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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Álvaro Obregón, CDMX: New self-defense group emerges in the Álvaro Obregón neighborhood.

In the town of Santa Rosa Xochiac, delegation of Álvaro Obregón. An alleged self-defense group monitors the streets of the community

“There came a point where we were fed up with everything that happened, we are obviously a peaceful population, but in recent years everything here has thus fallen practically into the hands of crime, ”said one of its members.

This group of halcones, made up of approximately 250 people, is located in the town of Santa Rosa Xochiac, in the Álvaro Obregón neighborhood.

This group carries out surveillance work, where they use a drone for and have access to the security cameras of the majority of the inhabitants of the town. The supplies, communications equipment and gasoline are paid for by donations from the inhabitants, although none receive a salary for this activity.

Some of its members even have guns.

When attending emergency calls, this group of people ask for the support of police officers from Mexico City.

According to the founders of this group, with their presence crimes have drastically dropped, especially robberies in the public transport sector as well as local businesses.

The mayor of Álvaro Obregón made it clear that this “Grupo Halcón” does not work in coordination with them. And refused to acknowledge that there is a high crime rate in the town of Santa Rosa Xochiac.

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  1. What people should do if they suspect someone wanted is in a house buy a cell phone jammer activate it and then call the authorities them criminals wont see it coming or get tipped off

  2. These guys r brave. With Gun Control in Mexico they can be arrested and to jail for 6 years. This where the U.S. could be of help, at least give them some M-16, 30 Cals. And 50's God Bless the Great Mexican people

    1. It should be the president of Mexico to help, also did you read lately, your president said no help is needed, I am sorry to inform you of the information.

    2. they don't carry guns... just radios = The Halcones, they could arm themselves but would need special permission from government like when Dr. Merieles was an armed group but then revoked it and arrested him

    3. Such an inept government. Mexico can care less about its citizens. Only how much is owed to fill their pockets.

    4. at least give them some M-16, 30 Cals. And 50's....thats exactly what the lazy CBP does, let hundreds of thousends of arms cross into mexico. Taking money to let drug´s in and look the other way when arms were trafficed south.

  3. Is el comandante r10 dead already or what?


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