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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Zacatecas: Los Talibanes Leave Dismembered Males Inside Trash Bags

Video depicts post death footage

Loreto, Zacatecas - It seems that criminal cells seek ways to spread terror against their adversaries, as they continue to leave bodies within the prominent city squares of different municipalities.

This time it happened in the town’s main garden, where several bags were dropped off. The contents was that of a man's body, which so far remains as unidentified.

Graphic decapitation image below

Along with the human remains, the security forces who mobilized to the area, located a manta with a mysterious message for a criminal group.

The field experts soon arrived at the crime scene, and expedited the lifting of the body. In view of the dozens of people who noticed the gloomy scene.

*Editors note: The manta and it’s contents are incomplete at this time.

Incomplete manta translation is as follows:

To the entire population of Loreto. Here lies that rat that ransacked houses of this municipality. Aside from...

...also extortionists. We will not allow this in our plazas. You’re next: You Motorgara, Brilloso, Yoni Malandro, and the son of El Bule. Sincerely, Talibanes At the order of the people.

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  1. It's ok that it's incomplete. I think the severed head says it all.

  2. People from zacatecas can't get rid of the zetas, jalisco , guerrero, and michoacan took them out with no problem.. Zacatecanos corridos never mention they are zetas but that's what they are

    1. 2:03 only if people from Zacatecas will know why Z's still around,I'll tell u why... because of the monreal brothers,this political family is the real z's, they're from fresnillo n the ones that sold the state to them back in 06 or so...FYI CDG owns most of the state... there's easy 15 plus state with presence of z's so ur comments are out of place

    2. Zetas were pushed to the East of Fresnillo by Carteles Unidos in 2013 but today they have expanded to mos of the state.

    3. With no problem??

    4. 2:03 if you know who the monreal brothers are then u will know why Z's still around, they expanding thanks to amlo

    5. What zacatecano corridos???

    6. Talibanes were Zetas that rebranded after Z-50 'Taliban' fell out with Z-40.

    7. As some one whose family is from Zacatecas. I can tell you why Zacatecas will always be a breeding ground for organized crime. It’s the least populated state in all of Mexico. 3 out of 4 houses are vacant in some Pueblo’s as the owners are here in California, Chicago, and other places. If now one is there to see it’s more likely to attract people who don’t want to be seen

    8. 2:03 only corrido I know of is "El f1" obviously claiming to be CDG,why because this guy had most of the state on lock so why would people claim to b z's???

  3. What's so mysterious about the manta? It's pretty chilling it's really deep words, its really amazing, it's really bold,its really charismatic, it's really terible,but not mysterious! It's the same bullshit that happends everyday , people just walk right over or by the body parts, they even sit and eat tacos not far from that mess , no one gives a damn about any of it it's an everyday function like makeing up in the morning haveing a nice cup of coffee, hasta manana people~~~~~~~~

  4. Why the hell did they draw a jack o’ lantern on the manta ? Because of Halloween ?

  5. black trash bags are selling well in Mexico

  6. How come eyes get blurred for alive people yet u show this sick stuff on main page? blur it


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