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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Jesús Lemus, Journalist Imprisoned for 3 Yrs Claims Felipe Calderón Ordered his Murder

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Sin Embargo / Tribuna
        "Calderón has links with the Sinaloa Cartel and ordered me killed": claims the Journalist

Felipe Calderón was tied, through Genaro García Luna, not only with the Sinaloa Cartel, but with Los Zetas, with the Gulf Cartel and La Familia Michoacana, according to the writer Jesús Lemus

The journalist Jesús Lemus Barajas reiterates in an interview with SinEmbargo that former President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa ordered him to be executed in revenge for the publications he made about the relationship of his sister María Luisa Calderón, “Cocoa”, with Servando Gómez Martínez, known as “La Tuta ”, leader of the Knights Templar and also former leader of La Familia Michoacana. Lemus was saved "in luck," he recalls, but was unjustly imprisoned for just over three years.

“I'll order it there. I will give it soon and have you thrown  into the river ”, are the words that Jesus Lemus Barajas does not forget; That was the instruction commanded by Luis Carrillo when - after depriving him of his freedom - he was handed over to the Los Zetas criminal group for murder . It was in May 2008. The order came from then President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa , says the journalist, now displaced.
"Cocoa" spoke to "La Tuta", asked for favors. I denounced him and Calderón ordered me killed: Lemus insists.

Faced with the arrest in the United States of the former Secretary of Public Security, Genaro García Luna  for his alleged links to drug trafficking and after former President Felipe Calderón denied knowing his subordinate's network, journalist Jesús Lemus says in an interview with   SinEmbargo that the former president lies, and reiterates his accusation that Felipe Calderón sent orders to execute him in revenge for the publications he made about the relationship of his sister Luisa María de Guadalupe Calderón Hinojosa - also known as “ Cocoa ” - with Servando Gómez Martínez , aka “ La Tuta "
Year 2008, the second of the six-year term of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa. The federal government offensive against "drug cartels", called "War on Drugs", had been declared a year and a half before, just in the state of Michoacán, where Lemus Barajas worked as a journalist.

“The sister of former President Felipe Calderón spoke [to“ La Tuta ”] to ask for favors, so that popular election candidates would be supported by the drug trafficker. I begin to publish this type of relationship and then comes a revenge of former President Calderón, where he orders my execution, so that a commander of the ministerial police looks for me and kidnaps me.

Lemus was saved "in luck," he says, but was unjustly imprisoned for just over three years. For his fortune he was not executed. He was sent to a high security prison where he lived with narco bosses, kidnappers, criminals:

From the voice of ''El Grande'' (José Enrique Villarreal Barragán, head of hitmen of the Beltrán Leyva) I heard the versions of how Calderón's relationship was, through García Luna, not only with the Sinaloa Cartel, but with the Los Zetas Cartel, with the Gulf Cartel, of La Familia Michoacana ".

Note: "El Grande" was just released in the US last week ago after serving 10 yrs; see my Post HERE
"The former Secretary of Public Security, Genaro García Luna, orchestrated everything, because he made and assembled a case file and boxes," he adds.

The current government, says the journalist, should initiate an exhaustive investigation of the network formed by García Luna, and that the first one to be investigated is Felipe Calderón because he was his direct boss.

“Calderón is a fake, a madman, a mythomaniac. It is incredible that he wants us to swallow the lie that he did not know what the secretary of public security was doing. Of course I knew and I knew so that when I was in Puente Grande, I had a cell neighbor to ''El Grande'', José Enrique Villarreal Barragán, the head of the hit men of the Beltrán Leyva, and the voice of 'El Grande "I heard the versions of how Felipe Calderón's relationship was, through Genaro García Luna, not only with the Sinaloa Cartel, but with the Los Zetas Cartel, with the Gulf Cartel, of La Familia Michoacana," he says.
Yesterday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, said that his Government will not initiate investigations against Genaro García Luna, Secretary of Public Security of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, so he will only cooperate in the investigation carried out in the United States.
The journalist reproached the position taken by the Fourth Transformation. For the writer, the national president is disregarding and is lacking in his job of following up and combating corruption, which shows - according to the journalist - that the Chief Executive has "commitments".

“[AMLO] is a President that has a lot to do in the sense of fighting corruption, because he has served with García Luna beforehand, he already has it on a silver tray, ready to pull the thread of corruption, and that thread can go very far, not only to President Calderón, it can transcend President Fox; but President López Obrador is afraid, or has bigger commitments, which is almost the same. [...] we return to the same thing, the power mafia that said it was going to fight it, because I think it's eating it, ” says the informant.

It was the year 2008, the second of the sexennium of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa. The federal government offensive against "drug cartels", called "War on Drugs", had been declared a year and a half before, just in the state of Michoacán, where Lemus Barajas worked as a journalist.

Lemus directed a newspaper in La Piedad, Michoacán, where he began publishing reports and notes pointing out that between the Government of Felipe Calderón and the La Familia Michoacana Cartel there was a close relationship, specifically between Luisa María Calderón, “Cocoa”, and “La Tuta ”, who was then Head of the Michoacan Family.

“It's a version that I started to spread because I know it from nearby drug trafficking sources, and that version is later referred to by ''La Tuta'' in one of his public videos that are banned on YouTube. There he says that the sister of President Felipe Calderón spoke to him to ask for favors so that candidates of popular election were supported by the drug trafficker. I begin to publish this type of relationship and then comes a revenge of former President Calderón, he orders my execution, so that a commander of the ministerial police, under the orders of Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre Zamarripa, Attorney General of Guanajuato - He looks for me and kidnaps me, ”he says.

On May 7, 2008, the deprivation of liberty of Lemus Barajas occurred in the municipality of Cuerámaro, in the state of Guanajuato. Commander Luis Carrillo made the capture, the journalist says.

“Commander Luis Carrillo takes me and gives me a group of Los Zetas to execute me in Guanajuato, it is obvious that it was an order that came down from Felipe Calderón, through his friend the Governor of Guanajuato, Juan Manuel Olivas Ramírez; that character is the one who orders me to kidnap so that they disappear, so that they execute me, and they give me to the group of Los Zetas. [...] I clearly heard it - and they are words that I will never forget - how he said: 'I'll take you over there, give him to you soon and you throw him into the river'. Those words are not forgotten, ”says the journalist.
On February 27, 2015, Servando Gómez, alias “La Tuta”, and leader of the Knights Templar, was presented in the hangar when arrested. Photo: Cuartoscuro.

The organization Reporters Without Borders, upon learning of Lemus's disappearance, acted immediately: he issued a statement warning that the journalist had been missing for several hours and demanded his presentation alive.

"That was what saved my life, because the intention was really to kill me, but when the RSF statement appears, the commander comes and picks me up from the safe house," he adds.

During the first 72 hours of his detention at the Guanajuato Ministerial Police, Lemus was tortured. "A policeman told me that he had saved me by pure luck," he says.

The journalist was charged with false charges of organized crime and drug trafficking, and was imprisoned.

“They sent me to the state prison in Guanajuato for a few days and from there, arguing that I was a prisoner of maximum danger, they took me to the federal jail of Puente Grande where I spent three years in prison. There I was with the most dangerous criminals of Mexico at that time, such as Rafael Caro Quintero, ''El Mochaorejas'', Mario Aburto, Alfredo Beltrán Leyva, even ''El Grande'' ”, he emphasizes.

Jesús Lemus was held on charges that were never demonstrated. The Public Ministry never delivered a single test against the communicator. Three years later, he proved his innocence and was released.

“Considering that there is no element of judgment that even indicates the doubt that it was related to drug trafficking or organized crime, [Jesús Lemus Barajas] is exonerated from any accusation and is given an acquittal,” states the acquittal issued May 11, 2011.

The communicator is convinced that former President Calderón was the one who ordered his arrest. “From nobody else could the order have come. I had not the slightest relationship with the Governor of Guanajuato so that he sent me to his Ministerial Police. ”

Lemus Barajas became a writer. His stay in prison channeled him to follow his journalist instinct and there he interviewed dangerous criminals, interviews and passages that he has revealed in various books. However, he now lives displaced, because he had to leave his state because of insecurity and threats.

The writer adds that he initiated a process against the Mexican State before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) to demand a public apology and the integral reparation of the damage.

The process before the international authorities is still ongoing according to the journalist. "In the Inter-American Court they are asking the State for information."

The reports were required from various agencies, including the former Attorney General's Office (PGR), now the Attorney General's Office. Also to the Puente Grande prison, in this case on the conditions of his detention; to the Government of Guanajuato on arrest capture: to the Second Criminal Court of Guanajuato, who initially sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

In addition, they have requested information from the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) to explain why they did not intervene at the time, since the affected party filed at least three complaints about the violation of their human rights, but the agency never acted, he says. .

Until the current federal administration began, the journalist approached the CEAV to begin the process in order to demand the integral reparation of the damage for the violation of their human rights.

"That is where I am asking that there will be an investigation against all those responsible for my illegal detention, kidnapping and imprisonment, and above all that it is determined and I am seated where the order to kill me came from," he says.

And he adds: “I had not approached because I had no confidence in the Government of Enrique Peña Nieto, I did not make any movement. I started doing it until López Obrador started because I saw that there were better conditions for the approach to follow-up to the people who imprisoned me ”. Lemus points directly to the Second Criminal Judge of Guanajuato, the former Governor of Guanajuato, the Procurator Zamarripa.

More than eight years after proving that he was unjustly imprisoned, Jesús Lemus has not seen justice and does not even count as a victim in the corresponding registry, while those who orchestrated his capture continue in public office. “They have not lost their status as public officials, they continue to act with impunity, working as if nothing had happened. They destroyed my life and they destroyed my life and they continue to operate with maximum comfort, ”he says.

The journalist points out that President López Obrador has the historical opportunity to show the people that he is truly against corruption, initiating an investigation of the García Luna case and its links, however, it seems he does not want to do it, and with that, it is due To the nation.

“He must take action, not just let the US judge García Luna. AMLO has the possibility of making history and making that Fourth Transformation that has so much claimed; but he does not want to do it, he refuses to investigate García Luna's relationship, and that does not show us more than the great commitments that President López Obrador has, which in the end is the same. [...] I think that President López Obrador is afraid that the García Luna case will splash several of his officials, several of the people who are very close to him (AMLO) [...] We are at a crossroads where the Government is going to go very wrong anyway because if he does something against corruption, he shoots himself in the foot and does nothing because he loses popularity, ” he concludes.


  1. Good read. It's incredible that the Second Criminal Court of Guanajuato sentenced him for 20 years without a trial or evidence to justify that sentence. The Judicial system is rotten. I don't think ALMO or anybody can fix this but I hope they try.

    1. Similar when in the USA someone gets convicted for crimes including murder and governors and presidents set those people free. Funny how the system works.

    2. Haven’t the United States ever convicted an innocent person ?

  2. I question this man’s credibility claiming Calderon, order him be killed. If a head of state really wanted someone wacked, it would happen.

    *He just wants publicity to sell books and help the current Clown in Chief - AMLO.

    Since Luna is going down, some nobody journalist wants to cast stones at the former President who initiated the War on Drugs.

    The End.


    1. Who initiated a failed war on drugs, you forgot to mention.😂
      Well since Luna was so close to Calderon at the time being his super chief of security I'm more than sure he knew luna was colluded with the CDS cartel, and was ok with receiving $$ from them obviously. Now if you dont wanna accept that fact well it's a personal problem the evidence is there.

      Even Anabel Hernandez in her book "el traidor" were Vicente Zambada accepted and confessed that Calderon knew of his government pact with CDS and was ok with it, let's not forget it was Rey zambada who put the radar on Luna.

      Now that all this evidence was brought to light after chapos trial, it makes sense as to why he escaped during FOX presidency and wasnt being looked for under CALDERONS reign and let's not forget EPN betraying chapo, by capturing him and ultimately extraditing him.

      Queso; the infamous dumb prian bot.

      El fin. Tan. tan.

      Viva AMLO. VIVA.

    2. 7:17 if you are using Anabel Hernandez like an example you are crazy. She is also a person interested on selling books. I see Anabel like Gang Land shows in USA.

    3. Tin Tan (Good one 👍🏻),

      Fool. You say “the evidence is there” Calderon was okay with Luna receiving Money?

      Calderon up ended the Drug Apple cart , and in doing so did set off a chain of unintended consequences that has spiraled Mexico into chaos. I concede AMLO inherited a mess yet he was elected to straighten the country.

      Criminals will often point to others to gain leaner sentences. Evidence is there for Luna, and not Calderon, yet this matter continues to unfold.

      I’m no fan of Fox, Calderon and EPN, yet am of the opinion that Calderon had positive intent, while your hero, Devil worshiper - No Balls AMLO, is just inept.

      Viva 🇲🇽


    4. 🤔...Ah ha! I think Queso put his chips on Calderon, and feels like he's losing... especially since AMLO seems to be the president who's actually going after corrupt government officials. Although not much was said Queso, this comment in particular, says a lot. Nomas falta que tu y tu familia sean de Michoacan. 🤔

    5. That is just loco. What ? , you think this journalist just wants to sell books instead of living ? I for one, just ordered that book he is holding up and you should too, maybe you would learn something. He is living in hiding.......look at that sign behind him. A mining summit / enviro thing or something. Do you have any idea how corrup the mining industry is ?

    6. Genaro García Luna nunca hizo nada a escondidas de Felipe Calderón ni de Vicente Fox Quezada, ni ellos a escondidas de la DEA.

      El PAN y el Cartel de Sinaloa tenían un acuerdo de acabar con todos los demás cárteles. Genaro García Luna llevó a Vicente Zambada Niebla “El Vicentillo” al Hotel Sheraton de la Ciudad de México donde se encuentran las oficinas de la DEA a platicar con ellos, en la noche de ese mismo día el “Vicentillo” fue detenido por García Luna por orden de la DEA.

      García Luna también presentó a los hijos de Marta Sahagún con Joaquín Guzmán Loera “El Chapo” e Ismael Zambada García “El Mayo”. En Sinaloa es bien sabido que los hijastros de Vicente Fox iban cada mes por maletas llenas de dólares producto de la venta de efedrina que transportaban de China libremente hasta Culiacán y con las que se realizaban las libras de cristal en aquel entonces.

      García Luna se hizo millonario gracias a la DEA que lo dejó negociar y ser enlace con el cartel sinaloense, tan solo en el sexenio de Felipe Calderón, Genaro Luna fue pieza clave para la DEA y los acuerdos con los Sinaloenses.

      Arturo Beltrán Leyva lo uso como jefe de seguridad en Morelos y la Ciudad de México durante varios años hasta que Arturo dejó de ser razonable tomando una actitud violenta e intolerable con él.

      Genaro Luna al terminar el mandato del PAN en el poder huye a Estados Unidos donde los altos mandos de la DEA le ofrecen protección por haber cooperado y trabajado para ellos. Hoy solo es un títere más que la DEA usa y traiciona como a todos

      ¿Valió la pena el sexenio de Felipe Calderón que lleno de sangre el país? , ¿A caso hay menos muertos en México? , ¿Menos droga en Estados Unidos? , Estrategias fallidas, como rápido y furioso con las armas que cruzaron a nuestro país sin control, acuerdos y detenidos que no dieron resultados en las cifras. Solo tenemos como resultado Ex Presidentes multimillonarios del PAN que empiezan a temer por su libertad.

      El fin. Tan. Tan.

      Viva AMLO. VIVA.

    7. Pues, we shall see. I have that book in my hands now. Plus he has written others. I think that photo is probably at least a year old.
      Particularly, I am interested in the Mexican mining industry and just how corrupt that is, not to mention the destructive forces at work.
      The man is in hiding, he has given up daily journalism for writing, I see yet no reason to think he is making the threats up or just trying to push book sales, that would be sure suicide.

    8. 9:54 the mexican mining industry was nationalized by presidente adolfo lopez mateos, and the Mexican executives dedicated themselves to stealing all they could until they went bankrupt and got bought for peanuts by corrupt foreigners, including Arcelor-Mittal ok w owner of Siderurgica Lazaro Cardenas (Las Truchas) in Michoacan, the greatest steelworks in the world, built by a communist former president of Mexico who also expropriated the oil industry and created PEMEX, General Lazaro Cardenas Del Rio, a man of the people mexicans still call "El Tata".
      So called "capitalist" narco presidents and other neo-liberals never ever ever did anything for Mexico or the mexicans...

  3. Puede ser que AMLO teme que participar en esto sea como jugar con pequeños palos en una mesita. Agregar un palo o ajustar un palo puede causar una avalancha que derriba todos los palos fuera de control.

    1. Gracias , como siempre amigo.
      Si AMLO haces algo, No es " Hasta luego amigo", solamente IMO, pero es Al Final, periodo.
      I think AMLO is between a rock and a hard place, if he comes down too hard, lets face it, he could be easily a goner. Plata o Plomo etc.

    2. AMLO ya dijo, y tiene tiempo diciendo, que el votaria en contra de traer a los x presidentes a la justicia. AMLO dice que el quiere mover para adelante, PERO.... Si el pueblo pide que los politicos se traigan a la justicia, el no le negaria eso al pueblo mexicano. De hecho, lo acaba de decir hace unos dias en sus platicas con la prensa. El video esta desponible para que todos lo vean.

    3. Speaking of MINING: check out this long but very informative piece in the Atlantic about mining the sea floor. (has nothing to do w organized crime per say)
      History’s Largest Mining Operation Is About to Begin:

  4. THE BIG TIME WINNERS IN THE WAR ON DRUGS ARE the “public officials, they continue to act with impunity, working as if nothing had happened. They destroyed my life and they destroyed my life and they continue to operate with maximum comfort”

    1. Once again, "Sea of Shadows" is not only a great film, but a great analogy for impunity.

    2. You mean like Genaro Garcia Luna ?

  5. Of course Calderón worked for El Señor Don Joaquin. This is why he roam freely without worry back of then.

  6. Meh, sounds like a good novela.

  7. He would have been dead a long time ago, let's see ...they show his face and his full name, now he is really a sitting Target, might as well wear a bulls eye T-shirt.

  8. Let´s be realistic, if a president wanted someone dead, they would be dead. No if or buts, The only reason people in Mexica can make this kind of claims is because there´s no legal ramifications from it, there´s no legal basis to sue someone saying lies about you.

    1. 11:21 Anabel Hernandez, Dr Mireles, are two wanted dead, they escaped because it was out there in the open that presidents would be blamed, and they got lucky enough to escape.
      Anybody trying to justify FECAL, or EPN has shit for brains.

    2. 11:21 there are "laws" in Mexico that forbid to investigate powerful politicians or businessmen, specially if there is no proof of their wrongdoing; without investigations there can't be any proof, case closed...I don't sink so, said a chinito...

  9. Anabel Hernandez is a left wing hack with unverifiable information on her books
    no facts, conspiracy theories that can't be fact check
    Jesús Lemus, who knows what the facts are that can be crossed referenced to judge why he ended up in jail


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