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Saturday, January 4, 2020

After running out of beds, Police missing holiday work schedule, slept in cardboard boxes

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Reforma

Hundreds of policemen slept in cardboard boxes on the floor, serving their penalty for missing work at Christmas and New Year.

This caused the outrage of the citizens, who saw images of the agents protecting themselves from the cold.

Some boxes were stacked next to each other and you could only see the feet of the policemen who were inside them.

In other images uniforms were shown lying on cardboard in what looked like a parking area.

When these photos went viral, the Ministry of Citizen Security inquired about their origin and confirmed that they belonged to agents of the Polanco sector.

Dependency sources detailed that the reason why the uniformed people spent the night in cardboard was that there are not enough bunk beds for all of them, who missed work.
More than 700 agents of the Polanco sector did not appear to work from December 24 to 31, despite their responsibility.

As part of the regulations the officers were “arrested” and had to comply with the respective hours to compensate for the faults.
However, when the images of the agents are public in boxes, the Ministry of Public Security opened an investigation to determine if there was abuse of authority against the elements.

It will be staff of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the agency that interviews the head of the sector and establishes whether there were faults or not.

At the end of the previous year, SSC prepares special operations to inhibit crimes that occur especially during vacations.

As part of these, the uniformed must attend risk areas such as shopping centers and tourist points.


  1. A bit confused - "This caused the outrage of the citizens, who saw images of the agents protecting themselves from the cold." Outrage over the fact that the police in Mexico are laying down on the job or outraged that it looks like they were literally tortured - having to sleep with the lights on and apparently no pillow?

  2. Chin chin el que se raje allí!

  3. Most cops are in aggressive search for their unauthorized Christmas bonuses

    It's only fair they get to take a few days off after Christmas *end sarcasm

    Or maybe they didn't rob enough people and are being punished. Hard to believe what these criminals say as well.

  4. Oddly, the citizens of Mexico were probably safer without their police officers working those days.

  5. Helps explain why no person in their right mind would want work as a police officer in Mex... except, of course, for collecting lucrative bribes

  6. Cops don’t show up to work (not that they actually work when they are on the clock) and “citizens are outraged?”

    *The family members of those useless cops who extort and kill must have complained after seeing the pics.

    Don’t be surprised if someone claims a human right violation while people are murdered and kidnapped all over the country.


  7. Looks fake. Like a stunt


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