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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Video: CJNG Versus Los Rojos In Atlacholoaya Morelos Prison Riots

Video translation is as follows:

Morelos Attorney General Uriel Carmona: On the subject of the person who looks decapitated in appearance I will not confirm this until we have an opinion from an official necropsy.

Reporter: First the Morelos government denied that a quarrel had occurred in the Atlacholoaya prison on Tuesday. Then they hid the level of violence that the inmates faced with the Jalisco (CJNG) and Los Rojos Cartel inside the prison yesterday. But today the prison guards decided to start a strike at around 8 in the morning. And they did not allow the entry of their peers into the prison on the shift change for fear of what they might face if they returned to jail armed with just some short clubs. 

Photographs taken inside the prison show the viciousness with which they acted with in the confrontation. A burned and decapitated body, his head is one meter from his leg. Next to it there are also 2 other bodies. One of them was also intended to be decapitated, he has a cut around his neck. Other images show burned bodies in underwear. They were also seen beaten and desolate in pools of blood. These are images that the custodians lived through and that the Morelos authorities were looking for witnesses against those involved.

Atlacholoaya Prison Guard: I had to enter and signal each inmate, this was one of them, this was one of them. For this we refuse to work? No. And it's not because of fear or unease or anything. We had the previous shift with all the hell inside.

Atlacholoaya Prison Guard # 2: Our partners were released.

Female Reporter: How many?

Atlacholoaya Prison Guard # 2: Almost half of the staff was released ...

Female Reporter: What would be an approximate number, how many?

Atlacholoaya Prison Guard # 2: About 40, they were released. We do not negotiate because no personnel is negotiable.

Reporter: The protests of the prison guards were also to demand the transfer of criminals from the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel and Los Rojos who participated in the fight. As well as the dismissal of managers. They spent several hours on their protest and nobody attended them. Inmates from inside the prison even ordered pizza. But the prison guards ran the pizza delivery guy away for insulting their demonstration. The State Security Commissioner Antonio Ortiz Guasneros soon after arrived at the scene. He promised to resolve the demands of the prison guards. They in turn took the opportunity to request a raise.

Atlacholoaya Prison Guard # 3: I have served 24 years of service. 3200 pesos is what one earns. Right. There are other coworkers here, will they risk their lives for that?

Atlacholoaya Prison Guard # 4: We want a government to come and that knows how to work and move forward a prison.

Reporter: Finally after 8 hours the protest ended with the transfer of 28 inmates involved in the riots to the Jonacatepec and Jojutla prisons. In addition, the Director General of Correctional Centers of El Estado Miriam Míreles, Raúl Colin Operational General Director, and Alejandro Cornejo Director General of Social Reinsertion were dismissed.

Ciro Gómez Leyva: There are 120 custodians in that prison who guard there. 120 to monitor about 3000 inmates. The Morelos government reported that it will meet its demands, that they will also meet the wage increase demands. And why until now? As well as improve security concessions. We shall see what happens.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat SOURCE


  1. Vaya que vaya sigua siguaraya

  2. So did they kill so Ray from cjng?

    1. here is the post a couple days back----yes el ray was killed

    2. Was el carrete in that prison when this happened? I know el carrete and his son got busted a few months back, he is blood thirsty as hell

    3. i doubt it, what a coincidence that they finally bring his name to light and carretes and all of a sudden he is captured and then killed along with the lathers son. too much coincidence. i asked my peeps down there and they said the same thing.

  3. This is some blood in blood out sh!t

  4. Entre mas prietos Los policias y custodios mas corruptos.

    Palabras de
    -la Barbie

  5. So who won this battle?

    1. 8:50 NOT El ray/cjng for sure

    2. Cjng will take over morelos by next yr

  6. Sol your lame ass hell shame chivis don't check u ...u should carry yourself to a higher standard here at BB u act like a kid and argue in the comments lame ass foo it's a shame chivis don't check u because as a journalist u act like a kid u lame and on top of that don't even translate Spanish right lol it's not always word for word lol


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