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Monday, December 2, 2019

Hitmen attack elements of the National Guard in Ciudad Obregón

According to the information available so far, two of the alleged criminals were injured, as were two elements of the GN

Elements of the National Guard were shot to death by two men who were on board a vehicle, in the immediate vicinity of Federal Highway 15, in Ciudad Obregón.

According to the information available so far, the elements of the GN signaled the passengers of a recent model van-type vehicle to stop, in the Hogar and Patrimonio neighborhood, north of Ciudad Obregón, at approximately 16 :30 hours.

This caused the hitmen to open fire and a chase broke out until they reached the Esperanza police station, where there was a confrontation with gunfire in front of a convenience store.

Once the reinforcement of the National Guard arrived, they managed to arrest two people, who were identified as Jesus Antonio, alias “El Chore” or “El Diablito”, who presented a wound on his left leg and Gilberto, 24 years old, nicknamed "El Gordo", with a fracture in one of his legs.

Two elements were also injured by the National Guard, a 36 year old with an impact on the left leg; and another of 21 years of age injured in the right knee.

Both the alleged hitmen and the elements were transferred to receive medical attention to different hospitals.

So far, the State Attorney General's Office has not issued a position on the events that occurred this Friday afternoon.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. It says two GN died, then it says, the two got lightly injured, but did not die. What's up Sol.

    1. 2 injured as well as 2 dead is what I understood from it. Many times the original authors words have their flaws. I just translate what they posted.

    2. Sol your ok in my book, Dr.Sol expert manta reader.

    3. I agree Sol. I only like to take so much liberty with an author's work.
      Correct bad translations, yes, but it gets touchy. Plus, we are not always dealing with the best writing styles or qualities either. I still wish to honor the authors work.

    4. Sol probably wrote some of the mantas before. Jk Sol.

    5. Yes like an author, in a past BB article, that was translated...title "The same bullet that killed 8 persons"

  2. Take no prisoners or it’s catch and release!

  3. So did the Mexican president sent national guard all over Mexico?

  4. Mexico needs America military support otherwise its all over

    1. It's needs, but enept president, wants no help whatsoever!


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