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Friday, December 6, 2019

San Diego, Ca: 9 People Contract FEB from Black Tar Heroin: Seven Dead

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: CNN y y NBCSDScience Direct
Seven people in San Diego have died in the last two months from a flesh-eating bacteria associated with black tar heroin use, according to health officials. FEB is also know as Gas Gangrene.

Nine people who injected the drug were admitted to hospitals in San Diego County with severe myonecrosis between October 2 and November 24, the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency announced in a news release Wednesday. The patients ranged in age from 19 to 57 years old, the statement said. Only two survived.

Myonecrosis is a severe soft tissue infection that destroys the muscle. Symptoms often include severe pain near the injection site, swelling, fever, blisters and pale skin that changes to dark red or purple.

Another rare illness associated with black tar heroin injection was reported in San Diego County in October, the statement said. It was the county's first confirmed case this year of wound botulism -- a serious illness that attacks the body's nerves. Seven cases were reported last year and three in 2017.
Health officials have advised the medical community to be on the lookout for additional cases of severe soft tissue infections linked to heroin use.

"People who use black tar heroin are not only at higher risk of dying from an overdose, but also more prone to developing myonecrosis and wound botulism," said Dr. Wilma Wooten, a public health officer for San Diego County.

The sources of the black tar heroin are unknown, the statement said, but an investigation is ongoing and additional cases may occur.

A flesh-eating bacteria linked to the use of black tar heroin has killed at least seven people over the past two months in the San Diego area, prompting health authorities to alert law enforcement and other officials in California.

The nine people who injected black tar heroin between Oct. 2 and Nov. 24 were hospitalized with severe myonecrosis, a soft-tissue infection that destroys muscles. Of the seven who died, five were men. The nine patients ranged from 19 to 57.

Also, 13 people in Southern California have been diagnosed with wound botulism since Sept. 1, which also may be tied to black tar heroin, said Dr. Eric McDonald, director of epidemiology and immunization services at the San Diego County Health & Human Services Agency.

Law enforcement agencies are trying to determine the source of the heroin. It is unclear exactly how the bacteria was transmitted.

“It can be in the dirt, it can be on the surface of your skin, it can be the surface of a needle, but when you have a cluster like this, it makes it very suspicious that it’s the actual black tar heroin itself that’s contaminated,” McDonald said. “We’re sort of operating under that assumption.”

Officials have advised the local medical community to watch for additional cases of myonecrosis and wound botulism, a rare but serious illness that attacks the body’s nerves and is also linked to black tar heroin use.

Los Angeles County officials said Nov. 21 that the county had two confirmed and two suspected cases of wound botulism associated with heroin injection since Oct. 13.

It is unknown if anyone died from botulism but McDonald said it can be treated with antitoxins, unlike myonecrosis.

McDonald said San Diego County has a case of heroin-linked myonecrosis once every year or two and that an outbreak like this year’s is rare. There was an outbreak in Ventura County, California, in 1999 and 2000 that killed four people.

Symptoms of myonecrosis include pain, swelling, pale skin, blisters with foul-smelling discharge, fever, excessive sweating and increased heart rate.

If left untreated, myonecrosis can spread through the body and cause people to go into shock. It can lead to amputations or death.

Symptoms of wound botulism can sometimes be mistaken for a drug overdose and occur within days or weeks of injecting contaminated drugs. Symptoms can include drooping eyelids, blurred vision, dry mouth, sore throat, slurred speech and paralysis.

Left untreated, symptoms may lead to paralysis of the respiratory muscles, arms, legs and torso and can cause death.

Black tar heroin is sticky like roofing tar or hard like coal and is predominantly produced in Mexico and sold in U.S. areas west of the Mississippi River, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The dark color results from crude processing methods that leave behind impurities. Impure heroin is usually dissolved, diluted, and injected into veins, muscles or under the skin.

A 2016 survey by the Drug Enforcement Administration found black tar heroin sold in 12 Western cities, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Denver, nearly all of it from Mexico. Purity ranged from 34% to 43%.

Any injection drug users with symptoms of severe myonecrosis or wound botulism should seek medical attention immediately at the nearest emergency department. In addition, those who use black tar heroin should stop and seek treatment for opioid addiction. Although using injection practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will reduce risk for serious infections, “cooking” black tar heroin does not kill the bacteria that cause wound botulism.

For a fascinating look at what one bad batch of dope can do use the Science Direct Link at Top.
Why chance it ??


  1. Flesh eating bacteria, maybe that will stop people from using drugs.

  2. Expect those junkies to continue using. Regardles of its transparencies.
    As if life matters to these people.

    1. Yeah you would be an expert on junkies would you Jethro ?
      Clowns talkin out their ass and takin a snide moral high ground scared little people

    2. Karma suggests that anytime you talk about "these people", you run the risk of having yourself or a loved one become one. Tread carefully in these waters. Dr K

  3. Why Mexican cartels start adulterating perfectly good cocaine with fentanyl? I'm scared to buy polvo cocaine these days. Yes, I sniff. Pile on. The next saint I see will be the first one. If you feel offended when I say Mexicans have good cocaine, I really don't care. Many men pretend to be pillars of society while having mistresses and banking fat bribes. I'm a Black sinner who loves cocaine and sexy Mexican women. Solo morenas. That said, why is Mexican meth pure but the coca is laced with fentanyl?

    1. I don't judge you for coke use. It's when you start talking about white devils that gets my hackles up.

    2. It's probably not the Mexicans cutting it with that shit but the street dealers that catch it here in the states

    3. You are making excuses to justify being a junkie. No sympathy or encouragement here why not just that
      As a need to know instead of talking about it. Do you need help???

    4. Because cocaine is a sudaca product. The new cartels want to get rid of cocaine, is not a profitable market without smuggling huge quantities.
      At least meth is not cardiotoxic, i rather tweakout than to worry about drinking something with nicotine because i'll have a heart attack at 40.

    5. Last time I did some lavada was in the mid 90s when the Arellano Felix were pushing that quality stuff here in the San Diego area.

  4. Dreadful reading about these filthy regressive plonkers...puts one off their appetite.

    Canadian girl

    1. Then don’t read it lame

    2. Canadian girl go hug a tree or save a butterfly,dont read these distasteful stories,go eat your fingernails

  5. Would never happen if usage was legal!

    1. Addicts to legal opioids kept falling dead left and right,
      Those who did not die are now dying from flesh eating bacteria carried with syringes or with the product, their unsanitary lives also have a price, banksters are still safe.

    2. patently false 1:22! that kool aid was tossed out long ago.
      The ODs are from street drugs which increased dramatically when fent was added as a cut. fent is cheap so by using it the profit margin took a huge leap. narcos cut fent into most drugs currently.

  6. What do you mean why chance it, if your a dope feen & you get sick regularly without dope you dont have much of a choice, unless you have a little bit of your brain left and get help, cuz there's lots of it out there.idk jus sayin

  7. Who's fault is it when they poison themselves with drugs?

    1. I used to say that, too, until my beautiful baby brother couldn't find his way in life and drank himself to death. Such a kind soul. Worked hard, earned great money as a saturation diver, kind and generous and shared his money. I miss him so much.

    2. We have much in common....I am so sorry for your lost. My bro was murdered his absence has always mattered, my children know him through me. ūüôŹ

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. 1005
      I believe you brother,some of the self righteous fools on here dont know shit,they toe the line like the sheep they are and say whats expected with no experience of loved ones who are still loved even if they made wrong choices,im not perfect,seems many here are

    5. its a health issue, the governments fault that pain meds have tightened up for surgeries and legit pain, so they give up on the doctors and go to the street for relief. at least they get some legal relief from medical cannabis
      legal pain relief would stop the impurities, and cartel too.

    6. Kim; Yes people live in ivory towers wearing blinders.

      My older and only bro was an amazing human being, he never harmed anyone and when he became an addict---well that in itself is an eyeopening tale. He had dyslexia, undiagnosed back then. He began cutting class because the work was to difficult. Juvenile court told my parents that with their permission he could go to a juvy camp where "he will get special attention in schooling". they went to their death with signing the papers being the worse mistake in their life. My bro came out an addict at the age of 17.

      He was very talented musician and artist and learned welding, worked at a major company, and created fencing and gates on the side. He was a functioning addict. Yes folks there is such a being.

      When his wife became pregnant he kicked cold turkey. he was clean about a year. I am not sure what the future would have held, but he was murdered by narcos. long story there. the guy who ordered the hit was acquitted when the two eye witnesses refused to testify have been scared off.

      There is much more like how his wife went under cover tp get the evidence. it could easily become a book.

      His daughter became FBI then DEA, --there is something poetic about that.

      But People are ignorant. They think all addicts are the nodding off street people when in realty those represent the minority. Addicts are from all walks of life, everyday joes, doctors, attorneys, judges, teachers etc.

      don't be quick to judge folks.

      And i am for legalization. didn't use to be. prohibition never works. Paz Chivis

    7. 9:59 legalization OK,
      profiteering not Ok.
      --Expensive licenses for pot farming and dispensaries count on getting more addicts to get better returns on their investments, the more the better...that is not cool at all

    8. Chivis i am was too and a couple of my friend "functional addicts" i worked for more than 8 years with a family owned business and my boss knew that i was an addict and that some times i had to "fix" in the restroom. but he was VERY happy with me being his employee because in 8 year I NEVER took a day sick or off besides vacations. Funny thing other people who were not heroin addicts were the ones who stole money from my boss a few times.
      It never crossed my mind to steal from him even tho i would hold and deposit thousands or hundreds of dollars from his business into the company's bank account weekly.

    9. Thank you for your comment. The majority of crime derive from drug addiction comes from those who do not work and need funds for drugs. My bro said it becomes not an issue of becoming high but an issue of not being sick for those who function within society.

      Today he would not have had that great paying job, with drug testing.

      My feeling is that he can keep or collective heads up the ass and do as we have been doing and end with the same sad results, o we can dare to be bold and try something seemingly crazy. People need to Study prohibition.


  8. right. let's set this little article straight. the dealer guy was robbed of his stash in san diego by his dumbass addict customers they broke in and stole his stash of tar h. so. the dealer says i'm gonna store this next stash of black tar by my left testicle. and not bathe for a few weeks then i'm gonna store it in my ass crack. the customers ask to buy more tar and now they are dead. from botulism and ebola. jajaja that's what went down.

    -- THE DON.


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