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Friday, December 6, 2019

Juárez, Chihuahua: Los Mexicles Behind Ambush of Comandante Ricardo Zeron aka 02

The Municipal Police had a bloody battle with the bloodthirsty criminal gang of Los Mexicles.

18 criminals of the cartel hitmen had just been captured when the criminals responded with a lethal ambush against the uniformed officer.

Tonight, Comandante Ricardo Zeron, Chief Operating Officer of the Municipal Police, known in the police world as 02, was executed in the battle.

The ambush against the officer occurred at the intersection of Calle Miguel de la Madrid and Avenida Santiago Troncoso in the south of the city.

The attack came after Security Secretary Raul Avila finally got to work after several months of inactivity.

This same night he had just presented 18 detainees with an arsenal and drugs.

Two of them are accused of attacking Municipal officials registered Wednesday night in the southeast of Juarez.

The detention of the thugs took place in the streets Calle Provincia Asturias and Calle Provincia Salares, in the Fraccionamiento Cerrada de Oriente.

Video translation is as follows:
Good evening to all the fans of La Polaka. Unfortunate news this Thursday night to the east of the city where an attack against elements of the Secretaría de Seguridad Pública is repeated once again.

2 agents traveling in this patrol unit that we see in front of us were ambushed and riddled with gunfire here on Avenida Santiago Troncoso, one meter from the Calle Miguel de la Madrid.

The 2 elements were taken in critical condition to the Regional General Hospital No. 66 IMSS. Unfortunately, we have just been given confirmation of the death of one of the officers. A police commander whose last name was Zeron.

He is the one who unfortunately lost his life a few minutes ago at the Regional General Hospital No. 66 IMSS following this attack. I repeat it was an ambush against elements of the Municipal Police on Avenida Santiago Troncoso and Calle Miguel de la Madrid.

Right in front of the S-Mart supermarket that leaves us with a balance of a an agent left in a serious condition and a deceased police commander. This same agent, unofficial information given to us by the same elements, this commander was known as 02, had already survived weeks ago, months ago an attempted ambush carried out against another police commander whose last name was Barraza.

And now unfortunately, he loses his life in a new attack against this corporation. Let me add a little backstory here, a couple of hours ago the same Secretary of Public Security Raúl Ávila gave a briefing concerning a seizure of illegal contraband. As well as the arrest of 18 members of a criminal cell that operates in this city.

These 18 alleged or suspected criminals were related to the attack recorded last night also against preventive elements. It was said that at least 2 of them were directly related to this fact. And the rest of them were detained with firearms in their trucks.

Unfortunately, following this matter 24 hours later another attack occurs. Presently this attack has claimed the life of police commander Zeron. And so the mobilization continues throughout the south east end of this metropolis. There is talk of persecutions at the northern end of Colonia San Pancho.

Just as well other sectors here by Las Torres neighborhood. I repeat once again, it was a police officer that lost his life after being ambushed with his partner. On Avenida Santiago Troncoso and Calle Miguel de la Madrid Street.

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  1. Mexicles just became most powerful when they align themselves with La Linea

  2. Does Francisco Arvizu Márquez aka "el Jaguar" or "el Jaguar alcohólico" has any presence in Juarez?? I know el valle there are still couple gente nueva laying low

    1. No he is dead his ppl ran back to agua prieta

  3. Whatever we may think,without some form of authority to police citys we would have total anarchy,when shit goes off,everyone calls police.
    Either way sorry for his family,the fuckers who did this dont worry about stray bullets killing women and children

  4. This is sad. I know many here bash da police but there are many fine officers that want to make Mexico great again. Wake up AMLO, the cartels don't fear you because you treat them like newborn babies.

  5. No one set up perimeters to catch the criminals.....opps I forgot this is Mexico. Again the criminals are long gone by now. I am still waiting to see, if they caught the killers of 14 policemen in Michoacan.

  6. Los Mexicles are behind the Massacre of Los Lebaron aswell!!!!! Cds no se meten con gente fea

  7. Take it personal fellow cops. Fight back with everything you got.

  8. Bunch of cholos shooting cops WTF


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