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Friday, January 31, 2020

Cartel de Sinaloa Were Helped by Prison Staff to Escape

Video translation is as follows:
According to the news brief that the government of Mexico City provided. In the manifest list that the second shift guard duty on Tuesday has.

Between 19:30 and 20:10 hours the prisoners Victor Manuel Felix Beltran, Luis Fernando Mesa Gonzalez, and Yael Osuna Navarro were still in their dormitories.

But between 9 p.m. on Tuesday and 1 a.m. on Wednesday, security cameras in entry zones 1 and 2 detected the movement and activity of 5 inmates and 3 custodians who were not reported by any element of security. These are steps in which the traces of the modus operandi of the leak were discovered 7 hours later.

Rosa Icela Rodriguez: The locks and doors that communicated to the cells of the escapees were unlocked and open. A security bar was also cut where it is inferred that the escapees descended a meter and a half to a second common area.

And by means of wire cutters they cut the cyclonic fence to extend to the ground floor.

Traveling a space of approximately 20 meters supported by a ladder. From where it is inferred that they access the upper part of the perimeter wall of the prison

To descend onto the internal floor where the transfer vehicles are located.

Female Reporter: The 3 inmates who escaped used this transport vehicle to escape, taking advantage of the fact that the unit had scheduled the transfer of a sick inmate to the Rubén Leñero hospital

By the time the vehicle leaves the prison without being reviewed by the prison guards, capital authorities estimate that the escapees had escaped the Reclusorio Sur at 5:50 a.m. on Wednesday.

With the tracking of the transport van through the C5 cameras, the authorities could not establish whether the 3 escaped inmates descended from the unit at some point in the city or at the Rubén Leñero hospital.

After it was determined that in this vehicle the 3 inmates escaped at 5:50 in the morning. This would have given them 2 hours to leave Mexico City or hide.

Because the escape wasn't reported until 8 in the morning when the third shift of prison guards did their routine patrols.  There they realized that dormitory # 7 was vacant.

And that the neighboring cells to which Víctor Manuel Felix Beltrán, Luis Fernando Meza Gonzalez, and Yael Osuna Navarro had access to did not have security bars in place.

Ciro Gómez Leyva: To find these inmates, 350 police officers from the city were deployed. It was said that in 25 different strategic  points.  They were located at the entrances and exits to Mexico City.

They are checking vehicles.  By the way, Federal Security Secretary Alfonso Durazo informed that the National Guard is already collaborating in this search.

The Secretary of Government of the City Rosa Icela Rodríguez said that they already requested the resignation of the director of the Reclusorio Sur Omar Tonatiuh Zamora Mendoza. And for the inmate security officer also.  Well, we shall see if he resigns.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source



  2. Good for them! I mean which criminal wouldn't be pyched to not get help to escape. Everybody hating on them cause they got the pull. Thanks to their padrinos and the chilangos to allow them to do the dirt.

    1. Stfu fool. It's because of huge drug traficking organizations like the sinaloa cartel that america it's in big trouble, they supply to other smaller drug cartels, also the gangs in mx. & the USA. All those other crime groups create even more problems for everybody else, everything that is happening in that hell hole called mexico is because of all those smaller crime groups who are linked to huge drug cartels like the sinaloa criminal organization. From there they create all that chaos in towns, cities, everywhere their associates operate! Even the cops get butchered in that country!

    2. Why can't the USA focus on arresting drug users with a Stiff Sentences...5 yrs for having a QB ...0.3 Meth 6 yrs
      H and Fet Pills 10yrs
      Now if the Drug Dealers are arrested 100 are Lined up to take their place
      So if a 180 is done and the drug addicts are off the streets using drugs...Crime Murders Rapes Vehicular Homicides all would decrease...but that would mean alot of people in government would be setting up a minimum 5 yr stretch for themselves their kids their family and that would be uncivilized

    3. @7:41 dumb ass blame the United States government it is and always has been them that have let Sinaloa sale Drugs and helped them grow to be so powerful they had agreements since way back when the Chinese were in Sinaloa my Dad told me this along time ago but I didn’t really think nothing about it tell I started hearing things when I would be in el rancho en Sinaloa no criminal organization can grow with out the help of a government helping them remember that before you blame others for the weak minded individuals who choose to buy drugs and do them in most cases nobody is forcing them to take drugs but thanks for the money they spend we have been doing good in Sinaloa buying new tractors and trucks,working 30 hectáreas my bad that’s like 85 acers and were making sure that the tomatoes we grow that we send them to United States to sell that’s what a double win right first we invest the money from the Americans who buy drugs and grow crops and then sell the crops to America dame see what you can do when you use your mind and not do drugs puro Sinaloa don’t hate us hate your self for being dumb and wasting your time worrying about us when you could be doing something better like making money cause at the end of the day we can careless about your opinion of us we don’t ask you for anything we have always been able to rise to the top way do you think that almost every real boss in the México have been from Sinaloa their is a good reason

    4. >>arresting drug users with a Stiff Sentences
      already doing that, fill them prisons up real smart,
      when they get out what will they be then ? or would you rather just kill everyone rather than get them treatment ?

  3. Be careful crossing to matamoros from brownsville, Mexican customs r looking to hassle u and looking for ways to steal ur car. It's really bad now. Best walk

    1. I just crossed in my '18 Tahoe Ltz like butter

  4. Lawless Prison system, Lawless Mexico.
    I think by now if there is an escape from any prison the staff are involved.

    1. U right hugs!!!!! But most popular President, I do not understand!!!!

  5. Read the report given by news outlets pertaining to the escape few days ago. How else can such a brazen act could have taken place. Along with the fear of what appears to be a sure extradition process for these individuals.
    Goes to show Mexico has a long way to go to stem its holding facilities from corruption practices.
    Guessing it was a rewarding opportunity for those staffers to commit such actions. For their families that is.

  6. The sky is also blue

  7. Of course they were helped, the bribes are better, they couldn't resist, and if they resisted Plata o palomo would await them.

  8. Prison guard, here is more money than you will make in your life, you will get 2 years in jail, but I won't kill your family. Tough to say no to that!

  9. Lawless judicial system . Lawless USA . what kind of court has No witnesses allowed ...only in America!

  10. Whilst organized crime got the money the government got the power, so it ain't hard to see in which direction the money is flowing.

  11. Let's see the reaction of the quinteros clan now that they exchange their nephew for the the 3 chapitos and mayos

  12. Esta fácil de echar le la culpa al los Sinaloense But in reality we are just a small part of the story of Americans and ther drug problems do you really think that a person that can’t read or right would know how to make drugs from a bunch of chemicals get the mixture right and then know how to cook it up?grow amapola and process it to make herion if you were talking about cooking up some food it would be different but if it’s drugs someone had to show them that and we already know that the people responsible for that is the very own American government and this has been documented ain’t nothing knew about it just one of many things that the government has done that has backed fired on them and has hurt ther own people just like when they trained talibanes to fight 🇷🇺 troops and then years later the tactics were used to kill America soldiers and the government flooded the streets of United States with drugs and they didn’t care cause the people dying were Blacks,Latinos or white trash but know that it’s a problem in places that you wouldn’t imagine and the people dying from drugs are more whites then they expected know it’s a problem if Americans are willing to pay for drugs then their are going to be people who have no problem supplying them not just Mexicans I’m talking about the same people who have killed a lot more people then they say with getting them hooked and that’s with government help cause it’s all legal cause it’s from a laboratory that a doctor prescribes big farmacéutical companys


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