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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz: Suspected plaza leader of Los Zetas falls

Naval personnel, in coordination with the Secretary of Security, arrested Bruno Ismael “N”. in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. He is the alleged head of a criminal group linked to Los Zetas. The apprehension occurred after a surveillance patrol when Bruno Ismael was detected who was in possession of 35 doses of cocaine. The defendant had already been arrested on February 5 in possession of weapons, drugs, and in the company of 5 alleged criminals for robbery of shops and bank heists in the region.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat  Source


  1. Busted for 35 'dosis' of cocaine sounds as if the officials have found a really Mr Bad Hombre and can hang him high and afterwards its business as usual ... but hopefully I'm wrong an he is the root of the problem and we won the WoD.

  2. Zetas still exist as Zetas? as a cartel?

    I would imagine that by now, the cells left would be independent which im sure they are but didnt didnt they would keep the Zeta, and other cells would just be absorbed into another cartel like the Zeta cells in Veracruz that decided to join CJNG rather than fight them.

  3. That's what happens when catch & release policies are being displayed.
    These individuals do what they know best. Not the honest job many Mexican people undertake.
    Don't be surprised if he is released on some technical legal issues.

  4. 2:30 edgar you are a facked up joke for calling Mexico a fucking joke,
    You are sowing the seeds of extermination of Mexico in the minds of the predisposed shit heads that will become the "Saviours of Mexico" through genocide, rape and murder, it has happened before, with stupid comments dehumanizing even nuns in Central America that were kidnapped, raped and killed and robbed of 4 US dollars and buried in a clandestine grave by US associates for badmouthing US intervention there...


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