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Friday, December 6, 2019

Cuernavaca: Sec of Security Assassinated

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior

Secretary of Security of Cuernavaca executed:
First reports indicate that the official of the state of Morelos was killed when he arrived at his home
The Secretary of Public Security of Cuernavaca, Juan David Juárez López, was shot when he entered one of the buildings of the Teopanzolco Unit of Cuernavaca, where his apartment is located.

The attack was recorded around 10:30 p.m. , when the police chief left his escorts after dinner at a taco stand near his home and when he walked to his apartment he was shot at least six times.

This is the 14th policeman who is killed so far this year in Morelos.

In a Twitter message, the Government of Morelos said:

“We deeply regret the fierce murder of the head of the Security office in Cuernavaca, Juan David Juárez López . We sympathize with family and loved ones. We work so that such a cowardly attack does not go unpunished ”

In social networks, the State Government added that Governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco expressed his condolences and solidarity with the relatives, colleagues and friends of Juan David Juárez.

He explained that the president instructed the State Public Security Commission (CES) to maintain close coordination with the State Attorney General's Office to assist in the investigations. 

Stay tuned, this is just breaking.


  1. Amlo please help the people of Mexico. They all being murdered

  2. Pretty sure the hit was sanctioned by his own party. Condolences from those people should be looked at.

    1. Pretty sure??? any links that points to your so called claims?

    2. 4:52 in the 60s, Sam "momo" Giancanna, a friend of Frank Sinatra who helped JFK win the presidency of the US went to Morelos to hide from his associates, then returned to face the music in Chicago, federal judicial police jesus Miyazawa retired there to continue his criminal life after being forced to resign because of his crimes.
      Retired captain julian leyzaola retired there to work after getting kicked out of tijuana for his abuses of authority, and crimes against humanity, he was followed by the worse criminal jesus Alberto capella ibarra, "El Rambo de Tijuana" who resigned because of his crimes and had to go get Cancun to continue his crimes against humanity in Mexico...
      --Their heirs continue their own crimes of state and he who won't get along to get along will not get along, at least not for long.


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