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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Tonalá, Jalisco: 7 Bodies in SUVs Dead from Gunshot Wounds, 16 Murders in the Last Hours

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ElDebate
Seven lifeless bodies were found inside abandoned trucks on a dirt road in the municipality of Tonalá, Jalisco. The three trucks were reported about 8:00 am on Wednesday in a gap near the San Nicolás de Ocotillo dam, in an unoccupied area near the town of El Ocotillo.

The vehicles: a black Mazda TX3 truck with NFS-5600 license plates, with three bodies inside;  a white Renault Duster (no plates specified) and a Hyundai Tucson with 543ZHF plates, each with two bodies inside.

The site was attended by elements of the Municipal and State Police, as well as agents of the State Attorney General's Office to carry out the corresponding procedures.

Unofficial versions indicate that the victims had bullet impacts, as did the Renault Duster truck in the back of the passenger side. At the moment the identities of the deceased are unknown as well as the causes or motive for their deaths.

The Prosecutor's Office of Jalisco already investigates the finding of the bodies:
The State Prosecutor initiated an investigation folder regarding the finding of 7 men's bodies inside three vehicles in the municipality of Tonalá. The bodies appeared to have the "Coup de grace" shots to the heads.

Governor of Jalisco , Enrique Alfaro, argues that security in the state has improved, in the last hours killed at least 16 people in different cases occurred in the entity.

From the first inquiries carried out by the staff of the Intentional Homicide Investigation Unit, it appears that the bodies of three men were in the back seat in the Mazda, while the bodies of two men were located in the Hyundai and Renault in each one.

Staff of the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences is already in place to collect evidence of what happened and said they have found caps in the area as well as blood on the ground.


  1. Doubt they’ll figure it out - they don’t have their best guy on the force anymore. Gonzalo Huitron Reynoso was killed on his way to Fiscalía de Jalisco on July 26. Why? and Who? Was he working a case? Did CJNG take him out? So many questions and no information from investigators - if there is anyone actually investigating.

  2. CJNG taking out of what’s left of NP/CDS

    1. You mean sinaloa cartel - I don’t believe he was with CDS or any cartel for that matter.

  3. Guess their meeting didn't go so well.


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