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Saturday, December 7, 2019

UPOEG Liberates National Guard Members After Negotiations in Teconapa, Guerrero

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Members of the National Guard who were held in Tecoanapa are released
Through an information card, the GN announced that its personnel were released through dialogue and negotiation. After being held for more than 35 hours by villagers in Tecoanapa , 16 elements of the National Guard (GN) were released and returned to their work and safety tours.

Yesterday, for the second day, relatives of 10 prisoners of the Union of Peoples and Organizations of the State of Guerrero (UPOEG), held 16 members of the National Guard in Tecoanapa , to pressure the authorities and release the detained members in Xaltianguis, Acapulco, on November 11, but at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday they, the GN members, ie,  were released .

           Family members retained two patrols and 16 elements of the National Guard in Tecoanapa.
Through a press release the GN announced that through its dialogue and negotiation its personnel were released, and that they resumed their public security work in favor of society.

At the end of November, a Control Judge linked the 10 members of the group to trial and issued preventive detention in different hearings. The authority accused them of possession of drugs and use of firearms exclusive to the Army.
In Zirándaro the fight for the territory worsened in August, after the  Familia Michoacán has tried to take the area to have total control of the region. Photo: EFE
Despite Durazo's warning, UPOEG announces that it will regroup to defend Petatlán, Guerrero

In the course of this Friday, about 200 inhabitants of Barra Vieja, headed by members of the UPOEG blocked half an hour the main road that connects the Costa Chica region, likewise, to demand the release of its members.

Meanwhile, on the Tierra Colorada-Cruz Grande highway they installed filters in Las Mesas, municipality of San Marcos, and in Ayutla, to prevent the passage of elements of the National Guard, because there were versions that they would go to rescue their companions , the coordinator of the Council of Civil and Agrarian Authorities of the UPOEG of Tecoanapa, Bladimir Altamirano Ramos, reported by telephone.

For his part, the governor of the state, Héctor Astudillo , through his Twitter account (@HectorAstudillo) recognized the work of the president of the State Commission for Human Rights, Ramón Navarrete Magdaleno , who was responsible for dialogue to give the release.

I recognize the work of Ramón Navarrete Magdaleno, president of the State Commission of Human Rights, who through dialogue achieved that the elements that were in Tecoanapa can continue with their work in favor of the security of the Guerrero families.
With the intervention of the President of the State Commission of Human Rights, Ramón Navarrete Magdaleno, has concluded the retention of the elements of the National Guard in the vicinity of Tecoanapa, Guerrero, ”continued Héctor Astudillo.

In turn, the Spokesman of the State Coordination for the Construction of Peace in Guerrero , Roberto Álvarez, said that it was at approximately 1:20 pm on Saturday that the 16 retained elements resumed security work, after a dialogue with the Union of Peoples and Organizations of the State of Guerrero (UPOEG).

The neighbors and members of the UPOEG were summoned by the organization's commander, Ernesto Gallardo, who negotiated with state authorities. After half an hour, the residents of Barra Vieja withdrew from the place.

In brief statements by telephone, UPOEG commander in Barra Vieja, Eusebio Severiano Rodríguez, reported that two of the detainees are in Acapulco and the other 10 in Chilpancingo.

“We do not ask the government for anything else, to free our partners. They have not resolved us, ”he concluded.

The PAISANO Program: National Guard will support Paisano Program with security operations.
This year-end, the Paisano Program foresees that 3 million 800 thousand nationals return home to spend the holidays with their family and in addition to the actions of the National Institute of Migration (Inami), there will be security operations in charge of the National Guard .

In addition, in 2019, the Paisano Program celebrates 30 years of providing assistance and guidance to Mexicans who reside abroad and return to their communities of origin during various holiday periods, such as Easter, Christmas and New Year.


  1. If UPOEG were really criminals, the NGs would have been found dead and dismembered, if at all, but their associates were lo lucky to be made prisoners, under priista designate governor astudillo sent by EPN, no ayotzinapos have been found, much less their abductors...and astudillo fights on, for his side...

  2. How pathetic is the National Guard to have been captured by villagers? LMAO!


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