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Friday, November 22, 2019

Zirándaro, Guerrero: Taking up Arms as Narcos Force 1000 Families to Flee Organized Crime Groups

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: MND y UnoTv
                                                   Police at a murder scene in Zirándaro.
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Narcos force 1,000 families to seek refuge in Guerrero as men are being kidnapped, homes and vehicles stolen in the Municipality of  Zirándaro, Guerrero

Over 1,000 Guerrero families are living as refugees after fleeing their homes due to threats they received from the La Familia Michoacana cartel. The families are staying in Zirándaro, where Mayor Gregorio Portillo Mendoza said three people had been kidnapped on Sunday and Monday.

He said the kidnappers travel to communities and force local men to arm themselves and go with them. As a result, residents have been fleeing their villages in order to avoid the kidnappers, who also rob families of their homes and vehicles, he added.

The families have fled from at least 14 communities located within the municipality of Zirándaro, and are being provided food and shelter by the local government.

Portillo complained that although federal and state authorities are aware of the insecurity in his municipality, they have not provided support to combat the cartel. He said that around 50 young men have been forced to join the cartel so far this year.

He said Guerrero Governor Héctor Astudillo promised on Monday to send a contingent of state police and National Guard troops within hours, but none had arrived by Monday evening, Nov 18.

But an official in the Zirándaro municipal headquarters told Mexico News Daily on Tuesday that they had finally arrived.
Because an armed group entered Zirándaro de los Chávez, Guerrero , the mayor of the municipality, Gregorio Portillo Mendoza, decided to organize with some settlers to arm themselves and defend themselves; this was reported by Adela Román Ocampo, Mayor of Acapulco. 

Román Ocampo said that, through messages with Portillo Mendoza, he learned that the mayor of Zirándaro  would not attend an agreed meeting between local leaders of Guerrero from Guerrero due to the conditions of insecurity in his municipality. 

According to the mayor of Acapulco, armed subjects entered Zirándaro  in early November, another command entered last Sunday, November 17. 

In addition to making the decision to arm himself against organized crime , Gregorio Portillo traveled to Mexico City to ask for help from federal authorities, in order to return peace to Zirándaro . 
State and federal authorities redouble security in Zirándaro:
To prevent the mayor of Zirándaro  from taking up arms , the State Coordination Table for the Construction of Peace in Guerrero reported that the National Guard, State Police and the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) installed surveillance posts and conducted tours of security in the municipality and its localities. 

In addition, he urged Mayor Gregorio Portillo Mendoza to join the tasks of civil and military authorities to facilitate efforts to ensure security in Zirándaro , a municipality located in the region of Tierra Caliente. 

The Secretary General of the Government, Florencio Salazar Adame, contacted the mayor of Zirándaro  to find out about security problems in the municipality. 

State Coordination Board for Peacebuilding in Guerrero said that Portillo Mendoza had moved to Mexico City for support without taking local authorities into account. 

During the call with Salazar Adame, the mayor of Zirándaro  promised to attend the next session of the State Coordination for the Construction of Peace. 

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Public Security of Guerrero, David Portillo Menchaca, informed that elements of the Mexican Army, National Guard and State Police installed a checkpoint in the community of La Calera and will conduct surveillance patrols and deterrence of crime on roads and localities like:

El Chivo

La Palma

La Parota del Cuartel

Los Huajes

Los Alacranes

San Rafael

El Naranjo

La Sierra colindante con el municipio vecino de Coyuca de Catalán

For his part, the Commander of the 35th Military Zone, Ernesto Ávalos Pardo, confirmed that in Zirándaro , elements of the National Defense, attached to the 34th Battalion based in Ciudad Altamirano, perform deterrent recognitions and social proximity activities, in order to have more information and give protection.

Ávalos Pardo said there was no knowledge that there are attempts by armed groups to take the municipal seat of Zirándaro , as Mayor Portillo Mendoza has reported.

On the other hand, the State Coordination Table for the Construction of Peace in Guerrero verifies the number of possible displaced families by the violence in Zirándaro .


  1. Now Almo that's Power

    1. 35 th Militry Zone works for La Familia Michoacana their is a video in which they are caught with thousands of rounds of ammo. The Municipality of Zirandero is the birth place of the Sierra Santana family they originate from Zirandero. They could have been born in Huetamo but their family originates from Zirandero. Something feels off about this.

  2. This has been the LaFam modis operendi for years now. Is it the scale this time that makes the news?

  3. Chivis, is there a facebook account where i can send you guys videos about whats going on here ?

    1. email is best...
      type in VIDEO in sjubject line

  4. Looks like a failed state, but hey... hugs for everybody.

  5. governor astudillo and all of his camarilla are corrupt, that is why in spite of all the military and federal police and guerrero state sponsored paramilitary and municipales he can't get done with the table for peace, maybe when he starts seeing victory for his corruption things may change.

  6. 4:23 you are some propaganda clown,
    always badmouthing an "almo" whose name you can't even spell...
    Presidente Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, AMLO, es tu mero padre.

    1. ya deje de besarle las pezunas a ese imbecil...tu as de ser de esos muertos de hambre que se venden por un kilo de tortillas y de frijoles...por eso Mexico esta como esta,por gente que prefiere vivir de rodillas toda su perra vida...

  7. Send in the Marina and wipe them out

  8. Thought maybe Amlo was a good guy, but don't think's so.He is the Cartel

  9. The hot lands are truly hell on earth

  10. They are going at it right now in a village near by, back up arrived for cjng in huetamo. Sanchez(CDG) brought his hitmen from tamaulipas to back up CJNG

  11. 3:20 it really is right now in this moment, they fighting in Cerano a small village really close to zirandaro


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