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Friday, November 15, 2019

VIDEOS: 6 Dead in Nuevo Laredo Shootout

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta y Debate
After an armed aggression of alleged members of the Northeast Cartel who killed an element of the Mexican Army, on Thursday afternoon, military killed six possible hit men after a persecution in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

The attack on a group of soldiers occurred on Second Ring Peripheral Avenue, in the Villas de San Miguel neighborhood, when it was on patrol to inhibit the actions of criminal groups on this border. In addition to the deceased military soldier,  three other military elements were hit by the bullets and their status was reported as delicate, but stable.

The military carried out a persecution of the armed civilians who traveled aboard pick-up trucks in different directions of the city, registering at least two more clashes.

The State Coordination Group for Peacebuilding confirmed through a statement that the members of the Army killed six people, who apparently were from the group of aggressors. Also an innocent civilian passerby was injured.

The deceased wore desert clothing and camouflage footwear, with high-power vehicles and weapons being insured.

Initially it was published that the assault could have occurred in retaliation for the operation of transferring 74 people deprived of the freedom from the Nuevo Laredo prison to other federal prisons; however, the Coordination Group noted that the violent events this afternoon are not related to the transfer.

According to citizens, they reported on social networks that the shooting lasted at least half an hour, minutes that were eternal and frightening for people in the risk zone.

A video where multiple detonations are heard circulates in social networks, in another one you can see how the students are thrown to the ground by the teacher's instructions and ask them to calm down.

One video has the  heartbreaking images of young 
students on the floor underneath their desks with 
pencils still in hand with the sound of gunfire outside their school room. The teacher's voice is 
muffled while he tries to keep the children calm.


  1. Is Satan teaching that class? That would explain a lot.

    1. 1:51 PM If Satan was teaching that class these criminals would still be alive their would be 6 federal government employees dead. Contrary to what they show you in the movies Satan controls 70% of the world he didn't do it by teaching his soldiers how to die.

    2. Maybe? AMLO did do that ceremony at Zocalo during his inauguration

    3. 1:51 I doubt Satan is teaching that class,
      But I have no doubt your comment is from a dumbass sanababich.

    4. The dead would be alive to testify, but no chance of that because dead people can:t testify in the impeachment of the "government forces' version of history"...
      --perhaps, maybe, a more professional investigation is needed instead of the military report, no pics of the sicarios killed, only one of the soldier who could have been killed by friendly fire.
      --Weapons get secured (aseguradas, asegurados) when captured, not "insured"...
      Yer welcom.

    5. Lmao. Sure sounds like him. Poor kids.

  2. These drug addicted sumbag killers actually think they are Rambo or an Avenger LOL!!! Stupid meth heads for a six pack and a dime bag a week!!! Rot in Hell dirtballs, rot in hell.

  3. Sicarios with a lifespan of my dog

  4. Tropa del Infierno keeps taking L's. Wonder how many have been smoked this year alone.

    1. 243 en total solo en el norte de Nuevo Leon y Nuevo laredo incluye las incursiones a Miguel Alemán.

      No estamos contando las bajas en Monterrey, San Luis PS, Zacatecas, Coahuila y otras zonas de Tamaulipas y Vera Cruz.


  5. Nobody can solve the problem in Mexico.I have to ask. Why does Sedena avoid operations against CDG?


  6. Se rumora detencion del huevo treviño!!!
    Incendio de vehiculos por toda la ciudad de nuevo laredo

  7. El Univeral, reports the 2 police officers were arrested for extrajudicial (unwarranted) attacks in Nuevo Laredo, where this story came from. These 2 are Special Operations Group of the Center for Analysis, CAIET, and were arrested in Ciudad Victoria.

    2 other state police officers was still continuing. (makes you think they made a hit against the cartel for someone else)

  8. Anything goes in Mexico.

  9. Cartels in charge in Mexihell!

    1. Boy your brilliant how did you guess.

  10. CAIET sicarios acting as private State police for the governor cabeza de cagadas de vacas, and yes, they do extra judiciary executions with great impunity.

  11. Unfortunately this is the only effective way to deal with these fuckers. Shoot on site


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