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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Texas journalist’s true-crime thriller ‘Midnight in Mexico’ is headed for the screen

The book begins when Alfredo Corchado learns a cartel might want him dead...

A Dallas Morning News photo illustration for Alfredo Corchado's 'Midnight in Mexico'(Michael Hogue)

The bestselling true-crime book Midnight in Mexico by Texas journalist and author Alfredo Corchado is now being primed for a screen adaptation. A pair of producers, Bernard Kira and Batan Silva, have acquired the film and TV rights to Corchado’s work. They’re now on the hunt for a screenwriter.

The book begins in 2007 with Corchado, an American journalist living in Mexico City, receiving a death threat from either a cartel or members of the Mexican government who were in the group’s pocket; he isn’t sure at first. It’s a nonfiction account of what he does next: stay in Mexico to report on the threat and the people behind it. The book came out from Penguin in 2013. Last year, Time named it one of the best true crime books of all time.

'Dallas Morning News' journalist Alfredo Corchado speaks at an event at the newspaper in 2018.(Rose Baca / Staff Photographer)

Corchado is a reporter for The Dallas Morning News covering Mexico and the border and was previously The News’ Mexico bureau chief. The majority of the reporting included in the book he conducted while also covering stories for The News

Midnight in Mexico was previously picked up for film production in 2013 by the independent Latin American production company Canana, but the project didn’t pan out.

Silva, who is set to direct the adaptation and produce it along with Kira, previously worked on the team that brought Narcos, the hit Netflix series about Pablo Escobar, to the screen. He’s also directed episodes of the FX drama Mayans M.C.

Corchado says he’s enthusiastic about the partnership and, in particular, the focus Silva and Kira have on rigorous investigative storytelling rather than sensationalism. “I liked that [these producers] were much more interested in the journalistic pursuit of truth,” says Corchado.

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  1. Oh how original. Another narco tv show

  2. @5:32 It is planned to be a movie first, but you can just NOT watch it.
    Corchado isn’t retelling Goodfellas. He is telling his life story of how in Mexico” if they want to find you, they will”
    then you do the math. Atleast [8 journalists were killed by late July in 2017, alone.] 12 more in 2019,
    This book aimed at becoming film would be a first hand account from someone who lived it, reported it, not some fairytale about pointy shoes & gold plated guns.
    Mexico is in a war & if it takes a big screen or Netflix platform to awaken Mexico, America, & the world then great. Because if Mexico fails what will keep the narco cancer from deciding where you live is their next conquest?

  3. Now Now, have you read it ?
    It is quite the crime thriller, a page turner.

  4. Is this what mexico is all about. How about making movies that show the nice side of mexico. Not those movies that show a country oppress.


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