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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Cesar Eduardo García Martínez, "El Pollo" Arrested, Former CDG, PGR, and US DEA Informant

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“El Pollo”, a member of the CDG , PGR and former member of the DEA named in Yarrington case.

A Control Judge granted the term of 144 hours to the defense of César Eduardo García Martínez aka “El Pollo” , who faces charges of kidnapping, extortion and criminal association, to determine his legal status. 

Considered one of the criminal objectives by the Tamaulipas authorities , the Attorney General's Office in the State , who offered a reward of 2 million pesos , was arrested in Monterrey , Nuevo León by federal police. 

According to the Anti-kidnap Prosecutor of the Attorney General's Office of Tamaulipas , the Unit Specialized in Kidnapping Investigation, carries out investigations that relate the now detained in at least one kidnapping and extortion. "What we have at the moment is an investigation in which he is related to the crime of kidnapping and extortion, and in those terms, our investigation is ongoing," Alejandro Mendoza López said. 

César Eduardo García Martínez , was placed at the disposal of a State Control Judge, the Prosecutor's Office presented the complaint and requested the informal preventive detention; The defense of "El Pollo" , meanwhile, requested an extended period of 144 hours, which was authorized by the judge, to resolve their legal status. 

Cesar Eduardo García Martínez, "El Pollo" , was a former minister of Tamaulipas in the period of government of Tomás Yarrington Ruvalcaba and former informant of the then Attorney General's Office (PGR, now FGR) and the Drug Enforcement Agency of The United States (DEA) and was arrested last Wednesday in Nuevo León.

García Martínez served as a judicial police officer in Tamaulipas , during the government of Tomás Yarrington Ruvalcaba (1999-2005), also working with Osiel Cárdenas Guillén , later for the Zetas and recently with the Northeast Cartel. 

García Martínez, was also a member of the Gulf Cartel (CDG) and responsible for collecting money from the cartel to deliver bribes to former Governor Tomás Yarrington and other politicians in the state, the Tamaulipas government said in a statement.

"El Pollo" was a collaborating witness under the name of “Oscar” in the case against the former governor of Tamaulipas, currently imprisoned in a Texas jail. He now faces charges in Tamaulipas for crimes of illegal deprivation of liberty and extortion.

Homicides and extortions are attributed to him in northern Tamaulipas where he operated for Osiel Cárdenas Guillen and then for Los Zetas, now of the Northeast Cartel.

One of the most wanted:
García Martínez is on a list of the Tamaulipas Prosecutor's Office “of the most wanted in the state” and offered a reward of up to two million pesos for information that revealed its location.

He was arrested by elements of the Federal Police and subsequently handed over to the Attorney General's Office of Tamaulipas that set December 24 as the deadline to determine whether or not he is linked to the process.

"El Pollo" became a collaborating witness in 2012 and testified in the United States on February 23 of that year, before an aggregate of the PGR that acted on behalf of the ministerial agent.

At that time García Martínez was a Ministerial Agent of Tamaulipas and also a contributor to the then leader of the CDG, Osiel Cárdenas Guillen.

The testimonies of César Eduardo Martínez , strengthened the accusation of the US authorities, who issued the international arrest warrant, which led to the capture of the Tamaulipan politician in Italy and his extradition to the United States on April 20, 2018. 

As a collaborating witness under the pseudonym “Óscar”, he declared in 2012:

“In the month of June 1998, in a political event that took place in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Juan José Muñiz Salinas "El Bimbo" sent me to deliver one milliion dollars in cash to Jesús Vega Sánchez (deceased) to whom I gave that amount on his own hand. "

"During the months of July, August, September and October 1998, I handed over amounts that ranged from $ 400,000 to $800,000 at various sites for political campaigns on behalf of the governor Tomás Yarrington."
Tomás Yarrington was sunk by his former partner, partners and friends;
The Government of the United States compiled its testimonies and will use them in the trial scheduled for January 2020 , in which it will seek to prosecute five crimes.

His former sentimental partner, his "name lender" ( literally, means bought properties using his own name on behalf of Yarrington)  and an alleged liaison with the narco and the wife of a co-defendant will testify in the United States against the former Governor of Tamaulipas , Tomás Yarrington.

Dr Sindy Chapa, Phd; who had three children with Yarrington, will testify that she collaborated with the defendant to defraud several US banks in obtaining loans, " the Prosecutor's Office warned.

Federal prosecutors are trying to take two homes of a Texas State University professor as part of an ongoing money laundering investigation in 2012.

They filed a lawsuit this week in a San Antonio federal court seeking to forfeit the Kyle home of Sindy Chapa, 37, an assistant professor and associate director of the Center for the Study of Latino Media and Markets at Texas State's School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Chapa hasn't been charged with a crime, and an affidavit by an Internal Revenue Service agent explaining why the feds think they should have the house has been sealed. But in the public court filings, prosecutors allege the property was bought with proceeds of criminal activity.

In addition, Eduardo Rodríguez Berlanga, alias "La Conga" , will confirm to the jury that he was a lender for the purchase of several Yarrington ranches in Tamaulipas, in operations carried out by his co-defendant Fernando Cano Martínez.

Antonio Peña Argüelles , accused in 2012 of serving as Yarrington's liaison with drug trafficking, will also witness and "give an overview of corruption and the alleged payments made to the Governor by various criminal groups," during his term from 1999 to 2005.

Peña will confirm that an eight-passenger Pilatus plane, purchased in 2005 by Premier International Holdings with a $ 2.5 million bank loan, was actually for Yarrington.

Cano's ex-wife, Sonia de Pau, will tell the jury that they had a company that used a hidden accounting system, through which they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for purchases of the former Governor.
The Prosecutor's Office revealed in the Court for the Southern District of Texas these testimonies after Yarrington sought to appoint Chris Flood as his lawyer, who previously represented another involved in the same case.

62, Yarrington was extradited to the United States on April 20, 2018, after spending a year in prison in Italy where he was arrested, and almost five years since he was ordered to stop him in 2012.

The Government of that country compiled its testimonies and will use them in the trial scheduled for January 2020 , in which it will seek to prosecute five crimes.

Names of above in 'Most Wanted Poster" Pollo is number 2
Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez, "El Huevo".                  Hugo Salcido Cisneros, "Pinpón".
Edgar Filiberto Castillo Vargas, "Beto".                        Martín Rodríguez Barbosa, "Cadete".
Ernesto Michel Vargas Valderrama, "Neto".                  Felix Gabriel Cepeda Dávila, "Cepeda".
Víctor Manuel Palomo.                                                  Luis Alberto Dávila Salazar, "Viejito".
Agustín Ordorica López.                                                César Eduardo Martínez García, "Pollo".

As if that is not enough, Check out this photo,  is that Vincente Fox ? :
Recently published documents by the Texas court show the complex criminal network of the former governor and his partners, through which they bought property and obtained bank loans to move their money in the United States . 

Yarrington was governor of Tamaulipas, a state on the northern border of Mexico, between 1999 and 2005. At that time he would have received millions of dollars of bribe from the Gulf Cartel, whose armed wing was the violent group of Los Zetas, to control the police local and allow the transfer of drugs at the border. During his rule, Los Zetas extended his power and brutality in the border states, according to the accusation against him. 

It would also have diverted more than 60 million Mexican pesos (about $3 million US dollars) to the bank accounts in the United States from the budget of the municipality of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. With the money, his borrowers bought ranches, an aircraft and other assets in the United States.

According to court documents, Sindy Chapa, a Yarrington former wife and business partner with whom he has three children, will testify that the borrowers committed a series of bank frauds to obtain loans in the United States, a key part of the ex-governor's money laundering operation.

Another witness will be Eduardo Rodríguez Berlanga who, while Yarrington was governor, would have acted as his lender to obtain the $3,000,000  dollars in bank loans, using three Mexican ranches as collateral. At the trial, Rodríguez Berlanga will testify about the purchase of the ranches and their links with the former governor.

Antonio Peña, partner and godson of a son of Yarrington, will give an overview of the corruption network and the payment that criminal groups made to the former governor. In addition, he will talk about how the borrowers got a loan of $ 2.5 million to buy an aircraft for Yarrington's personal use.

Another key witness will be Sonia De Pau, ex-wife of businessman Fernando Cano Martínez, who was allegedly in charge of receiving and controlling, on behalf of Yarrington, the bribes and profits from her illegal operations. De Pau would confirm that one of his companies, Materiales Construcciones, used a secret accounting system to divert thousands of dollars for the purchase of ranches, according to the Prosecutor's Office.

The list of witnesses, with the details of the money laundering operation, was presented by the court in rejection of Yarrington's request to appoint Chris Flood as his new lawyer. Judge Hilda Tagle determined a possible conflict of interest since Flood also represented Pablo Zárate, one of Yarrington's main cohorts.
Ruvalcaba Tomas Jesùs Yarrington, 60, was taken into custody in a restaurant in Florence's central Piazza della Signoria, April, 2017  

After evading justice for five years, Yarrington was arrested in April 2017 while walking through the Italian city of Florence. Although he was wanted by Mexican justice for alleged money laundering, he was extradited in 2018 to Houston, Texas, where his trial is scheduled to begin in January 2020.


  1. Truly glad that these individuals are being brought under scrutiny. A process long overdue to hold all accountable for their participation in criminal activities.
    Anticipating those many to follow the same investigation for a true democracy.

  2. Some not mentioned in his administration who steal and laundry $$$ live in brownsville. Maybe there names will come up.

  3. Wow, a lot Tamps people r involved. This will be Soap opera

  4. Very intelligente compadre bas a faltar. Saluti da Calabria

  5. Wat
    >Luis Alberto Dávila Salazar, "Viejito". That vato was Nectar Lima member, there are like 150 fotos taken in 2013 where he appears along with his jefe Charly Quintero (ABATIDO 2013 Oct) Kalia and other youngster Zetilla sicarios that today are known as CDN leaders
    Viejito even had his own rap with pre-puberty childish voice sound uploaded on YT in 2014 "Somos Cartel DE Los Z" It had about 1million viewers till in 2017 it got shut down by YT there were also mention of his slain uncle Comandante Camaron that got hang by CDG in 2012

    1. Actually Camarón got hung last year I think by the Z vieja escuela after CDN kidnapped and killed an OG Z named El Rex.

    2. I mean the original camaron, Anyway I have just found it!

  6. Vincente "big Mouth" Fox should not have sworn with many curse words at The Donald. Yarrington and now Garcia Luna will tighten the noose around his crooked neck!
    The Donald has a long memory!
    And Fox's online accounts have gone dark!

    1. Frozen bank accounts

    2. Now nothing surprises me. All them r bad. These people have the blood of innocent Mexicans on their hands. Shame!

    3. One thing for sure no American Bankers will go to jail. They got the money and payoff U.S Politicos. Bankers r always safe.

  7. Seems like they are going after people that have ties and evidence to use against the Government of Mexico..... I wonder why?

    1. It is necessary for the US to provide evidence of Mexico's government's involvement in drug trafficking. Too much financial assistance has been given to Mexico in fighting a war on drugs to only be deceived.

      Wasteful taxpayers money have enriched many of these individuals.


    2. "Deceived" that's a good one! As if the us isn't complicit in the whole thing to begin with

    3. US TAXPAYERS were deceived, by the american sponsors and managers of their war on drugs that only brought Colombia styled wars on innocents and hundreds of thousands of collateral damages and Falsos Positivos, not for nothing colombian hackers helped FECAL and EPN steal the elections

    4. Not all of the US government officials are complicit with drug trafficking.
      Bad apples exist everywhere.

    5. E42 ya man that goes both ways with the "war on drugs" on the USA side. They most likely want to invade and takeover on some level. Puppet regime.

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  10. Yarringron has evaded justice for much more than 5 years, he used to fly to see his compadre the governor of tejas every weekend...back when the "governor" was George W Bush,
    I am sure the aigroplano was loaded

    1. Whoaaaa.......surely you are NOT suggesting the drop happened at the Bush rancho ? The visit, yeah,I could believe that. thanks

    2. 5:07 yep, damn right, presidential campaigns are not cheap affairs, and old moneys are invested and not easily accessible, drug money had already invested florida politics for many years, it was time for tejas to share of the blessings.
      Zomebody also loved to use the letter Z in their business affairs, like Zapata Oil


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