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Monday, December 2, 2019

SLP: Newspaper Office Fire Bombed w Molotov Cocktails

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta y meridiano
            Newspaper installations in San Luis Potosí attacked with Molotov cocktail bombs:

A group of armed men attacked the offices of the regional newspaper Zona Media, in Rioverde, in San Luis Potosí  with Molotov bombs, this Monday, December 2. 

As reported by local media, the attack on the media occurred around 06:00 on this day. The bombs caused a truck, with which the newspaper is distributed, to be damaged. This vehicle was parked on Matamoros Avenue, in front of the Rotary facilities, which is located between Centenario and Matamoros streets.

According to the first testimonies, the watchman realized that something was happening and going out to verify what it was, he saw two men on a motorcycle who threw the Molotov bombs and then fled the place. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Delegation Four of the State Attorney General's Office, based in Rioverde, confirmed the facts, and that the probable perpetrators fled the site. He also said they are investigating the event.

"They will not intimidate us !!! 

This morning Molotov bombs were thrown outside the facilities of our #ZonaMedia newspaper in #Rioverde in a clear attempt to curtail freedom of expression ... We expect immediate responses from the authorities of all levels !!! ", he wrote in his Facebook account, @diariozonamedia.


  1. That is my town! Its heating up since cjng made there presence known

    1. Wow !, pues, por favor, let us know what else is going down. we need info from the ground. hope all is good if you still have familia there, Paz.

    2. Hows cardenas paesa!?, is it safe to go down there???

    3. Former federal police director Enrique Francisco Galindo Ceballos "el carnicero de tlatlaya" is back in SLP, he had to resign after doing one too many of his crimes of state under EPN presidency...his uncle investigator Julio ceballos "who has solved more than 500 cases" may find the culprits in no time...

  2. How many have actually been silenced?
    Journalists in Mexico are becoming increasingly worried and aware of the consequences of reporting.
    Can a journalist in Mexico be considered a journalist knowing that certain issues / topics are best left untold? Where freedoms of expression are opposed by those political powers.

    1. Ever since Valez of Riodoice, was killed, Congress promised to issue body guards to reporters, it never happened, just be talk.

    2. @ 7:22
      Yet unprotected and legally abused.

    3. 7:34 When your mama, your papa, or your grandma is not around to protect you,
      You know perfecly to stay anonymous, and don't misbehave...

  3. Who actually even operates in this area of SLP?... I was under the impression that ZVE and Golfos had an peace alliance there. Definitely has been heating up there because of CJNG intrusions

  4. That looks more like heartburn.

  5. Amlo doesn't care for the press


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