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Friday, January 24, 2020

Cuernavaca, Morelos: Armed Men Open Fire on La Chelería Bar

Armed subjects traveling in a red vehicle shot at the facade of the "La Chelería" bar, located on Avenida 10 de Abril, in the Granjas neighborhood in Cuernavaca, placing a narco manta with threats between cartels operating in the state.

In social networks a video has been disseminated in which 4 subjects who descend from a car open fire against a bar in Cuernavaca, during the early morning hours.

According to the video, the events occurred around 1:19 am on Wednesday.

It’s at a bar called La Chelería, located on Avenida 10 de Abril, in the Las Granjas neighborhood. A red car with tinted windows arrives, possibly a Vento or Jetta vehicle, and men with long weapons descend.

Then they start shooting repeatedly. You can see how one of them has a weapon malfunction, but then continues firing.

Also, in the place they left a manta, with a suggestive message to rival groups.

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  1. This plaza once under BLO used to be peaceful !

  2. a bunch rookies with handling those weapons!!!

  3. POS guns these guys have n POS guy that couldn't unjam the rifle...they would off been dead on the spot,I bet these guys are working for cjng..

  4. Wow. What a bunch of lames. They didnt even have their firearms locked and loaded. wanna be sicarios

  5. Amateur hour, these wanna be thugs cant even operate their weapons.

  6. It's funny how all their weapons jammed. LOL.

  7. Dumbass kept ejecting rounds, probably cuz he’s too lazy to clean and maintain that AR..pobrecito most likely doesn’t even know how to dismantle it. SMH

  8. These guys look like cdn (zetas) young and stupid

  9. 1 word..... PENDEJOS.....🤣

  10. Clearing a weapons malfunction:

    What they did...
    1. Look at the weapon in unbelief.
    2. Eject live rounds all over the area.
    3. Tilt weapon and shake, while walking back and forth .
    4. Totally disregard taking cover while working the problem.
    5. Show zero concern for being in your buddies line of fire.. Walk right in front of his muzzle.

    6 Jam into vehicle and drive away.

    What should have happened ...

    with your support / non firing hand

    1Tap the mag, slingshot charging handle, attempt to fire.
    That's called immediate action right boys n girls ?

    If that fails, do this...

    1 Find cover
    2 Drop mag
    3 Lock bolt to rear
    4 Sweep/ clear chamber
    5 and most important in my opinion . With support hand reach into cargo pants pocket and retrieve Tapatio and dump that shit into the chamber and get back in the fight !!

  11. This situation smells amateurish

  12. Wow surprised he didn’t shoot himself,🤣😆


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