 1.3 meters tall, weighs approximately 30 kilos and has black hair and brown eyes.

The Office of Investigation is requesting the collaboration of citizens to provide any information about the whereabouts of the lady, of Mexican origin, and her two American citizen children. "The three dressed in winter clothes. Esmeralda is a Mexican citizen and her two children are Americans. Alexander goes to school in Laredo and takes medicine but does not have the medicine he needs," the document explains.


  1. No one is doing anything about crime on that bridge, is that the same bridge that a dentist go killed?

    1. The dentist was killed on the bridge near Reynosa. People are warned by the government not to travel to these places. It’s sad what happened to the family, but that’s the harsh reality of the southern border. Y’all be safe. El Tejano

    2. 345 the they were rescued thanks to FBI'S involvement, otherwise they would have been know killed.

  2. Bridge in middle is No Mans Land. Our President wants Hug Criminals, mean while people r dying. I am so A Shame.

    1. 1:59 mejor mamasela al gobernador cabeza de cagadas de vacas güey,
      Te queda mas cerquitas.
      President AMLO is not your mommy, your daddy or your granny to be checking on your every pamper, tamaulipas governor AND HIS PRIVATE STATE POLICE are in charge.

  3. Meanwhile back at the ranch, more mass graves have been found. The dead are believed to have been involved in the drug trade.

  4. the dam estatales are with cdn
    no more marina or national guard ?


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