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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Juárez, Chihuahua: Organized Crime Brazenly Open Fire on State Police

Video translation is as follows:
Edgar Roman: Good Morning. State Police while doing a routine patrol in a dangerous area in Juarez were shot at. They managed to repel the aggression. There were no injured officers reported. But those responsible managed to escape. Everardo, you have all the latest details. Go ahead.

Everardo Cardona: That's right Edgar. This happened in the early hours of this Friday in a sector of the city where the authorities have already had similar events. The means to reduce crime is currently being sought. It was State elements who were attacked by alleged members of organized crime.

The shooting occurred outside a store on Custodia de la República and Puerto Tarento streets where police elements were attacked from 2 different vehicles. Fortunately, none of the officers were injured during the confrontation in Colonia Parajes de Oriente. Although the gunmen managed to escape after abandoning a car a few meters away.

The expended shell casings were left scattered in the parking lot of this store. Patrol vehicle #040 of the Preventive Corporation was left damaged on a public road. Apparently the officers were patrolling the sector. They were surveilling the criminals who in turn initiated the shooting. The agents managed to repel the aggression. And this prevented them from being injured.

Edgar Ramon: We are looking at the crime scene of this aggression. The area has been cordoned off by the investigating authorities. An unknown number of bullet casings  are everywhere. Very rare considering that there were no injuries from either party after so much gunfire. Fortunately, for this particular corporation the officers are fine. Any other details Everardo?

Everardo: Well, they’re investigating where this aggression came from, and whether those responsible have been involved in other violent events such as this. The bullet casings will be investigated. The investigations will be carried out by the State Attorney General's Office to locate those who committed this attack.

Edgar Ramon: Thank you for your report. Goodnight.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. And as always thx for translation.
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