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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Juárez, Chihuahua: Criminal Masterminds Shuffled To Other Prisons

Prisoners of the State Cereso on this border were transferred to other penitentiaries this morning.

The operation started Sunday night and ended Monday morning.

To transfer them several leased vehicles were used in which they were taken to another prison.

The buses were guarded by agents of the State Prosecutor and the Federal Police.

Outside the prison some family members went into crisis mode and complained about the transfer of their relatives.

Many of the inmates removed were dangerous and likely responsible for the criminal disorder currently in Juarez.

Video translation is as follows:
Edgar Ramon: This morning there was a transfer of inmates. The authorities say they deactivated the leaders of the crime groups that operated from within the prison. Go ahead with your report. Good evening sir.

Everardo Cardona: Good evening Edgar. During the night and early morning of this weekend specifically on Sunday an operation was registered in which elements of the State and Federation removed from the Cereso State prison more than 100 people. This was carried out both at the Juárez State prison and at the Aquiles Serdán prison.

On account of them being relocated to other prisons. It has been noted that 26 prisoners belonged to the Juárez prison, they were relocated to other state prisons such as Aquiles Serdán, Nueva Casas Grandes, and Cuauhtemoc. Another 86 inmates from penal colonies # 1 and # 3 were sent to federal prisons in Sonora and Coahuila.

With the aim of reducing overpopulation in the Juarense prison. And cutting off the activities of criminal leaders who are incarcerated but continued on with their criminal operations. A few family members gathered outside as this was a surprise and cautious action taken by the authorities.

Edgar Ramon: There are the images this morning. Movement from the State Cereso prison. They had already been planning on doing this for several days. However there were problems and finally it took shape within the last hours. Thank you for your report.

Everardo Cardona: Thanks to you.

Edgar Ramon: Good evening.

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  1. So...some of the "worst" criminals are transferred because of the problems they are causing and their families are upset?? This is why Mexico will never change. The families feel that their loved one is wronged in some way. The families are ok with the fact that their loved one murdered or was linked to a cartel. After hearing this...who cares if the family is taken out too. That may be the only way Mexico gets better.

  2. Let's hope these individuals weren't sent to their deaths by rivals. What better way to exterminate those leaders for retribution.
    Hey its Mexico!

  3. Eh... seems like a smart effort, unless its a corrupt move

  4. Pinchis criminales, que se las metan por culeros,
    Eso es lo que buscaban cuando andaban ahi de calientes.


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