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Monday, December 16, 2019

VIDEO: CJNG Announces Arrival in Taxco, Guerrero

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia /
     'I am "El Commander del Diablo" ( The Devil Commander) ... Jalisco New Generation Cartel announces its arrival in Taxco, Guerrero.  CJNG members launched a threat after announcing their arrival in Taxco, Guerrero.

A video broadcast on social networks announced the alleged arrival of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) to the municipality of Taxco, in the state of Guerrero. The recording shows six alleged members of the criminal organization headed by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, aka "El Mencho".

The recording, of just over a minute, shows six hooded subjects and dressed in black clothes stamped with the acronym CJNG.

Before the camera spoke a subject called ''Commander 07'', who said he was in that territory on the orders of ''El Mencho'' and ''El Pantera''. 

“My Taxco people are Commander 07, I come under the orders of Señor Mencho and "El Pantera". I come especially for you Eruviel; you killed my two sisters with your compadre ''El Tilo'' and this ball of blunders (...) I'm going to let you go, ” the presumed leader of the commando is heard to say.
The threat is also directed at other alleged henchmen of ''Eruviel'', such as his compadre nicknamed ''El Tilo'' and a subject named ''Osiel''.

The subject, identified as ''Commander 07" and/or the "El Diablo," also pointed to a series of city officials, who are apparently allied with their rivals. “We are going to keep fighting, not like those fucking state police. Look to which side they are going to pull for, and then they went over with my friend Hugo Figueroa ”.

The cartel members assured the inhabitants of Taxco that they should not worry because supposedly with their arrival ,CJNG ie, the quotas, extortions and kidnappings will end.

“President Marcos Parra: get a dick, culero, we're here. We come with everything, I am Commander 07 and Commander del Diablo. We are the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, you dogs, ” said Commander 07 at the end of the video.
''El Mencho", is close to becoming the most powerful boss in the world: DEA:

The  Jalisco New Generation Cartel  led by  Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, "El Mencho" , is about to become the most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world, leaving behind the  Sinaloa cartel , US government officials revealed, in addition to its expansion in US territory  already covers 35 states and Puerto Rico.

According to a nine-month investigation by  The Courier-Journal, also known as the Louisville Courier Journal , the newspaper released statements from various US officials,  including the DEA, as well as Mexican authorities, who spoke of power and danger of that cartel.

It was also documented that at least two dozen CJNG “cells” have been installed in  small US cities to do business and live in these places.

The reporters analyzed judicial records and transcripts of more than 100 cases linked to the  CJNG  throughout the US and spoke with more than  150 federal agents fighting criminal organizations linked to drug trafficking, police officers, defense attorneys and prosecutors, as well as family members of the detainees, co-workers and neighbors of the accused.

''El Mencho'', responsible for one third of the drugs used in the US:

After the fall of  Joaquín ''El Chapo'' Guzmán,  the name of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, ''El Mencho'', gained more notoriety, because the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) is now the most powerful and sought-after drug trafficker in the world, at the point that his organization is responsible for a third of the drugs used in the United States.

This information was confirmed by the  Administration for Drug Control of that country (DEA), an entity that offers $10 million dollars to anyone who helps achieve the capture of "El Mencho''.

According to figures from the  United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime  (UNODC), the United States is the country with the highest number of deaths from drug abuse, with 52,404 deaths per year.  Drugs are now the leading cause of death in the nation. See the Link: DrugWarFacts

As for  ''El Mencho'', leader of the CJNG , in addition to being a man looking for the authorities, it is also synonymous with respect and fear for its drug trafficking rivals, for the cruelty and extreme violence with which the organization usually acts. They also displaced historically dominant cartels such as Sinaloa and Beltran Leyva.

For example, on September 10, CJNG members spoke on behalf of their leader to demand residents of a town located in the famous region of Tierra Caliente  (part of Michoacán, Guerrero and the State of Mexico)  to help expel to a rival that also operates in that area.

“We want to clarify on behalf of Señor Mencho and his cartel, which is CJNG, that this fight is not against the citizens of Tepalcatepec, but with ''El Abuelo'' and his cartel. If you want this war to end, take out ''El Abuelo'' and his Tepalcatepec cartel ”,  is what the intimidating message says.

'´El Abuelo '', a staunch enemy of' "El Mencho '', became known in 2013 as the leader of a self-defense group that fought to expel the Knights Templar from Tierra Caliente. On August 30, there was a shooting between the sides of both leaders,  which left a balance of 9 dead and 11 wounded.

The Man:
According to some statements released, from members of the CJNG who have been arrested, ''El Mencho'' is a  ruthless man who does not tolerate disobedience  and likes to be  asked for forgiveness when he is going to kill someone.

One of the most heinous acts remembered in the history of drug trafficking and attributed to the CJNG occurred on September 20, 2011, when 12 women and 23 men were  killed  and their bodies left in front of a shopping center in Boca del Río, in Veracruz, as a message for a rival group ''Los Zetas''.

In recent years the CJNG has killed more than 100 Jalisco Officials and police in  retaliation for the capture of group members or to frighten those who persecute ''El Mencho''. 

"Today he is the highest crime boss in Mexico,"  reveals Tristan Reed, an analyst at Stratfor, an intelligence firm on global security issues.

Note: Sol, feel free to correct Video trans !


  1. another god damned comandante del diablo....can't these idiots come up with an original name?


    El Muletas 324

    1. y tu que pues cuantos putos muletas hay también wey no mamms 😂

    2. "an original name?
      signed" El Muletas 324 ..
      Lmao,im on it,what about El Toro,Flaco?

  2. These is all bull $h¥+ cds is the most powerful cartel in the world jajaja thats what all you cdsnitches are gonna say and are gonna be butt hurt cause cjng just took the place of cds as the most powerful cartel in mexico, admit it menchos people wiped the floor with cds

    1. I've yet to see jaliskas in any of the CDS strongholds.. they are barely holding their own in tijuana.. where are they in Sonora, Sinaloa, Chihuahua or Durango?? These plazas are where the CDS real power has always been not in central and southern mexico where CJNG has invaded only because weaker/fragmented cartels are there.. as you may know CDS is active in jalisco, not as much presence as before, but they are still very much active .. i'd like to see los menchos in Sinaloa or trying to run business in Chihuahua where either La Linea or CDS will massacre them after they rape the jaliskillos! and I'm not fan boy of CDS at all! my family is from Zacatecas, i just see things for what they are

    2. u are a sad person..get help.

    3. So you guys do realize cds controls sonora where the lebarons were killed right? Now tell me who the real baby killer cartel is

  3. No pos the looks of it they have a lot killings to do n when u are done please put a bullet in ur lil brain putos

  4. .925 silver? Lol since taxco is known for silver

  5. ''El Mencho", is close to becoming the most powerful boss in the world: DEA

    1. A coward that hides in the caves, he won't let himself be photographed, he is order, all they have is a picture in his 30s.

    2. 6:54 by the way chapo was hiding in the mountains, mayo is also hiding in the mountains

  6. They r all powerful these days no law to stop them

  7. Just read an article Carlos Salinas de Gortari is the one that ordered the a few assassinations that where blamed on el Chapo back in the day you should write something about him since they are the ones who have México so corrupt. There have been hundreds of cops and politicians killed women and children all because they did not want to be currupt and work with the cartels cjng is fueled and backed by this same family that’s why cjng cartel groups drive around every Mexican state killing cops and politics like if it was a video game they have all the information they need from the corrupt government itself. Mexico is a gold mine and they are extorting the poor Mexican people left and right That’s my main point

  8. Video translation is as follows:
    People of Taxco I am El Comandante 07. I’ve come under the orders of El Mencho and El Pantera. I’ve come especially for you Eruviel. You and your compadre El Tilo killed 2 of my sisters.

    Osiel and this gang of scum: La Negra Polo, Changa, Picol, Chago, La Perra, El Deme, El Chuchin, Ernesto Aleman Carmona, and Felipe García Garcia from Vermeja. I’m going to fuck you up you pieces of shit: Jose Arenas, Rosario Mansalvo, Ramiro, Gustavo, Memo Araña, Carlos Acosta, Jesus Viscaga, Hector Castro and all those assholes from the Ayuntamiento neighborhood.

    And that mob from El R1 we gave them battle. We will come out fighting. Unlike all those faggot State Police. Make sure you all know which side you’re going to be on.

    And that bullshit where you fucked up with my compadre Hugo Figueroa, an honest person. Well, we’ve arrived here to Taxco. And we’ve come with our friends from Nayarit and Acapulco.

    Don’t get confused with anyone here in Taxco. There will no longer be anymore cuotas, extortions, or kidnappings. Municipal President Marcus Parda be ready motherfucker because we’re already in town.

    And we’re coming at you with everything we’ve got. I am Comandante 07 and also the devils commander. And we are the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación bitches.

    1. By "Osiel" he means Cardenas Guillen? By R-1 He means the dude that killed M-3?

    2. Sol,Appreciate the time and work

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Chivis and Yaqui sorry it’s been taking me so long here lately. I accidentally busted my tablet so I’m having to work with busted shit late in the day. Somehow I’m improvising. Lol.

    1. No problema, Sol !
      Gracias por su ayuda, thumbs up.
      Improvising......jajaja......who isn't ?
      dios mio, its hard enuf w only a tablet, amigo

    2. So, what happened was that my dumb ass fell off the side of a mountain here recently. And so I was all gloomy about my tablet getting destroyed. But lucky for me I ran into this other dumb ass at an Internet cafe who just so happened to have left his tablet all unsecured for me. And now this little brown man is so back in business. But hey that’s neither here nor there right? Right!!!

  10. Cjng are scum. They extort the innocent vendors, rob semis and kill kids. Death to the cjng

  11. Hmm seems the war CJNG has with LNFM has spread to Guerrero. Any updates on wether anyone is advancing or if it’s just another quagmire CJNG is sinking thousands of idiots and hundreds of millions of pesos.

    1. They getting beat out of Guerrero.. when templarios went down cjng got power but slowly they lost most of it.. sangre nueva guerrernce los rojos la familia los viagras cartel colima what was left of los templarios joined and made a super cartel under the alliance the new familia cjng getting beat left to right don’t forget abuelo was the main cjng in Michoacán flipped lnfm

  12. From the way this guy is talkin seems like there is a lot of changing side,killed 2 of his sisters they all know who and where they are,wonder if this guy diablo is one of them flipped now hes with CJNG?

  13. Literal translation from the Spanish grammar would be:
    "The devil's commander".


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