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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Three young people visited Veracruz and Vanish

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 Family members began searching for them through networks; Starting at 11 p.m. on Friday, December 6, the three young person’s phones were turned off.

In social networks the notice of the disappearance of university student Astrid Carolina Rocas Castañeda  21 years, in addition to Cristian Viveros Zorrilla  23 and David Nieva Arizmendi 25, who were in Veracruz, was spread.

With the hashtag #TeBuscamosAstrid, family and friends try to find the young woman from Jalisco who disappeared last Friday, December 6, when visiting the port of Veracruz.

The exact time and place they disappeared is unknown, but their loved ones agree that the last time they heard about them was at 11 p.m. on Friday, December 6 and they were together.

Cristian's brother said that a relative traveled from Xalapa to Veracruz to see Astrid, who is his girlfriend and that he spent his vacations there.

David, friend of the couple, also traveled to the port to meet both, although it is not known what was the reason for the meeting.

From 23:00 hours, the phones of the three young people were turned off, which worried Astrid's relatives, so they filed a formal complaint with the State Attorney General's Office.

Astrid is a student of UNICO, who belongs to the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, is 21 years old,  is light skinned, has moles on his face and measures 1.65 meters.

David measures 1.75 meters, has dark brown eyes, light brown complexion and tattoos on one leg. While Cristián measures 1.77 meters and has dark brown eyes and light brown complexion.


  1. Check the morges, go to police station, they will tell you, they were doing drugs.

  2. Looks like the War On Drugs has claimed three more victims. Add them to the list of 200,000+ others.

    1. Another defeatist succumbing to fatalism.

  3. Amlo won't help. He could CARELESS

    1. Impressive! After thousands of posted comments pertaining AMLOS policies and position. U finally got it.


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