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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Cerano, Guanajuato: CJNG Interrogates Juan Antonio Lemus

Warning video does depict injuries after his ear was severed:

Video manta reads as follows: 
This is Juan Antonio Lemus aka Juanito from Jacales (Jacales, Guanajuato). Head of sicarios for Jesus Avila out of Cerano, Guanajuato. We are CJNG. And we’re in Cerano getting rid of the scum.

Video translation is as follows:
Interrogator: Let’s see. What’s your name?
Juan Antonio Lemus: My name is Juan Antonio Lemus sir. 
Interrogator: Are you an operator for Jesus?
Juan Antonio Lemus: (Nervous mumbling).
Interrogator: Do you know Gus?
Juan Antonio Lemus: I know Gus. I’ve seen him twice before. 
Interrogator: Where?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Only in Cerano (Cerano, Guanajuato) sir. 
Interrogator: Where else?

Juan Antonio Lemus: Just there.
Interrogator: Where is he currently staying?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Supposedly he exits down a road from Las Mesas Ranch sir. 
Interrogator: Which one?
Juan Antonio Lemus: That one road that exits from Las Mesas Ranch. That’s where Gustavo descends from. 
Interrogator: Look at the fucking camera so that I can see you, so that I can fucking see you, so that I can see you.
Juan Antonio Lemus: Yes sir.
Interrogator: Well, come now tell me. 
Juan Antonio Lemus: Gustavo descends right there from Las Mesas. 
Interrogator: Where all does he stay at?
Juan Antonio Lemus: He has a place in that ranch. And sometimes he travels to Huandacareo (Huandacareo, Guanajuato) sir.
Interrogator: Where in Huandacareo does he have a place?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Sir, I don’t know where in Huandacareo he has a house. But I was told that sometimes he goes there. 
Interrogator: He told you this?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Jesús was the one who told me this sir. 
Interrogator: Well, let’s see. Who else told you this? You just told me about another fucking house. Didn’t you just tell me this?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Yes sir.
Interrogator: Which house is it?
Juan Antonio Lemus: It’s the house where Jesus Avila stays.
Interrogator: Where?
Juan Antonio Lemus: He stays in a house in (unintelligible). And he leaves at dawn. 
Interrogator: This is Jesus Avila?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Yes sir. 
Interrogator: And Gus?
Juan Antonio Lemus: That asshole Gus is his sidekick. 
Interrogator: Fool you just told me a different house. 
Juan Antonio Lemus: The one in the ranch...
Interrogator: Jerécuaro, Jerécuaro?
Juan Antonio Lemus: I don’t really know the address sir.
Interrogator: Jerécuaro then. Where is this Jerécuaro?
Juan Antonio Lemus: It’s right there where the bypass ends, just above it sir. 
Interrogator: Ok, so that’s Jerécuaro?
Juan Antonio Lemus: No. that’s where the road begins. The first ranch is called...
Interrogator: Look at the fucking camera. 
Juan Antonio Lemus: It’s called Jerécuaro next to Las Mesas sir. 
Interrogator: So, in Jerécuaro is where Gus has a house?
Juan Antonio Lemus: I don’t know if they support him or not. But they say he has a place...
Interrogator: Don’t you fucking start to contradict yourself. You son of a bitch weren’t you just telling me otherwise. 
Juan Antonio Lemus: I was telling you that fucker is supposed to have a house there. 
Interrogator: I know you fucking know something. So, where’s Jesus then?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Right now you can find Jesús in Cerano sir. 
Interrogator: In Cerano? Where?
Juan Antonio Lemus: If he’s not at his grandmas house then he’s going to be in Ojunglas sir. 
Interrogator: In Ojunglas? Up above?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Yes sir. 
Interrogator: Just up above to the side, right?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Yes sir exactly.
Interrogator: Ok then. Who else supports you guys?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Well, what kind of support are you referring to sir?
Interrogator: Who in the government supports you guys?
Juan Antonio Lemus: From the government no one does sir. 
Interrogator: No one?
Juan Antonio Lemus: No one sir.
Interrogator: Let’s see, who supports you guys to sell drugs?
You keep your mouth shut fool. (He’s speaking to someone off camera). 
Juan Antonio Lemus: In what capacity sir?
Interrogator: Who supports you...
Juan Antonio Lemus: To sell drugs?
Interrogator: Yes. 
Juan Antonio Lemus: The Hamburguesa (Hamburger) is one of them sir. 
Interrogator: Where does this Hamburguesa live?
Juan Antonio Lemus: I would see that from the soccer fields he would come down heading in the direction of the high school. 
Interrogator: Turn to look at this fucking camera.
Juan Antonio Lemus: From the state soccer fields sir...
Interrogator: Ok. 
Juan Antonio Lemus: He would descend from the side of that road sir. 
Interrogator: Who else supports you guys? Emilio?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Yes Emilio sir. 
Interrogator: Where does he reside?
Juan Antonio Lemus: He lives in Tejocote (Tejocote de Calera, Guanajuato) or in San Andres (San Andres Calera, Guanajuato) sir. 
Interrogator: Where the fuck does he live?
Juan Antonio Lemus: He lives in Cerano in a house that we rented from him. 
Interrogator: Where?
Juan Antonio Lemus: He’s going to have a baptism this Saturday sir. You can catch him there at the temple. 
Interrogator: San Andres? What time is he going to hold that baptism?
Juan Antonio Lemus: At noon sir.
Interrogator: At noon?
Juan Antonio Lemus: At noon.
Interrogator: What does he look like?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Emilio is a short man. He’s not tall. He’s a bit chubby. He has in his possession a .38 Super handgun.
Interrogator: A .38 Super handgun?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Yes sir.
Interrogator: What does Jesus carry?
Juan Antonio Lemus: He carries a .38 handgun. But it’s not a Super sir. 
Interrogator: Who holds the rifles?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Gustavo supposedly carries the rifles sir.
Interrogator: What rifles do they carry?
Juan Antonio Lemus: They’ve told us that they have long rifles.  But I don’t know how many sir ? 
Interrogator: You don’t know? What about El Doc? Doesn’t he support them?
Juan Antonio Lemus: I don’t know El Doc sir. 
Interrogator: Are you sure? He’s out of Morelia (Morelia, Michoacán)?
Juan Antonio Lemus: No sir I don’t know El Doc. Like I said and I’ll repeat for you again I don’t know El Doc sir. I’ve never heard of him before. I know El Gustavo like I mentioned. But only because I’ve seen him twice before. 
Interrogator: What vehicle was in?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Gustavo?
Interrogator: Yes. 
Juan Antonio Lemus: Gustavo was in a black truck sir. 
Juan Antonio Lemus:...that’s where he runs to. 
Interrogator: That’s where he runs to?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Yes sir. 
Interrogator: Who’s doing the construction for La Delegada?
Juan Antonio Lemus: I wouldn’t know. The one who would know would be Jesus because he doesn’t tell me anything sir. 
Interrogator: How’s he not going to tell you anything?
Juan Antonio Lemus: I swear sir he never said anything to me. 
Interrogator: You better fucking know something. Otherwise I’m going to cut you the fuck up some more. 
Juan Antonio Lemus: I’m telling you the truth. No one ever said anything to me. The only thing he ever said to me was: Instead of having this fucking fear let’s go to Cerano to see who can support us. And what the fuck did they tell you dumbass? They said no fucking way. That’s why I told you we should’ve united with other people. And when they told you this why the fuck didn’t you tell me faggot. 
Interrogator, Let’s see, who robbed that bank teller?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Gustavo did sir.
Interrogator: Gustavo and who else?
Juan Antonio Lemus: It was Gustavo with other people from Moroleón (Moroleón, Guanajuato).
Interrogator: Turn to look at this fucking camera fool.
Juan Antonio Lemus: It was Gustavo with other people from Moroleón.
Interrogator: Who were they?
Juan Antonio Lemus: I don’t know their names sir.
Interrogator: Who were they?
Juan Antonio Lemus: I don’t know their names. But that clown Jesús was in involved. 
Interrogator: Who the fuck else from Moroleón?
Juan Antonio Lemus: I don’t know. I don’t know their names. Jesús just said they were going to do it and that’s all. I went home to sleep because supposedly everything had been called off. And the next day everything had gone off. 
Interrogator: Hmmm. Well, there you have it. 
Juan Antonio Lemus: All because I was a dumbass. 
Interrogator: And yet there you fucking were. Who all else has killed innocents?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Innocents? I don’t know...
Interrogator: Tell me the truth.
Juan Antonio Lemus: I told Jesús. I told Jesús Avila...
Interrogator: Shut your fucking mouth. Just tell me who all was innocent.
Juan Antonio Lemus: La Micha sir.
Interrogator: Who else?
Juan Antonio Lemus: I don’t know sir.
Interrogator: Who else of all the innocent people? How the fuck are you not going to know you son of a bitch. What about El Carnante?
Juan Antonio Lemus: Gustavo killed El Carnante sir. 
Interrogator: Why?
Juan Antonio Lemus: He was drunk sir. I told them not leave like that all inebriated. They were all hellbent on going. And they never said anything to me. Once they came back it turned out that they had killed off this guys brother. 
Interrogator: Who else have they killed off?
Juan Antonio Lemus: That I recall of....

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. Compiling a list of collaborators to go and kill next. I wonder if they killed those people before releasing this, otherwise they would see it coming.

  2. Care to answer which cartel this cockroach belongs to?

    1. I would guess it might be Santa Rosa/El Marro ?

    2. Well if the interrogator was cjng and these happened in guanajuato, than guess what? It was marros people, come on man use some logic

    3. My friend lets not forget cdg, sinaloas, zetas, and smaller cartels and gangs that are fighting cjng.

    4. To operate in Yuriria you have to have some Santa Rosa permission, which is ultimately backed by Sinaloa. Also it’s *tejocote. Crazy to think CJGN is the “good cartel” because they’re cleaning up the thieves and extortionists that prey on rural Mexicans

  3. Dude being interrogated seems hard of hearing.

    1. Imagine your bloody ear is flapping on your head while your head is pounding from being punched and you know you're about to die! I'm sure such a FEARLESS person as yourself could listen if they were whispering the questions to you!!

    2. His left ear was cut almost off, it's warning...only noticed upon enlarging video.

      Canadian girl

    3. You would be if they cut your ear off too...

    4. i don't watch the videos but was told it was safe.

    5. None of you get the sarcasm of gallows humor.

  4. Dudes ear just hanging off. Must have gone through hell after the interrogation.

  5. Still unsettling to see what Mexico has become. Rather, heartbreaking.

    Its through these videos that such criminal organizations exist. Rather, terrorizing communities. Reinforcing its criminal behavior and operations.

  6. Follow up post with dead body and manta coming?

  7. Interrogation is actually 3 videos long. For the sake of space I only added the first video. But the interrogation is in its complete form. The original source should have all 3 videos. And Juan Antonio Lemus was said to have been dismembered afterwards. No video exists of his demise that I’m aware of.

  8. Juanito is pretty hard core,but,hes a sicario hes been there done that,he knows what time it is if caught,and his time has come.
    They say jefe of sicarios,thought he would have known more?
    CJNG are hunting Marro gente down,his support is getting it

  9. Imagine if they catch marro i would put a round in my head if i was gettin caught off CJNG in this battle here

  10. Cjng are scumbags. Anyone caught being affiliated with cjng should have two 57’s to the back.

  11. Cerano? Iv been to that ranch not even a town,its a hole in the wall! What the heck are cartels doing there

    1. 6:20 they are hiding güey, can't you read???

    2. Chema,thanks man,that makes a little more sense in the way he is describing the comings and goings by these guys,SRLC/Marro gente,and CJNG are trying to find them,no doubt they are hiding from CJNG cause they know whats up,i would not get caught especially not CJNG this shit is personal and brutal between them,whats your take on CJNG being seen as gettin rid of marro gente and many are down with it?

  12. Such a fine profession. And to go down with the last photos of yourself with ear hangin off like a goat being slaughtered.

  13. This guy should have been a reporter for you guys! Great tourist guide as well ahaha


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