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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Young Men Are Disappearing

Video translation is as follows:

Edgar: There is sadness and worry in at least 3 families. Their loved ones were kidnapped in the Juarez Valley. Time goes on and nothing is known about them. Go ahead Everardo.

Everardo Cardona: Unfortunately Edgar this is about 3 families looking for their loved ones in the Juarez Valley. After December 20, they were reported missing since they were allegedly kidnapped in the valley area.

This is Jesús Miguel Urita and Luis Briant Saldivar Andrade, 19 years old. And Cristian Savavedra Solís, 22, who were traveling aboard a Jeep Cherokee vehicle when they were allegedly shot at and then kidnapped.

Initial versions indicates that the young people were traveling along with an alleged smuggler who managed to escape. And he gave notice to their loved ones about what happened. But another version indicates that those affected traveled to the dunes when they disappeared.

So far there is no news of their whereabouts. For which the collaboration from citizens is requested to locate them. It is a tragic situation that the families of these 3 young people are going through.

The situations have become mostly dangerous in the Juarez Valley. We even remembered that in the last few hours the disappearance of 3 other young people who also left for the Juarez Valley.

They were going fishing and disappeared. There are 2 different cases of 3 men apparently disappeared in a forced manner. Meanwhile the authorities mention continuing with the inquiries. But the results are minimal.

And so far their relatives and their friends are also looking for these 3 young people. Even with social networks. They have shared their inquiries. They have even left messages on social networks for the 3 young people with the intention of them returning.

And you can read the messages of support they give to their friends and close ones. These are problematic situations that occur here in the state of Chihuahua. And especially here in Ciudad Juarez and the valley where criminals have operated for more than a decade in a blatant manner.

And they have committed various offenses. As it is they have disappeared people who have yet to appear.

Edgar: There it is. The authorities have implemented an alert. There are currently 6 people who have disappeared.

It has come to light before the public opinion that they were kidnapped. This is the second case.

Jesús Miguel Urita, Luis Bryant Saldivar Andrade, and Cristian Saavedra Solís. We go now with the first case that we have also presented here on Channel 44. The other 3 young people.

José Luis Amador Franco 30 years old, Roberto Iván Espinosa Hernández 28 years old, and Gerardo Alberto Valenzuela 28 years old. Apparently armed men in different cases kidnapped them. And so far their whereabouts are unknown. Thank you Everardo for your report.

Everardo: Thank you sir.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. Y pronto serán sicarios seguro.

  2. What people should understand is the Valley of Juarez is not Juarez. It is more like Anaheim and LA as far as distance. It is also run by CDS although Linea is making moves on it.
    In a local newspaper it was said these kids were not taken by any cartel but rather was a Vendetta of sorts. Can't remember why however?

  3. Juarez- one of the most violent places on earth, El Paso, one of the safest. Just a bridge and dry river separates them. In your face and lying low. Why? Suppose the border went away?

    1. What's your point?

    2. Well, it was a question, two actually and you're not supposed to answers a question or two with a question.

      As someone who has lived in both, El Paso and Juárez, yes it is two completely different worlds. Hard to what would happen if an imaginary line went away. The absence of law and blatant corruption is the reason Juarez is what it is. Even the behavior of people is night and day. Similar to taking someone from Beverly Hills and sticking them in Skid Row... It's a dog eat dog mentality in Juárez. You could trust about 95% of the people in El Paso who would want to help you. Where as in Juárez, people defiantly would have different intentions, mostly bad intentions.

    3. Point is your government has a fundamental responsibility to maintain public order....not fill their own pockets while neglecting their responsilbility.

  4. Young men are disappearing all over the nation, let alone in Juarez.

  5. Is this new or old? Why are mexican criminals targeting groups of 3 people?

  6. Serious question. Is running away from home not a thing in Mexico as it is m the US?

    It's estimated that around 6 percent of adolescents run aways from home in the US. That number would be over one million a year.

    Any serious reply would be appreciated!

    1. Same guy comparing USA to Mexico, this site is related to things transpiring in Mexico.

    2. I'm not the same guy comparing Mexico and the US you dolt! I'm just wondering if running away from home is something Mexican families deal with.

    3. It's ok 12:46 to ask legit questions about whatever topic. They are just asking if youths running away is a common thing in Mexico. I would have to guess it's not as families in Mexico are really tight knit in Mexico compared to the US. But it's hard to know the numbers as Mexico is not very good at thier numbers and reporting to police. I would argue the US numbers of crime etc always look so high because the US does a really good job at reporting numbers and going to the police.

    4. John Wayne gacy took care of a few runaways, offered and gave jobs to some of them, but mostly abused them sexually before killing them.
      On the US it is mostly runaways looking for a life of their own, both male and female, while in Mexico it is criminals enticing young people to join their criminal way of life
      Selling out mexican farmers in exchange for lowly paid maquiladora jobs seemed to he a good idea, but coming from the devil, it would not be so, most criminals come from agricultural background, poor in the cities they fled to where the only ready job is car washing and gramero moonlighting under penalty of death.
      It all went to destabilizing Mexico, all the contracts given to foreigners 8n exchange for kickbacks and bribes and spurious loans from foreign banking sharks only helped them strangle the mexican economy and the state owned enterprises with their low production and lower standards, and they still want more contracts from a government that refuses to be their lowly paid bitch anymore...
      Arming the mexican cartels plays an important role, US weapons dealers took great care to supply the mexican drug traffickers to make some of that drug trafficking money for themselves, not to enhance the 2nd amendment in Mexico to make the mexicans free, even Germany supplied illegal weapons to Guerrero government, unknowingly, "through third parties" and other BS...

  7. 10:54 am, my point is there is border where the difference is night and day different in a mile. I'll ask you why is one the safest and the other dangerous. You figure it out.

    Last questions; If there is no law, there is anarchy, right? How many police per population? When is it incontrollable? It's a fungus/germ that spreads it's tentacles each day. The border is being erased in my opinion.

    1. El Paso cops make great wages, but they have a military base nearby, along with bunches of retirees and federal money coming in daily, CD Juarez cops must make begging on the street for spare change or kickbacks for running imaginary STOP SIGNS and other trumped up offenses, extorting narcos and capos and grameros and prostitutes, shaking down US pederastas, helping drug traffickers move by the tons of product...a whole nother world dependent on crime, but let's remember that after murdering Pablo Acosta, the boss of the Juarez Cartel was Rafael Aguilar Guajardo, a DFS agent who had Amado Carrillo Fuentes working for him until he got whacked in Cancun, his DFS ASSOCIATES SPLIT MR. GUAJARDO'S 401K, about 100 million dollars...Mexican federal police commander Guillermo Gonzales Calderoni had helped the DFS get rid of Don Pablo Acosta with FBI HELP COMING FOR HIM INTO OJINAGA FROM TEXAS, with helicopters...uuuy!

  8. Look at the pics - Cholos

    1. Can I judge you on only your comment too? :-)


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