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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Former President Vicente Fox and son is Reportedly Being Targeted by FIU for financial irregularities

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The FIU investigates Fox, his son and the Fox Center for evasion: Loret; found 13 business investigations  linked to both
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Fox at far left, his son at far right
Vicente Fox, who was the President of Mexico from 2000-2006, is being  targeted by the FIU, in headed by Santiago Nieto, after discovering that he did not declare or paid taxes, according to the column of journalist Carlos Loret de Mola published today in El Universal 

Mexico City, December 5 (SinEmbargo). - Former President Vicente Fox Quesada and his son, Rodrigo Fox De la Concha, are in the sights of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Ministry of Finance. According to the column of the journalist Carlos Loret de Mola published today in El Universal, the office in charge of Santiago Nieto is investigating the income streams of both. According to the sources to which the journalist had access, the first data collected by the FIU reveal that there would be 13 companies linked to the former President and his son. 

To these, he says in the column, “the Fox Center and the Fox Foundation would be added, which together would have received approximately 700 million pesos in a four-year period.” According to the column.

Vicente Fox, who ruled from 2000-2006, would be “in the fiscal sights” of the new President after discovering that he would not have declared or paid taxes.

AMLO dropped hints

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador had announced last July that one of the former Mexican leaders is investigated by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) for not being current with the payment of his taxes, although he did not reveal the name. [There is no love lost between these two leaders.  Fox incessantly Tweets against AMLO and his political party Morena]

“We have information, that some of the former presidents owe taxes, but that is an issue that has to do with the SAT,”said the President in his traditional morning conference at the National Palace.

That same July 19th, the newspaper Reforma published that Vicente Fox  was the former President who didn't pay taxes, alluded to by AMLO. Meanwhile, that the reporter Raúl Olmos shared a document, which he said, was hidden during the Government of Felipe Calderón, where "differences to be clarified" are detailed in the fiscal statements of Vicente Fox for several years.

Fox's debts would correspond to debts of companies in which he participates and that were forgiven during the administrations of Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto, said Reforma on that occasion. In addition, the newspaper indicated that three of Fox's companies were rescued by Fobaproba. [ "Banking Fund for the Protection of Savings"]

Vicente Fox, who was president from 2000-2006, would be “in the fiscal sights” of the new President after discovering that he would not have declared or paid taxes.

Reforma revelations about Vicente Fox in the column of Carlos Loret de Mola today, which would confirm that the FIU has an investigation against the former President. Vicente Fox rejected the accusations since June, when it was leaked that his accounts were investigated, these accusations and considered them a consequence of his constant criticism of López Obrador. 

About this new publication report, he has not responded, and has not tweeted since December 7th. 

Note: His wife’s charity has long been suspect, as well the  millions  contributed by Coca Cola to the “charity account” in Chicago.


  1. Amlo just doesn't like the man, since i can remember when the bald dude with dumbo ears was president, every president and his team has got a cut from drug money, thats why mexico doesn't progress, corruption, even amlo is getting hia cut, but from what i have read, bribery was accepted since cochiloco was in the game in the early 70's so yeah amlo just dont like him

  2. Good job Mexico. I wish the same would apply here in the US. Mexico isn't the only country where irregularities occur.
    I must admit these individuals who for many years have enriched themselves for the sake of political interests and by GREED.
    While its citizens live on its knees.
    I'm beginning to like u a little bit AMLO.

    Finally in the right direction with corruption.

  3. I doubt ANYTHING will happen to this CROOK, he's protected by OTHER crooks.

    1. I always knew that tall rat with mx mustache was crooked, him and his people took corruption to a whole new level, all him and his crooked government did was benefit the sinaloa terrorist organization, by the time he left the presidency, the sinaloa cartel allready had all the mexican govt in their pocket.

      After that is when Felipe Calderon came into the presidency and declared war on all other drug cartels, helping even more the sinaloa terrorist organization gain more power. Now these days AMLO receives orders from narco terrorists from sinaloa.

  4. I hope they nail his ass real good.

  5. AMLO would get respect from other countries if Fox was locked up for wrong doing. However this could also backfire if there is proof and he avoids punishment.

  6. I'd love to see this loud mouth take the fall for corruption. Trump will have the last laugh on this one too.

  7. Thank you AMLO.

    Viva AMLO. VIVA.

  8. When are they going against Salinas de gortari n epn n why not start the investigation on amlo...???

  9. LOL smoking a cig in the official wedding photo

  10. We all know world politicians use charity/foundation accounts as a front for dirty money!

  11. Fox appears dirty. An arrogant fool that casts aspersions on my President Trump. I hope his defense costs drain his bank of ill gotten gains that certainly in part came at the expense of American citizens.

    1. I agree, he's one big fat showboat....let that crap hit the fan now

    2. "Mexico will not pay for that f#&^*@ wall"..V.Fox....what fox says,goes..

  12. They are all crooks.

  13. @6:54

    Of all the incomprehensibly dumb posts made here every day, you take the cake, amigo!

  14. It is a good thing that they go for these corrupt Pos, but AMLO has opened a can of worms for himself and his party members. Once they lose power the other political parties will come back with a vengeance. As it is clear that CDS and CJNG has paid off some higher ups in his own party....

  15. Foundations,charities used to hide money. Sounds familiar. Hope AMLO doesnt commit suicide by bullet to the back of his head!
    P.S. Epstien didnt kill himself either!

  16. Wow, his kid looks like quite the ladies man huh?

  17. No lie. Inside and out


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