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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Arrest "El R" the author of the 2008 massacre of 24 innocent people

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   La Silla Rota
Raul Ortega Villa aka “El R” a former collaborator of BLO was arrested in Polanco. He was the author of the massacre of 24 innocents people

Intelligence agents detain one of the men who between 2002 and 2010 was among the closest to the Beltran Leyva bosses, Arturo and Hector Beltran Leyva, in addition to El Indio and La Barbie.

In the words of Oscar Oswaldo Garcia Montoya La Mano con Ojos “The Hand with Eyes” former body guard of Arturo Beltran Leyva, during 2010 and 2012, they hit the metro area with murders and dismemberment during 2010 and 2012, and it was “El R” who recruited them and who murdered 24 people in La Marquesa.

According to police reports “El R” was arrested in Horacio and Moliere aboard a Suburban.  He was captured in 2010 but released shortly after by a judge.

“El R” was also commanded by Adrian Ramirez aka “El Hongo” when associated with BLO.

Later he became the enemy of La Mano con Ojos and Jose Jorge Balderas Gara aka “El JJ” during the years the Valle de Mexico was in dispute.

Foto from his earlier arrest
2008 article about the massacre of 24 innocents:

This violent event occurred on September 13, 2008. That day the macabre discovery of the 24 bodies, at least ten of them beheaded, shocked Mexican society and the entire country.

The finding of 24 bodies in a place near La Marquesa, in the municipality of Ocoyoacac, has been the worst massacre in the history of the state of Mexico.

This violent event occurred on September 13, 2008. That day the macabre discovery of the 24 bodies, at least ten of them beheaded, shocked Mexican society and the entire country.

Federal authorities arrested Raúl Villa Ortega, alias El R, one of the main operators of the Beltrán Leyva at that time, as alleged responsible for the events.

During the first investigations, the Attorney General's Office determined that the majority of those killed were bricklayers, without links to organized crime.

Years later, the arrests of some other members of this criminal organization have yielded other versions of what happened in Ocoyoacac.

The leader of the Center Cartel, Adrián Ramírez Soria, alias "El Hongo", who was arrested  by the State Security Agency and the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, said he himself, interrogated the 24 people previously to their murder.

"At two o'clock in the morning or three 'El R' tells me that he has 24 of 'La Familia',  I began to question them if they work for 'La Familia',  they say "no we are bricklayers"(sic).

These statements were disseminated by the Edomex authorities in a video where "El Hongo"  arrived in the state of Mexico, with the intention to dispute with the Beltrán Leyva the area; however, the weapons they carried were transferred to another municipality.

"In the night the operation fell and there they were taken in a minibus, and there they prepared, and everything," he added. When questioned about who was involved in the murders, "El H" said that "The Hand with Eyes" and "El R".

For his part, Oscar Osvaldo García Montoya, alias "La Mano con Ojos" or "El Compayito" declared at the time of his arrest by the PGJEM, that those killed in La Marquesa were innocent people.

Garcia Montoya

The Hand with Eyes" said that the 24 executed in 2008 were innocent; he said he knew because he participated in the "uprising" of all of them. And he pointed out that despite being innocent they could not leave them alive because they had already seen the faces of the hit men.

Oscar Osvaldo Garcia Montoya, alias “Compayito,” leader of a Mexican gang known as Mano con Ojos, spoke in a video, “It’s because I see and hear everything,” he tells his interrogators when asked about the gang’s name. Montoya,  displays confidence throughout the video, smiling and cracking jokes while describing his time as a hitman who participated in some of Mexico’s most gruesome massacres.

After his arrest on August 11, 2011, Oscar Oswaldo García Montoya of “ The Hand with Eyes ”, in the video he claimed between 300 and 900 homicides, and confessed that he planned to assassinate the then Mexican attorney at that time, Alfredo Castillo.  “The Hand with Eyes” was characterized by the violence with which it deprived its victims of life, since its finality consisted of decapitating. And although currently, García Montoya is being held in the Antiplano prison; everything seems to indicate that his organization not only continues to operate, but also extended to entities adjacent to the State of Mexico, although the authorities have said nothing about it.


  1. Have not heard Hand with Eyes mentioned in years. Was he ever convicted or sentenced?

    1. 4:05 yes read the article again, a judge got bribed and was set free, the masacure of 24 happened in 2008 and now they are finally rearresting him again, what a circus.

    2. As far as I know he remains in No. 1 altiplano.

  2. an interview, he claimed responsibility of 930 killings, over 300 done with his own hands.

  3. 7:12 Think we had communication problem. I know he was arrested in 2011, just not sure what became of his m after that. Googled him but unable to find an answer regarding sentence. Like most big guys, he probably just stays in jail without ever having a trial, or even a plea.

  4. Garcia MONTOYA WAS NEVER a "kaibil"...
    Only officers can do that..

    1. He said he received training from kaibiles

  5. In an interview El Hongo said those people belonged to La Familia Michoacana. Video is on you tube

    1. They were all innocents and no ties to cartels. it took long enough just like the boca del rio massacre but in the end they had proof. it is easier for the gob to claim they are narcos thinking no one will care.

  6. El Manos con ojos did mention this guys in the interview...he said el R killed em all they had already seen faces

  7. So is el R in custody know cause it’s kind of confusing they talk about el compayito more then el R .but at the time this happened things were going crazy with all the BLO guys making ther own groups and la Barbie ,plus el ja shooting soccer player it was a mess in MX city

  8. The article states "everything seems to indicate that his organization not only continues to operate, but also extended to entities adjacent to the State of Mexico".
    Does that mean that 'war on drugs' and the 'kingpin strategy' are working or not?

  9. He definitely has one of the most spooky nicknames I’ve heard... with a body count like that it sounds like he was backing it up... in the video he comes across as a complete sociopath...

  10. thank you chivis, lots of info in this post and connecting to the 2008 incident gave me backstory that I was unaware of.

  11. Garcia Montoya is a TINY guy.. the size of the average 10-year-old. It is said Napoleon also was that small, and he also had that desire to dominate.. in Oscar Osvaldo El Compayito's case his behaviour may have been influenced by this thing that is known as 'tiny man complex'


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