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Monday, November 11, 2019

U.S. Issues New Travel Alert for Chihuahua

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Debate y
                   U.S. issues level two travel alert for  Chihuahua due to increased criminal activity

It was reported that U.S. government personnel are prohibited from traveling to the city of Chihuahua until further notice.

Through the website of the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Mexico, it was reported that due to the marked increase in security incidents in the city of Chihuahua, U.S. government personnel are prohibited from traveling to the City of Chihuahua until new notice.

Security Alert: Increase in criminal activity in the City of Chihuahua
Consulate General of the United States (November 8, 2019)
Place: Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico
Event: Due to the marked increase in security incidents in the city of Chihuahua, US government personnel are prohibited from traveling to the city of Chihuahua until further notice.

The US Consulate will monitor the situation and update the Travel Notice .
Actions to take:
·         Avoid traveling to Chihuahua City right now.
·         The   Travel Notice will be updated with this information.
·         Call 911 for police assistance or emergency
·         Stay alert to your surroundings
·         Monitor local media for the latest information
·         Prepare to take alternate routes between your home and workplace or places you visit frequently.
·         Sign up for the State Department program called Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive security messages.
·         Contact the US Consulate or Embassy if you require assistance
US Consulate General in Ciudad Juarez

Paseo de la Victoria # 3650, Fracc. Senecu Party

City Juarez Chihuahua

+52 656-227-3000

State Department's Travel Advisory for Mexico 


  1. Ill be going to chihuas soon for new years

    1. Same, go almost every month. Usually to a ranch close to the Coahuila border or Chihuahua and never had any problems.

    2. Good luck if you make it back alive, dress normal don't be flashy or your azz is grassed.

  2. I have been taking measures into my hands here for many years. After having 17 friends and acquaintances murdered here I try to avoid problems. It is getting worse here in Chihuahua. Even the police agencies are getting bad. The federal police are extorting more people too. Caught between thieves, kidnappers, extortionists shootings and police has made it more difficult.

    1. Amlo said there is no corruption in Mexico. Just hug someone, everything will be ok. He is a loser. Mexicans still in Mexico I feel very sorry for u. We will spend Christmas here, in U.S

    2. Man that must be tough. I'm living in Puerto Vallarta right now...wondering when this city will stop being safe.

      Sending prayers 🙏


  3. Gente Nueva Special Forces will be escorting anyone traveling to Mexico to your city of choice

    1. yeah, i'll bet. i sure gonna trust those guys.

    2. Oh really? How do you set that up? Is it like cartel uber?

    3. Gente Nueva special forces will extort me for ransom like they do to others.

  4. I live in Sinaloa and I read in many news of the USA, do not go it is dangerous, they paint a panorama similar to Syria which is a vile lie here in Sinaloa live and work or vacation thousands of people from USA, CANADA, Germany, France, Spain, China, Korea, Greeks, Jews and walk freely throughout the state and rarely have a problem with violence. The comments of the senator he says, I prefer to go to Syria, that to Mexico he is an idiot. I tell him to go to Syria for the Russians to kick him out.

    1. 759 it's not safe anywhere in Mexico, you need to read more BB articles, cartels are busy trying to take every block as thiers, they even killed innocent Mormons last week, and you say it's safe give me a break.

    2. Really? What just happened in Culiacan with the war between Ovidio Guzman and the Mexican military?

  5. How safe is ciudad juarez for American tourist

    1. Tourist/main public areas are fine, Went to the bullfight last month and felt safe. Just avoid the bad areas like the valley, I hear gunshots all the time when I’m down there, and even then you just just have to be smart.
      Besides, with all this heat from the U.S I doubt anyone will willingly harm an innocent American

    2. Scale of 1-10. ....2

    3. Obviously not safe for the bulls!

      I have no idea there were tourist places in Juarez other than Juan Gabriel's house. Lol
      Anything within 5-8 minutes of the Cordova Bridge, I'd consider safe. Missiones Mall is probably the farthest I'd go.

  6. Puede que haya entendido esto incorrectamente. Pero no son los narcos los que causan el gran problema para la gente. Los problemas provienen de pequeños delincuentes que se aprovechan de no tener policía. Muchos de ellos esperan en las plazas de descanso por cuotas y observan a los carros que salen de las casas de cobros. Los carros de los ricos suelen ser el blanco de la noche. Cuando no hay patrullas. La policía aún no ha aprendido a realizar patrullas sorpresa. Esto también puede tener lugar dentro de las grandes ciudades. Los delincuentes utilizan métodos del siglo 2000, mientras que la policía está atrapada en la década de 1950.

  7. Fken MEXICO, you can't go no where, or you get kidnapped, or worse yet, head chopped off.


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