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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Juárez, Chihuahua: Former Juarez Native Judith Marquez Quintana Resilient After Suffering an Express Kidnapping

After fleeing a kidnapping Judith decided to go to the United States, from where she collects toys, pajamas and backpacks for underprivileged children

Ciudad Juarez - Judith fled Juarez a decade ago after suffering a kidnapping; As a Mexican-American, she chose to take refuge in the United States, where she felt safe with her family. She now lives in Fort Worth, Texas, from where she organizes social work to benefit poor children in this city.

"I won’t forget my social responsibility with my country, with my people," says the woman who suffers from lupus and while fighting the disease spends part of her time to raise funds to support the children's charity "Manitas en Movimiento", located in the colony Poleo hills.

Since the month of October began, she and an army of volunteers, made up of her husband, children, family, friends and co-workers, began working to obtain pajamas given to children.

It will be this Saturday when Judith travels from Fort Worth to Juarez accompanied by two friends from Puerto Rico, who have joined this effort and want to know the work of Manitas.

“In August we carry backpacks with school supplies according to the age and grade level of each student. Each backpack has the material determined by the Ministry of Public Education and in December we bring warm pajamas. My angels there are my family and the Viking motorcycle club, which brings joy to the little ones, ”says Judith.

Customs corruption complicates her work

For the delivery of pajamas, the Plaza de la Mexicanidad was agreed as a meeting point. At 13:00, the motorcyclists will leave for the north-west of the city and then participate in the Christmas gathering.

Judith explains that seeing the smiles of the children upon receiving their gifts is extremely satisfactory, so she increasingly seeks to involve more “godparents” to ensure that the charity has enough resources to operate all year.

The professional explains that she found out about this place through a friend from high school and has been collaborating with the charity for two years.

It also supports a care center for autistic children, who are given pajamas.

She explains that one of the problems she faces every time she brings backpacks or pajamas is customs corruption, which she openly rejects, by ensuring that she brings donations to children with limited financial resources who don’t have official support.

"I always declare and show that the merchandise is for donation, we always fight because they wanted to keep things and of course I will not allow it," she says.

People who wish to show solidarity with this group of social activists can go to the Plaza de la Mexicanidad this Saturday at 1:00 p.m. with the donation of new pajamas.

Video translation is as follows:
Edgar: A female native of Ciudad Juárez who now resides in Forth Worth, Texas has returned with gifts to support the children's charity "Manitas en Movimiento", located in the colony Lomas de Poleo. Judith Marquez Quintana fled the violence of Ciudad Juárez. But never forgot this grand metropolis.

Judith Marquez Quintana: I had to emigrate to the United States in 2009 because I was a victim of an express kidnapping. That completely changed my life and I ended up having to flee my country. I tried returning to my country in 2014 but unfortunately my psychological state wouldn’t allow me to. And so I decided instead to stay in Forth Worth, Texas.

When I entered into the Manitas en Movimiento charity. Well, when I was in high school I remember that I was told to bing in an egg. And I had to paint this egg and have it with me all day. And that’s how Manitas en Movimiento began. My friend Mari told me that some kids had asked her for an egg for a school project.

But when she had gone outside she saw that they had already eaten their eggs raw. And that right there really touched my heart.

Rene Chavez: The kids most in need may they all receive a gift this following Christmas. We were invited to come out and support this charity Manitas en Movimiento. And we accepted. We are motivated by the needs of children who have very little.

There are unfortunately some kids who for economic reasons they don’t receive nor are gifts of toys given to them. Therefore, we come out to try to bring a smile to the kids faces.

Judith Marquez Quintana: I fell in love with the kids. I identified myself with them. I am personally going through a very difficult health problem right now. I have lupus. And I’ve had a very difficult time.

But once I came out here to this center and saw that the children were all invoking a prayer for me I felt a strong appreciation for them. Because sometimes we receive more from people who are not even close to us than the ones who actually are. And so I decided to keep coming out here to carry on with helping them out.

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  1. Corruption Mexican Customs is worst than ever. Amlo says corruption is over, he is so full of it. I will pray for u. Do some Charity in Mexico, due to my age and dealing with Mexican customs I do very little here the Frontera.

    1. Absolute truth. And in the NAFTA agreement recognized charities are supposed to have duty free tax free status in Mexico. My foundation spent more than a few dollars and a couple of years to get our 501C3 status and the aduana would not honor the duty free. He said to "Go to Mexico City and fill out papers". aduana/customs is federal.

    2. I do not declare, have taken truckloads / busloads down, but package them thoroughly in “ sport bags” , pack in with other “ tourist expedition gear”; ie, camping, diving, kayaking, trekking gear. I have a letter from now dead “ Ejido Delgadao” which I keep with my other “ important papers, ie Rabies récords for dogs,fishing license, etcetc No one has inspected or asked a question in 35 years......beyond some nonsense poking around.

    3. 832 it's shows you have not been to Mexico in a while, they check for contra band coming into MEXICO, ammo/bulkets, guns.

    4. This is where you get your first taste of corruption and "mordida" in Mexico. They love to tax you on anything you bring over from the US side.

    5. Crossing into Mexico is a complete joke. I’ve been living close to the border with Texas in Mexico for 6yrs or so. I have crossed tons of times and have gotten stopped (red light instead of green) maybe 3 times. These three time the searches have been hardly extensive. I see how easy it is for someone who wanted smuggle something into the country.

  2. First God Bless you Judith for all your hard and beautiful work. We need more people like yourself. I ran into same situation years ago at checkpoint bringing bags of new and used toys to Zacatecas. I almost had to fight the cop who demanded two new soccer balls for himself. In the end he got nothing but left a bad taste in my mouth.

  3. Sometimes I just pay


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