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Monday, December 16, 2019

11 police officers killed in Guanajuato in four days

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY GUS from Financiero


 Guanajuato, Gto.- A total of 11 police officers were killed in the last four days in the state of Guanajuato.

The victims are seven municipal agents from Villagrán, three from Irapuato and one from Celaya. Among the murdered police officers there are four women (two from Villagrán and two from Irapuato).

Last night a command attacked the premises of the Public Security Directorate of Villagrán, which left three dead.

On Friday morning the dismembered bodies of the four policemen of Villagrán were found, who were abducted that same night.

The victims were identified as José Trejo, Enrique Alfaro, Erendexy de la Fuente, Pedro Antonio Neri, Roberto López, María Guadalupe López and José Juan de la Fuente.

After the violent events, the Government of Villagrán announced the suspension of the Christmas parade scheduled for Sunday night in the city center.

Villagrán is a municipality governed by Mayor Juan Lara Mendoza, who is investigated by the Attorney General's Office (FGR) for his probable link with the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel.

 Image result for alcalde Juan Lara Mendoza

Juan Lara is originally from Santa Rosa de Lima, and two of his nephews have been arrested for alleged links with the criminal organization.

In an isolated event, the afternoon of last Thursday, the commander of the Municipal Police of Irapuato, María Sonia Arellano Mendoza, was found dismembered next to a narcomensaje in a gap in the vicinity of the communities of La Coyotera and El Carmen.

The woman had been abducted two days before along with her husband and son, who were released by their captors.

That night, police officer Alejandro González Rivera was executed on his day off inside a grocery store in the Apatzingán neighborhood, also in Irapuato.

On the same day, agent Irving Uribe Martínez was killed in the Second Section of the Jardines neighborhood in Celaya.

The policeman was attacked while watching a house between Pirules and Fresnos streets. The attackers fled in a vehicle that was abandoned in the Forest Colony.
María Sonia Arellano Mendoza
While Saturday night, in Irapuato, a policewoman died in an armed attack. Hitmen aboard two trucks attacked two policemen who were at the door of a store located on Tulipanes Avenue, in the Españita de Irapuato neighborhood.

The Secretary of Citizen Security of Irapuato confirmed the death of officer Gabriela Núñez Duarte.

Guanajuato is one of the states that spearhead the highest malicious homicide rates in the country by registering 36.5 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, according to official figures.

In addition, it is the entity with the highest number of these crimes in absolute terms, adding 2,255 cases from January to October.


  1. Hello Chivis!
    Great post! The photo of the female officer is that of Gabriela Nuñez Duarte and not of Maria Sonia Arellano Mendoza. Honest mistake with all the police officers being killed its pretty hard to get everything right. Irapuato and the surrounding communities are where my "roots"are entrenched. I hope one day it'll return to the peaceful way it was when I would spend weeks and months living with family.


    Hope you all keep up the good work!

    1. Damn! sorry about that__ I made the correction.

  2. Why don't honest Mexican police officers don balaclavas and work as death squads? Police in Brazil are on the take, too. But if brother officers are hurt they strike back hard. Look what happened to the Brazilian gang First Capital Command (PCC) when they ambushed police in two uprisings. Dozens of officers were killed. Then came the masked death squads.
    Uniformed police would stop young men and ask for ID. If they were suspected gang members, the police would let them leave then get on the radio. A few blocks away the plainclothes hit squads would be waiting. It could work in Mexico!

    1. Absolutely 100% agree!!

    2. Dude police in Mex in cartel with a badge ok! u hear of plata o plomo? Take the money (=u on payroll and provide protection) or u r eliminated.

      U only sign up to be a cop in Mex to collect the cash. Justice and serve and all that disappeared a long time ago in Mex.

      If ur boss is paid by cartel X then guess what: u r gonna be paid by cartel X too. If u dont take the money u take the bullet.

      Its an awful system, but it is actually quite easy to understand, so why dont u?

    3. James, your proposal does not work in Brazil! The violence there is almost the as here and the death squads have accomplished nothing.

  3. Y eso que no son terroristas

  4. Mencho should be called Mata Policias, He was NEVER an MATA ZETA
    all he done was he dumped 35 inoccent people bodies in Veracruz, two of them had connections with theft.
    HE ISNT MATA Z, He doesn't deserve such name

    1. Let's see.. He took veracruz PLAZA and killed MANY local cartel there..
      Wo owned that plaza before cjng?..
      He got rid of ALL zetas in jalisco..
      I think the name fits him

    2. I view mecho as another Z40 they aren’t real bosses they think they can control everything with violence even at the cost of innocent people they aren’t real bosses they’re leeches that got lucky people never respected them mecho will never be respected like a real boss no matter how many he kills

  5. This just does happen in the UK, there would be open warfare on the streets if it did. Absolute savages to a man, something needs done!!

    Scottish guy

    1. Is Scottish culture more about "an eye for an eye" or is it "turn the other cheek"? My Irish relatives would seek revenge. My Norwegian relatives would preach forgiveness and compassion for the perps. Interesting to me how different societies react. Saddens me that we (any society) have to experience brutal violence in the first place. But its what humans are good at!

  6. AMLO voters.... Police are getting killed left and right.

    All AMLO voters are, in part, responsible for the violence in Mexico.

    Enjoy the few pesos AMLO gave you via pension adjustments, for your vote, while Mexico goes to shit.


    1. Mr. Quesada the others running were of low caliber, AlMO in the past lost 2 elections, now that he is President, he blames it on the past president's, a year past and did not direct his cabinet to lower the homicides.

  7. The problem boils down to the income gap. If the police in Mexico got a decent salary the incidences of corruption would go down. If they were paid like the New Jersey state police for example, over 100k after a few years on the job, the cops would think twice about losing their job and more likely to use their power and courage to take a stand. In the end getting paid peanuts to put your life on the line can easily be taken as an insult. There's enough money at the top in Mexico to spread around to cops and hard working people. Reform needs to start at he top.

  8. It says here:

    "María Sonia Arellano Mendoza, was found dismembered"

    In says the opposite in this URL:

    "Sonia Arellano Fonseca and her son Francisco Ramón were released"


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