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Monday, December 23, 2019

Video: Ciudad Manuel Doblado, Guanajuato: CJNG Announce Their Presence

A new video has just surfaced online which shows a cell of hitmen announcing their presence in Ciudad Manuel Doblado. As is custom by now with these broadcasts their sole intention is to strike fear into the minds of their enemies.

It’s being speculated that if they already have an established contact within the city. 

Then it’s a given they’ve arrived as reinforcements. Otherwise, what we’re witnessing are the first inroads of small kill teams on the prowl against the local drug pushing competitors.

Video translation is as follows:


Sicario: Gentlemen, the purge has arrived into Manuel Doblado. The purge has arrived into Manuel Doblado. The townspeople are not alone gentlemen. Absolute 4 letters (CJNG).


Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat



  1. CJNG member Roque Old CDG TT gunner help made a truce between CDG Matamoros y CDG Reynosa. Let’s see how long this last.

    1. Very smart but who is to say that CJNG won’t betray CDG once they have a foothold in Tamaulipas.

    2. 11:21 AM You can't achieve piece with people who hate each other unless they step down and retire. You have to force the people who started the problems to step down sometimes you might even have to buy them out. Allow them to move to a neutral zone within Mexico or leave Mexico behind and move to any nation they want. Those that refuse need to be killed off.

    3. 11:21 metros-primito/metros-escorpiones truce might be real since they share a common enemy cdn but I really doubt it's real there's lots of hate towards each other from way back betrayals back stabbing etc.. pretty sure CDG hasn't forgot about El tisico who was killed by cjng...can't wait to see the new "cartel del golfo nueva generation" haha

    4. Peace has a price .... The smart cartels will calm the fuck down because if they get sanctioned to terrorist they are fucked .... The ones that show they don't care and keep on making noise either just don't give a fuck or know something us folks don't know my two cents

    5. You can count on it 11:33 that is their MO

    6. Roque was an Escorpion under Tyson and TT? did he practiced in the 2010 shootout where Navy killed TT?

    7. He was involved in the gun fights that day when TT was killed. Before CDG & CJNG made a truce Roque would visit Raul Garcia “Escorpion 2” & the Cardenas Family “Beto, Alfredo & Ezequiel El Hijo de TT” very often.

  2. These kids life expectancy is about a week?

  3. These cjng sicarios are no joke, they even went against snitchaloas and took their plazas.. Now they are all in Sonora and sinaloa with mayo sending money to do cholo in jalisco so he could keep fighting cjng.. For some reason MAYO DIDN'T want to fund MARRO in guanajuato but the truth is marro never had a chance against Mata zetas but i give him props for not backing DOWN. Cjng killed most his PEOPLE and plaza bosses, interrogated, decapitated and hung from bridges but marro is pretty slick.. LETS SEE HOW LONG THAT LASTS


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