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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Villa de Reyes, San Luis Potosí: Organized Crime Dismembers Three Men

Villa de Reyes, San Luis Potosí - The tortured and dismembered bodies of three men were found during the early hours of Saturday in the Municipality of Villa de Reyes.

The ministerial authority identified at 6:00 the first of them on the Villa de Reyes-Bledos road, at the height of the railroad tracks.

Subsequently, another body was found on Highway 37 and Prolongación Hidalgo, and one more in Ponciano Pérez and Libramiento on Route 37, which connects with Guanajuato.

Warning Extremely Graphic Images Below

"The three males were found with traces of violence, dismembered in black bags and with a manta containing criminal messages," explained the State Attorney General's Office.

"The ​​Expert Services collected the corresponding evidence from the crime scene and ordered the transfer of the bodies to the Legista Medical Service (Semele) for the necropsy of law."

Together with the victims, an alleged narco message was found in which other subjects were warned that the same thing would happen to them for selling drugs in the area.

Manta reads as follows:

This will be the fate of all the drug pushers who don’t want to align themselves with us. We’re coming after you: Narimbas, Caguamokito, Chago, Pato, Pa’ Losonabis, Vini, Prado, Moko, (Uninteligible).

Manta #2 reads as follows:
This was my fate because I sold drugs for the San Luis Ministerial Police: Kiko, Chayote.

Manta #3 reads as follows:
This will be the fate of all the drug pushers who don’t want to align with us. We’re coming after you: Chapa, Calaroyona, Rigo, Crucito, (Unintelligible), Mariguas.

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  1. Could be I’m not seeing all those names right, these men are bad spellers, or some characters have some weird ass names. Sepa madres.

    1. Mann that first guy got it really bad. Was wondering something. Maybe you can answer. Does it make a difference in how chopped up a person gets in relation to what they have done? Or does just depend on how pissed off, or high, or sadistic the guys doing the cutting are?


    2. 10:55 if they really pissed off at u they will dismember u before u die so it all comes down to "when"

    3. RUBIO a lot of times it comes down to who can out do what’s out there. They’re competing with each other in a way. And of course the anger as well as the high plays a big part there. Their inhibitions go away with the drugs. Add pride and it’s a sure fire recipe for perverse evil.

  2. CDN cleaning plazas.

  3. From the looks of the dark flesh wounds they were either chopped up post mortem or dead for awhile before dumped.... doesnt really matter

  4. How is that "Besos y Abrazos" approach working out el Gran Presidente AMLO?For the love of God can someone tell that imbecile to try plan B,...something tells me AMLO is filling his pockets from narcos money...perhaps a Mexican Revolution is the only solution...

    1. He has too ,, he doesn't have a choice , he knew that , all Mexican presidents ETC...high ranking people , know that before they even run for a particular job what the deal is , they would not have that kinda rank or job title if they were straight up good guys !!!

  5. This is the CJNG cleaning plaza in villa de Reyes which is ran by CDN.. Such a great town the Zorro movie was filmed there years ago a lot of history sad to see it’s turning into a shit hole

    1. Thanks for the fun facts!

    2. No problem look up Hacienda de gogorron and ventilla it was filmed there. All this violence has to do because there in villa de Reyes is the split to San Luis Jalisco and Guanajuato like a triangle it’s like 25 minutes north of San Felipe Guanajuato I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long for it to get this way.. There is a lot of meth head youngsters running around commiting robberies in the last few years.


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