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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Felipe Calderón Knew about Garcia Luna’s “Irregularities” in 2008

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia /Milenio
The Regional Security Coordinator of the PF sent a letter to  President Calderón in which he pointed out a series of anomalies of the Secretary of Public Security, including the imposition of elements and making operational media events.

The  former President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa  knew since  February 2008  of the  irregularities  committed by the then  Secretary of Public Security, Genaro Garcia Luna , so revealed  Millennium .

Yesterday the former president said he never had information or evidence of the facts that are attributed in the United States to his former official, who was arrested Monday in Texas . However, he said he was open to explaining his accountability to citizens.

Among the anomalies detected, he said that García Luna accommodated in positions of the Federal Police to elements of his trust with those who worked in the then Federal Investigation Agency, which committed abuses in their previous positions, which were from the sale of properties, to kidnapping,  homicide and drug trafficking.

The Regional Security coordinator also said that with the operations that the former head of the SSP headed or ordered, he was looking for media events.

Three months later, Herrera Valles sent another letter to the President where he said he had several problems to deliver the first and was even threatened. He said that he first sought to send the letter to him through the Attorney General's Office and the Ministry of Tourism.

He explained that the then secretary of the PGR Human Rights Deputy Attorney General called him to dissuade him from handing him the letter, since “García Luna was one of Calderón's spoiled ones” and “things could go very badly”.

“Mr. President, the most worrying thing for the Public Security of our country is that Mr. García Luna continues without direction in the Police, lying to you and the society making him believe in a coordination between PFP and AFI that does not exist, being widely commented by the different media, ”Javier Herrera said in the letter.

Reporters Alejandro Jiménez and Ángel Hernández reported that in May - three months later - Herrera Valles sent another letter to the former President. On this occasion he said that he had been threatened after handing him the first letter.

He mentioned that the letter could be sent to Calderón's hands thanks to a deputy giving it to his then private secretary, César Nava. Herrera Valles sent a copy of this letter to the Organization of American States, the Ministry of Public Administration and the National Human Rights Commission. 

Six months later, the Regional Security Coordinator of the Federal Police was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison for allegedly having links to the Sinaloa cartel, a criminal organization with which the United States links Garcia Luna , on charges of receiving bribes to that could operate in Mexico.
Herrera Valles got his freedom three years after he was arrested, after a court acquitted him of the charges against him.


  1. Just the tip of the iceberg for many of these corrupt officials. Truly someone of importance talked for US to investigate.
    Let's see if many of these individuals can literally explain their role of criminality. Deep and serious political concerns. Expect some to flee or illegally obtain Amparos to squash involvement. Added with financial institutions to shift monies from prying eyes.

    Cards are falling upon those from what I believe are high profile Sinaloa cartel members incarcerated in the US. Vincentillo? Chapo? Ect.

    1. To that, there are cards on both sides of the fence / "wall".
      This is always what AMLO has ran on and why he lost in the past. He more than likely has a lot to do with permitting the investigation to move forward.

  2. The feds are going to make Luna squeal. This man is the most important Mexican drug criminal the US has ever captured. Luna is the key to Mexicos corrupt political elite inner circle.

  3. Of course Calderon knew about Lunas irregularities. So did DEA and CIA or aka the U.S. government. In fact it was the U.S. that suggested Caldeton help out the Sinaloa cartel. Again this is why Calderon after his termnas Mwxicos President was i.n.v.i.t.e.d. to teach at Harvard University remember?
    Thousands of miles from the Mexico border and in one of the safest towns in the country. To look put for him.

  4. I've come to the conclusion that the only honest government officials in Mexico are the ones that are assassinated within 24 hours of taking office. Mexico is corrupt from top to bottom.

    1. All those candidates that died to make way for amlo. They allowed presidency. Who are they you ask me? The ones AMLO doesn't hunt down. The way he does other cartels. He ain't gonna let menchito go. He let his jefe's son go. After meeting with his mom. And hearing he is a good boy. That all he needs is a hug. It really is quite ironic. I read she has made her own church. Made with blood money too.
      El Smarto

  5. All these former Presidents and high level politicos finally going down...thanks to Trump. Guaranteed this was a condition with AMLO for not designating the cartels as terrorists. Corruption all the way to the top. EPN up next.

  6. Unlike mexico the u.s. wont give luna or any corrupt official a slap on the wrist. Luna is going to do hard time.

  7. Irregularities? Feds will give him metamucil to break his logjam.


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